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Can I really bake dinner in a toaster oven?

We've had a toaster oven for years, it's great for reheating things that get soggy in the microwave. But I just got a George Forman oven, and it is awesome. It has a rotissarie, and I made a delicious chicken in it. Only problem was they say you can put up to 5 pounds on it, but the chicken was a little plump for the space, so in the future will use a smaller chicken, and tie it better. We baked a fresh pizza in it last week, came out perfect. And I don't find that it takes more time then a standard oven....but this toaster oven has radiant heat, so it seems to cook a little more efficiently. I made chicken and biscuits in it, and bread pudding.And just for fun we bought a package of precut cookie dough, and baked just 4 cookies as a treat. So good, minimal energy use, and no temptation to eat all the cookies (giggle).

Jan 20, 2012
gonetothedogs in Home Cooking

Getting Over Food Fears

We took a trip to S. Korea when our son was stationed there, and were introduced to kimchi when eating bulgogi. After returning home I googled recipes for bulgogi and other Korean foods, and now make it on a regular basis....the family loves it. There are so many varieties of kimchi, and a lot of difference in the "heat." We like it mixed with rice, when I don't make bulgogi to go with it.

Jan 19, 2012
gonetothedogs in Features

Mac n Cheese -- Why does my sauce separate?

An easy recipe for creme fraiche is to mix at room temperature a cup of heavy creame with either 1/2 cup sour creme or 1 T buttermilk, also at room temperature. Cover and shake for 15 seconds. Leave stand at room temperature for 24 hours, mixing occasionally. This can be refridgerated for 2-3 weeks.

Feb 13, 2011
gonetothedogs in Home Cooking