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Budget Dining: Torafuku serves up Asian flair with a 'pow' factor

I went two weeks ago. Portions were exceptionally small. Best dish was five pieces of calamari with an arugula salad for $12. It tasted good, but at most $8 good. Nothing else was outstanding.

Big Lou's Shuts its doors - nooooooooooo!

Have you guys ever been to a butcher shop? They had a super limited selection and way too much marinated stuff (bad sign for freshness). It was definitely more of a sandwich shop then a butcher shop. Good sandwiches tho...

3 Days from Toronto - Kelowna, Okanagan and Vancouver

Had an excellent meal at Mission Hill a few years back. Beautiful winery and has a reputation of hiring skilled chefs.
Joie, kettle valley, and poplar grove make some great wines.

Awesome katsu and/or Japanese Curry?

Dae-ji on Dunsmuir has pretty decent Korean style katsu curry. There's a Japanese chain that opened up at Aberdeen that is pretty good too.

Visiting Vancouver with my teenage son

Ramen seems like a good idea, most teens like instant noodles. The Guus are pretty lively but izakaya food can be harder to order if you're not used to it.
Tacofino in Hastings Sunrise is probably only 20 minutes away by transit and has great food and a fun vibe.

Question about King Crab Season 2014

I eat a lot of dungeness crab; go crabbing for it regularly and often eat it at Chinese and Anglo restaurants.
It is no where even close to the sweetness and butteryness of king crab.
Cal boy, you might be able to catch the tail end of king crab season in mid-march. It looks like its starting a bit later this year. But king crab season here mostly just means you can get it cheap. Most of the preferred places mentioned in the other threads should either have it in stock or be able to get one for you if you request it when you make a reservation.
I had an amazing Russian king crab last Saturday at shanghai river in Richmond. Would definitely recommend it as a potential location.

Jackalope sausage

Out of this list the only one that might have it is Oyama. Antelope is hard to come by. Hills foods could be worth a look as well, but they tend to over-grind their meat for sausages.

Dim sum near Stanley park

Yup. I'd second cardero's. Food is pretty decent as well and they usually have BC-ish items.

Eggs Benedict west side of Vancouver (tomorrow)

+1 for crave. Havent had brunch there in a while but all of my experiences have been great.

[Vancouver] Pizza catering and/or pizza oven rental

We're buddies so thats probably why you got that feel. Also apparently I'm not invited anymore because of my suggestions :(

Where is the best price for Chirshi ??

Zipang and toshi both do pretty good chirashi. You can usually ask to add or omit stuff depending on your taste.

[Vancouver] Pizza catering and/or pizza oven rental

Pizza hut?

[Vancouver] Pizza catering and/or pizza oven rental

Maybe you could get all your guests to decide what type of pizza they want ahead of time, then place an order with dominoes for some personalized mini pizzas. I think they're only like five bucks a piece!

Spot Prawns season started?

Supposedly first boats are going to be in tonight. I hear it's going to be a pretty short season as well so expect higher prices.

Wild Boar bacon

The butcher on w10th has wild boar bacon. The stuff from hills is actually pretty oily. The wild boar bacon from two rivers is better.
The shop also has back, gammon, black forest, garlic and nitrate free Berkshire bacon.

Recommendations needed for a wine group dinner

Five sails would probably work well. They put on dinners for several of the wine groups in Vancouver. They also have a beautiful private room that should fit 20+. Very accommodating to oenophiles

JD Farms Turkeys

JD farms aren't true free range/run. Also if you aren't buying from whole foods the shop probably isn't getting their best birds. Look for rossdown or K&M.

2 searches: Great Indian and Great Asian

Never had a disappointing meal at Maenam. Service is great and they've got an excellent cocktail menu as well. I'm pretty sure it's the best choice in town for high-end non-Japanese/Chinese.

Which Richmond Night Market is optimal for food (of course)?

It's definitely not too touristy. But generally most of the food at the night markets is nothing especially spectacular. I find it enjoyable due to the large variety of food available and being able to see your food prepared before you. If you have nothing like this where you live it would probably be fun. Most people from out of town that I take to the night market enjoy it as well.

Vancouver food help

The Onigiri and Donburi at Konbiniya on Robson are serviceable. Their dessert crepes are pretty good as well.

Vancouver food help

Maybe the whole foods on robson? Pre-cooked shellfish isn't really that prevalent here...

Best place for spot prawn sushi

I used to go to Okada Sushi(current Guu Garden), where they had a tank to keep them alive. Do any sushi spots in town have tanks to keep them super fresh? It's also great when you can get the heads grilled or deep-fried on the side. Thanks!

Green Tea Kit Kat / Pocky

I've definitely seen green tea kitkats at konbinya on robson.

please help me complete my weekend chow plans in Vancouver

If you're taking the Canada line in from the airport on Friday night, you might consider getting off at cambie and king Edward and going to cafe glouchester. They're open late and serve hong kong style cafe food, so you get things like baked spaghetti or pork chops but with an Asian twist. Not much seafood though. If you do go try the lemon coke, it's one of the best in the city.

Cocktails and good eats in Vancouver

Cocktails at Bao Bei are pretty fantastic. Not super traditional, but they've got quite a few that are bourbon based.
Clough has an interesting selection as well, but I've only had the gin and tonic there.

Top chef Texas in Canada

I've watched up to episode 11 online, but in more exciting news they apparently shot the final here in Vancouver last week! Contestants were spotted at the whole foods on cambie and Tom and Emeril reportedly had dinner at hawksworth's.

Cafe Presto Panini still open ?

I'm pretty sure it isn't. Was gonna pop by for a pannini during the film fest and couldn't find it. It's too bad, was one of my favourite places for lunch downtown.

Vancouver resturants/shopping for teenager?

If you do go to scrape, antisocial is pretty good skate shop and it's just around the corner @ main and broadway. Sushiyama is right by there as well and they've got pretty good sushi and exceptionally reasonable prices. As mentioned the rock shop on Granville should be good for band tshirts. The whole block around the boardroom has tons of skate/snowboard shops and Zulu is really close by. Zulu is a must go to; it's considered one of the best independent music stores in north America! Hope you guys have fun, most 16 year olds thoroughly enjoy Vancouver.

"Real" sushi in vancouver- gimme!

Actually, I'm mostly mustachioed these days due to my time spent in Italy. I dunno if a sushi date is a good idea. I've heard rumours that you're a bit of chav.

Men's Night Suggestions - Downtown

2nd for guu. Fun atmosphere, reliable food if you enjoy Asian cuisine. Drinks are great as well, all the mixed shochu drinks are great and they have 1 litre mega-beers for 9 bucks. I go out there all the time with my 30 something buds and we love it.