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What new restaurant would you like to see?

This isn't the typical CH post, but I thought it would be a good place to ask.. hope it doesn't get modded out or anything (sorry if I'm in the wrong!)

My boyfriend and I are opening a restaurant. Not a whim, restaurant experience, know what we're getting into, etc. We had a great concept and thing lined up in Boston, where we lived, but things were fishy with the landlord and fell through.

I grew up in the east valley from 13 til I went east for college, and for family reasons, since the Boston plan fell through, we're seriously considering coming to the Valley (he's an east-coaster, but wants warmer weather. And he loves me, I am so lucky. Anyway..)

I have no idea, though.. what kind of concept is wanted or needed in Phoenix! I did all my falling in love with food and farmers markets and dining out and cooking and obsessively reading CH posts out east, and wasn't home much to see what was happening in AZ.

Our concept was for a little cafe, full espresso, great drip, really good inventive soups and sandwiches, salads and lighter stuff, a beer and wine license if we could get it (hard in Bos!) and maybe some really good ice cream in the summer. Is this what you guys need or want? Does it bore you?

So, I guess, a better question would be, if your friend Katie could open your dream restaurant (as a patron).. where would it be, what would be the draw, what would it serve, and when would you go? Who else would go? Would you want to have your CH Chowdown there? (do they do those in PHX too?)

(Also, if you can get away with it, and make it food-related.. where can we live that's a great fun neighborly but busy area that the restaurant should be in.. so we can work near where we live?)

(Also also, if you know someone with a restaurant that does well that they want to sell to me, that would work too!)

Mar 25, 2011
katrinkala in Phoenix

T-Day Postmortem: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I have an explanation for the pink turkey, from Cooks Illustrated's Holiday Entertaining 2009 special issue (with the delicious-looking crusted filet on the cover):

"Having prepared thousands of turkeys in the test kitchen, we have experienced the occasional slice of pink turkey meat, even when the bird is fully cooked. (We always rely on an instant-read thermometer to ascertain doneness when roasting poultry. In the case of turkey, look for 165 degrees in the thickest portion of the breast and 170 to 175 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh.)

Just because a slice of turkey ha a pinkish tint doesn't necessarily mean it is underdone. In general, the red or pink color in meat is due to the red protein pigment called myoglobin in the muscle cells that store oxygen. Because the areas that tend to get the most exercise--the legs and thighs--require more oxygen, they contain more myoglobin (and are therefore darker in color) than the breasts. When oxygen is attached to myoglobin in the cells, it is bright red. As turkey (or chicken) roasts in the oven, the oxygen attached to the myoglobin is released, and the meat becomes lighter and browner in color. However, if there are trace amounts of other gases formed in a hot oven or grill, they may react to the myoglobin to produce a pink color, even if the turkey is fully-cooked."

Nov 30, 2009
katrinkala in Home Cooking

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

I'm from Wisconsin, we called the raw ground beef on rye with onions "cannibal sandwiches" and it's frequently a party type appetizer on cocktail rye.

Sep 18, 2009
katrinkala in Home Cooking

Ball Elite canning jars

I saw them earlier this week at the Target in Everett.

quick Russo question

Unless you'd be making two separate trips out and home, I would make the Savenors run last, or bring a's going to be hot today! Enjoy Russo's :)

Few Cafe Polonia questions

Okay, apparently my effective search skills fell out of my head for about ten minutes, but I found, it, so nevermind. I spelled it wrong, and it's Broadway, not Andrew, but if you're interested, Psora, if you have another appointment and want to ride the T for a stop or walk some extra blocks, I remember *St. Alphonzo's Kitchen* was good! Sorry for disrupting this thread with my brain fart.

St. Alphonzo's Kitchen
87 A Street South, Boston, MA

Few Cafe Polonia questions

Not to rain on the Polonia parade, but it made me think about a restaurant someone might know about since you're thinking about that neck of the woods. I don't remember how close it was to Polonia that it'd qualify as another recommendation and can't look it up because I can't find a thing on google or in back threads. It was Potbellies and then Alphonsus? I was there once a couple years ago and liked it, but that's all I've got. Any help?

A Perfect Brunch at Deluxe Town Diner

My favorite thing at Deluxe is their waffles.. They're homestyle as opposed to Belgian, all the same batters as the pancakes, and they will put the blueberries inside them if you want.. with the real maple syrup and all that soupy salty butter on top! Oh man, I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning... (The waffles are only on the weekends, they don't fire up the irons during the week. Probably better that way, cause I'd be eating waffles all week long otherwise.)

Best Place for Picking Strawberries

I bought pre-picked strawberries from Verrill last week and they were excellent. They have their strawberry festival coming up on the 20th, so I'd make sure to hit them before that, or avoid that Saturday, if you don't want the crowds.

Are There Any Brewpubs with Good Food?

I actually really like Beer Works' steak tips and greek salad, though I don't really think salad is what one would be shooting for when they're hunting pub grub. Steak tips with mashed potatoes and really perfect crisp haricots verts, on the other hand...

Best tartar sauce?


PHX - looking for a good coctel de camarones (mex style shrimp cocktail)

Well, I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning! Thanks :)

Mar 27, 2009
katrinkala in Phoenix

LAX - PHX Hound - Please help narrow it down

I hope that BBQ didn't disappoint!

Mar 27, 2009
katrinkala in Phoenix

PHX - looking for a good coctel de camarones (mex style shrimp cocktail)

Hey hounds,

I was wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction.. Last year I wandered over to the Town & Country market, and the highlight for me was a guy that sold cocteles out of a cooler. I'd never had one before, I just always saw it on menus and figured it was a regular old plain shrimp and dipping sauce sort of deal.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, it's sort of a soupy mix of smaller cooked peeled shrimp, diced up avocado, onion, cilantro, all submerged in a well-spiced tomato juice or clamato sort of deal.

The place near my mom's house puts orange soda in theirs, and while I know this is a typical thing, I'm not a fan of the fizzy taste. So, shooting for a non-soda coctel.

I'm in the east valley, and I'll take a drive if its worth it, I'm not too picky about distance. Maybe not Glendale far, but I'm sure there's gotta be something closer.

Also, any info on the farmers market guy would also be appreciated, if he still hits that market, where else he goes, etc. (I moved away a few years ago, so I haven't been to the markets much; I'm home visiting family)


Mar 27, 2009
katrinkala in Phoenix

Where to Find a Good Tres Leches Cake?

I remember having it once at Sol Azteca, and I remember it being pretty good.. I don't know if it's better than the other places mentioned, but it's easy to get to, and Dining In delivers for them, so you could in theory have some show up at your door within an hour or so. Maybe not on Tuesday, though, I can't remember how late they're open.

Help me find a restaurant for graduation dinner!

Hey everyone,

I'm graduating in two weeks, and I need to get my dinner reservation made! I've got a million and one restaurants for regular old eating, but I haven't really done any special occasion stuff, so I'm at a loss...I'd recognize a lot of the names, but I don't know who'd be good for what.

When I was a freshman I'd think about graduation and always pictured something cool like Top of the Hub, but I don't even know if it's any good, and I feel like we can find something really great.

Here are the parameters:

There will be 6 of us, so we don't need a huge room or anything. Most of us are fairly adventurous eaters, and like creative ideas (maybe not savory foam-creative, but it could be on the interesting side). The only problem is my grandma, who is an old off-the-boat German lady, and doesn't like things that she didn't have before the age of 20, (so german type food, italian, and early 60s american blah) so there needs to be some sort of safe meat (which she will order medium-well :( ) and potatoes (or pasta, or rice) type of option. We don't all have to eat meat and potatoes, just as long as there's an option.

I'm graduating at the Wang, and I know that there isn't a lot of great stuff in general near the theatre district, except for asian, which probably wouldn't fly too well (she will eat Japanese though, cause katsu is basically schnitzel), but anywhere that we could get to in the general city area is fine (I can give them a city adventure on the T), or if something is a really genius idea, we can drive outside of the city.

As it is my day, I love just about everything, but especially seafood, italian, japanese, thai, italian and mexican (which probably won't happen, it's hard enough to find a good taqueria, let alone a nice, sit-down mexican...but maybe you'll surprise me!)

Fancy would be nice, but fun and special where people aren't unhappy with their food is most important.

Thanks in advance for your help!

steak ta tare

Oooh, now I'm going to have to try all of these other places.

The only one I've ever had here was at Capital Grille, which was very good. But I have no idea how it compares to all of these non-chain restaurants. But if for whatever reason you end up at CG, try it.

best eats near Fenway

It's Audubon Circle, which is actually the neighborhood that it's (and I'm) in, in case you're curious.

Around Harvard Square with a Toddler

It's a little way from Harvard Square, but a fantastic restaurant for kids is Full Moon at Huron near Fayerweather. Very cheerful decor, and other kids, specifically touted to be a family restaurant, the kind of place I'd expect Cantabridgians to take their kids. Well worth the cab ride. (Plus, the cute Marimekko store is next door.)

[edit] Oops, I just saw someone else said this. In that case, I second it.

Rhubarb yet?

I did find some at Russo's and also at Formaggio Kitchen, in case I piqued anyone else's interests.. (FK's looked better and had more in stock.)

Now I just have to decide what to do with it for tomorrow!

Who Makes Trader Joe's Food?

@Pillsburydoughboi - there are Aldi stores in the US as well, depends on where you live, but I had no idea that TJs was an Albrecht store!

Mar 22, 2008
katrinkala in Features

Rhubarb yet?

I know it's a little early for local, but has anyone seen any rhubarb yet?

Considering it probably has to come from farther away, quality and not being banged-up is top priority, but close to Boston proper would help (though I do have a car, so don't rule out the suburbs if their rhubarb looks great.)

And if you know of any that's local-er (say, Pennsylvania rather than Oregon), that'd be the best.


Potbellies name change?

Zaftig's gets away with it, but I think that's cause it's a little more of a nicer term. And cause it's Yiddish.

fresh local eggs in Boston?

Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge had Chip-In eggs when I was there in September.

I don't recall if they did for sure, but I have a hunch that City Feed and Supply in JP would have local eggs.

Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

City Feed & Supply
66 Boylston St, Jamaica Plain, MA

Eat Local Challenge

That part of my post disappeared! I wasn't ignoring that part of the question...I had a link to the September guidelines post:

To sign up and be counted, here's the website for the original San Francisco Locavores, who co-sponsor the project:
(I'll tell you, it's a lot easier to do a 100-mile diet in California...)

Eat Local Challenge

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys...your interest is making me get excited!

One thing I just thought of, what can I make cereal or granola out of? Are there any oats for oatmeal around? Otherwise, I'm going to get awfully tired of eggs and yogurt for breakfast..

Eat Local Challenge

Where does King Arthur get their grain from? Is it not local?

(and all this time, I thought I had the flour thing wrapped up..)

Eat Local Challenge

There are places in Chinatown that have live chickens that they'll kill on the spot for you, I wonder if they do ducks.

Then again, who knows how long those birds have been in what looks like a kennel in there...or where they were raised to begin with.

If you do 150 miles like I'm planning to, the whole east end of Long Island is game, and they're big on ducks. It's a long trip, but it's a nice visit. Plus there's lots of local wine down there too.

Eat Local Challenge

Personally, I'm going for 150 miles, and if something I need isn't produced/grown that close, than all of New England (which only adds the top of VT and NH, north of about Montpelier, and Maine north of about Augusta...which is a lot of Maine.) For example, the Maine sea salt is produced beyond 150 miles, but no one else does salt closer than that, and I don't know if I want to haul jugs of water home from Revere Beach :o)

Eat Local Challenge

Are any of you Boston 'hounds participating in the Eat Local Challenge for September?

I know plenty of places to find my produce around town, but I'm still looking for better sources for local kitchen staples, pasta, chicken, pork, and dairy, to name a few. What farms and brands are on everyone's foodshed list? I know there must be good places in the South End and North End, but I don't know where they are.

Also, what restaurants are super-dedicated to sourcing local ingredients? You're allowed to make your own rules, and I think I'm going to say one day per week's worth of meals (3) or less don't have to be local, in case I need to eat out with someone, or I really need avocado or citrus, but a restaurant that I can count towards a local meal means one more restaurant meal I can have each week.

Thanks for your help!