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SPRINGFIELD, MO, just moved here...

"We have learned to avoid anything claiming to be Mexican or Chinese food. They are nothing like the true ethnic cuisines."

Oh so true, in my NorCal opinion.

I disdain, in general, the vast majority of Springfield's Mexican-type-self-declared-as-such and Chinese-styled restaurants, fast-food, joints and sundry dining establishments.

Sigh............ I have made allowances for the relative "out of the wayness" for this part of fly-over country.

A veritable "hillbilly heaven/haven well-stocked with a horde of folks lower down upon the pyramid-shaped socio-economic hierarchy.

I believe the presence of such a HUGE cohort of mental simpletons who revel in their ignorance and general anti-social behaviors has had a negative impact upon MANY aspects of the Springfield metropolitan statistical area.

And that impact includes dining quality, cleanliness, etc.

Due to many reasons, one being the need to enmesh myself into local society and dining offerings I have first; greatly minimized forays into local outside-the-shanty dining, simply concocting my own vittles and this ensuring maximum cleanliness and minimizing eating expenses.

Second; considering benefit-versus-cost ratios I have concluded that a lunch-time visit to Golden Corral off Glenstone Ave. is, for the price, the finest dining experience I have partaken hereabouts.

So MANY choices of decently cooked foodstuffs.

Cleanliness above the average.

Ample veggies and a multitude of choices.

But, alas, unable to find ANY offerings of my beloved scaloni, linguicia-topped pizza or lumpia in this nook/cranny in the midst of a continent increasing filling with uncivil and anti-social masses of the human herd.

Dec 18, 2011
Obbop in Great Plains

Suggestions for Best Meat (Omaha)

Raw and cooked/prepared fare.

They make in-store various cold cuts for sandwich making, various in-house sausages, etc.

Awesomely good stuff with their in-house ovens, etc.

The best-quality meats used.

Made many super-yummy sandwiches with their large selection of in-house sliced-to-order cold cuts.

Apr 24, 2011
Obbop in Great Plains

Springfield, MO - Good Restaurants - NO Springfield Cashew

Ex-NorCal, some So-Cal and ample time in the San Joaquin Valley here.

Departed California pert-near 20 years ago and atop the Ozark Plateau the past three years.

Also several years as a long-haul trucker and have eaten at a horde of places.

Sadly, generally, quite dissatisfied with "Ozark Offerings."

Sure, haven't eaten at ALL local dining locales but, on the whole..... ugghhhhhh.

Yet, was rather surprised when the Primrose Ave Golden Corral offered some of the tenderest, tastiest pot roast I have ever devoured!!!

Local Chinese-type and "Mexican" style eateries... either chain or sole-proprietor; mainly ghastly.

Did have an acceptable couple meals of above-average taste for the local quality at the place in Ozark next to the bridge traversing Findley Creek in the area close to downtown.

I was shocked to note what I thought were consistently too-high prices for value received hereabouts.

Heck, in California where overhead costs of all sorts are higher, often MUCH higher, I had lower-priced fare than locally!!!! And of higher quality/caliber.

Also noticed consistently high grocery store prices, lack of selection and very sub-par fresh veggie quality.


Apr 24, 2011
Obbop in Great Plains

Coke, KFC, and Other So-Called Secret Recipes

Fer' proverbially cryin' out loud!!!!!!!!

The Coke **ahem** secret is NOT the "formula.


It is the "aura," the symbolism, emotions and subjective beliefs about Coke that makes the trademarked and patented concoction so... "valuable.

Feb 16, 2011
Obbop in Features