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Little Saigon Marlboro

My husband and I went for dinner this past Saturday night. We got there and found the place packed - always a good sign! We waited 15 minutes for a table which did not seem inappropriate. Once we were seated, we waited at least 10 minutes before we were even given menus. When we got the menus we asked for water and wine glasses. Ten minutes passed, water and wine glasses were brought (but no one opend our wine), and our order was taken. My husband na dI each ordered a cold salad as our first course and then we ordered a fish and a chicken dish.

In retrospect, I was very glad that our wine was not opened because after waiting 25 minutes, and despite several attempts to engage the waitstaff, we still did not have anything to eat. It was at that point that we decided to get up and go elsewhere.

Now I know why the place was packed when we got there 45 minutes earlier - it was still the same crowd that had been there since the place opened that day!

Upon leaving, the only thing that we got was a cursory apology. It is a shame that an ethnic restaurant in this area could not get their act together, and we are always looking for someplace new and interesting to eat.

Feb 14, 2011
MamaJ32 in New Jersey