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Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

Costco rotisserie chickens are injected with bacon fat. That's what makes them taste so darned good. Bacon!

Apr 28, 2012
VBHres in Chains

Union Woodshop Clarkston MI

Very curious. There must have been a mistake on our bill then. $10 is not accounted for.

Aug 29, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes

Union Woodshop Clarkston MI

About the ribeye: exactly. When we first ate at UW we thought it was great that the ribeye was so inexpensive. Did they have a winter or weekday menu back in February? Or was there some special running? The menu was definitely different this time.

I've eaten outdoors plenty of times. I have never encountered this many flies in my life, except when fishing on Lake Michigan. It was truly awful.

I may give Carrie a call. Normally, when I am displeased with service, I either send my food back and say that I am so nauseated that I can't eat and then leave; or I never go back and recommend that none of my friends or acquaintances eat at the establishment. The food wasn't nauseating, but the overall experience was such a change from the first that I was insulted (and angry).

Aug 29, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes

Union Woodshop Clarkston MI

Perhaps it was a mistake on the bill, but my husband distinctly remembered the ribeye priced at $14.95.

A bug zapper or fly reservoir would have helped. why have outside tables if flies are rampant?

I had lost all patience by the time I received my dinner so conversation with management would have been very unproductive.

Aug 28, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes

Union Woodshop Clarkston MI

What the hell happened?

I am so disappointed with this restaurant. This is the second time that my husband and I ate here and I truly don't know what happened.

Let me caveat my review by stating that I was raised on good barbeque and can cook barbeque better than 90% of the population of the world. Oh yes, I am that confident of my skills.

Firstly, the prices seemed to have doubled on some items and the menu changed slightly (the headcheese that I had so enjoyed was no longer on the menu). In the winter during our last visit, the ribeye was $14.95, which was a reasonable price for what you get. Yesterday (8/27/11) the price was $24.95. My husband was going to order the ribeye, but passed due to price. I made the mistake of ordering the blackened catfish because to be truthful, the smoke that I was smelling did not have a good aroma. The catfish was well prepared, but the portion size was ridiculous. It looked as if I was served a half of a filet. I was thankful that I ordered a side of collard greens and mac and cheese otherwise I would have left hungry. My husband had the pulled pork which was an adequate portion, but tasted of nothing but smoke this time. Not a good preparation at all. The restaurant purports to smoke its meat with green wood and the result tastes bitter and harsh.

The sides were terrible this time. The BBQ beans had a good flavor, but were not cooked consistently throughout. I found undercooked beans which were crunchy in the one bite that I took. The collards were flavorless and harsh as was the mac and cheese. The only flavor I tasted in the mac and cheese was the bitterness of the sharp cheddar cheese and salt. The side was also more greasy than on my previous visit. Also, the rice that came with the catfish was just awful. Flavorless as was the "remoulade" sauce that came with the dish.

Now a word about the service: HORRENDOUS. We arrived at the restaurant a little before 6pm and there was already a 50-minute wait. I was able to watch the hostesses as they appeared to seat people who walked in with no reservations, but might have been regulars. How the seating was decided seemed very haphazard. When the promised 50 minutes had passed and my buzzer/light thingy had still not gone off, I approached the waitress. We still had about three people ahead of us to be seated, so I opted to take an outside table. What a mistake that was!

From the minute we sat down my husband and I were bombarded with black flies, noseums, and mosquitoes. I waved them away, but my husband was unable to eat his meal (he's very sensitive like that although he can damn near eat out of a garbage can and not get food poisoning). The waitstaff did nothing to keep the flies away. We also waited a very long time for our meal, which was expected, but after a few refills of iced tea, I could get neither the attention of the waitress or her helper. After we received our meal, I couldn't get the attention of the waitress for additional iced tea either. It didn't matter to me since I finished my food in three minutes since the portions were so small, but my poor husband had to choke down his pulled pork without anything to drink.

Finally, I asked the helper for a box to take my husband's food and the check. I didn't want dessert, I just wanted to escaped the fly-ridden hell that was Union Workshop. Jesus H. Christ I was displeased.

To summarize, don't waste your money or time eating at this restaurant. If you want barbeque, experiment at home. It's a far better use of your time and money in this economy.

Thanks for nothing Kid Rip-off!

Aug 28, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes

My Friends Are All Give and No Take

Maybe your house is really dirty or you have cats walking on the countertops?

May 31, 2011
VBHres in Features

Lockhart's BBQ finally open - Royal Oak, MI

We got take out on Friday for lunch and I must say that this was the worst BBQ I have had in my life. I ordered the brisket and it was dry and must have been left over from the night before. The collards were ok, but the mac & cheese was terrible. The baked beans weren't very good either, more like Mexican beans than BBQ baked beans.

Also, the portions were horribly small for the price.

We won't be eating here again. It was terrible.

Feb 13, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes

Union Woodshop Clarkston MI

I really don't understand the mixed reviews this place gets. I was pleasantly surprised.

My husband and I had dinner there on a Thursday evening. We arrived at 7pm 'ish and were seated around 8pm 'ish. The place was packed so we sat in the bar and waited for a table. Being from LA, the wait didn't really bother me.

I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and atmosphere. Growing up in LA, most of the barbeque joints I have eaten at were little more than a hole-in-the-wall. This place was upscale in comparison. Not what I expected at all.

Anyway, we started with the headcheese appetizer. I thought it an unusual choice of appetizer for a BBQ restaurant, but I tried it. It was absolutely amazing. It had a slightly smoky flavor, with a subtle herbal taste that was amazing. The herbs used went well with the earthy taste of the headcheese. I was also impressed that the chef came out to talk to us about the dish. He was very proud of it and described the care and craft that he put in to the dish. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and dedication to his food. It showed in the result.

The pace of the service was just right. When I go out to eat, I like dinner to last 1.5 to 2 hours at least. I did not feel rushed in the least. Our waiter was attentive and he was easy to find at all times.

I ordered the brisket with collards and mac & cheese. The brisket was so tender and juicy and had a slightly smoky taste, not over-powering. It was very well prepared. The collards were well cooked and seasoned. The mac & cheese was actually a mostaccioli with several cheeses and baked to a drier consistency. I do not like wet and goopy M&C. This was perfect for me. I asked our waiter to bring out the Hell sauce and I mixed that with the Tennessee sauce for the perfect BBQ sauce.

My husband had the ribeye which was delicious (I of course had to try it), beans, and onion rings. I didn't try any of the beans since my husband consumed them before I could reach my fork across the table. The onion rings, however, were amazing. They were painfully hot from the deep fryer (I love my food steaming hot) and the coating was crispy and light. The coating was pleasantly seasoned as well.

For desert we had the brownie and apple cobbler with ice cream. We took this home to enjoy since we were quite full from dinner. I didn't try the brownie, but my husband said it was a little on the sweet side. The apple cobbler was delicious, although it was more of an apple crumble, but was tart and not overly sweet -- and not overly cooked. The apples were well cooked on the outside with a hint of crispness toward the middle of each slice. Delicious.

Oh, and we only spent $58 which was amazing compared to what we usually spend for dinner.

Overall, eating at the Union Woodshop was one of the best dining experiences I have had in the Metro Detroit area. Well done! My husband and I cannot wait to return for our next meal.

Feb 13, 2011
VBHres in Great Lakes