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DC Area Cooking Classes with Gift Certs

All - Looking for a gift for a foodie in the DC area. I'm thinking that a gift cert to a DC Area Cooking Class would be an excellent gift. I'm willing to spend in the $100-$150 range.

He is a "newer" foodie with vast ranging food tastes, but I would error on the side of a more rookie/beginner cooking style as he hasn't been cooking much on his own - especially with advanced techniques. To that end, a series of classes would be great.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Sweet Potato Fries

At the Chad? Wow, I guess I haven't been there in awhile! Thanks!!!

Sweet Potato Fries

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a great place for Sweet Potato Fries? Preferably in the Northern Virginia area for a decent price? I will also consider venturing into DC, and MD if the fries are really worth it! I have a real hankering for the Sweet Potato fries and it seems they are few and far between!