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Do you tip for take out?

When you dine in and can't finish your food, the waiter packs it for you and makes it look good despite the fact that it's half eaten. Do they get additional tips for this extra "service" since packing up food is ... oh, so hard to do?
Going by arguments from some of you posters, then you should add an additional 10% to what you were going to tip because the waiter packs up your food for you, bringing the whole tip to 25%-30%.

Jun 14, 2012
duckydav in Not About Food

Do you tip for take out?


Feb 15, 2011
duckydav in Not About Food

Should You Tip on Takeout?

This whole tipping business is getting out of hand.
"When the person taking your order is a server and the restaurant is busy, there’s an opportunity cost for him in taking your order."
An opportunity cost?? Is the food free? Isn't the restaurant making money from the order? So the staff at MacDonald and KFC don't pack your stuff in little boxes?
I'm not taking up table space, I don't have someone coming to my table to explain the menu, then coming every five minutes to top my water and asking if everything is alright. I'm not in the restaurant taking 1 hour of service time. Why in the world should I tip?
Soon, we'll have to be tipping for electricity and gas, after all, someone types the bill and puts it in the mail and sends it to me. What nonsense, wake up, people!

Feb 15, 2011
duckydav in Features