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Lifelong wine adventure

Thanks for all the wonderful information so far, I've really been in the dark going into this. A few more questions to your comments:

Would there be any wines that are not fortified that would survive under not-so-cellar-like conditions?

Could anyone provide some more specific information on your recommendations? (name of company, year, type, etc.)

Thank you all and I really do appreciate your replies!

Mar 16, 2011
shaggyman in Wine

Lifelong wine adventure

A lifelong friend of mine from college and I decided we needed to invest in something to make sure that we will always stay in touch, wherever life may take us. So we came up with the idea of purchasing a case of wine, and then every 5 years we would travel back to home, uncork a bottle of wine and catch up.

The problem is, within doing the research, they simply do not make wine to last this long. Most wine is meant to only last at most a few years, let alone a lifetime. Also, even if we find an ideal wine, we have run into other maintenance problems of keeping the wine at a constant temperature and rotating often to avoid buildup.

I've been doing research for awhile now and I am simply looking for some guidance towards a wine. We had hoped for a medium to deep red wine, however we would be open to a port wine if it works out. We understand it may be a bit spendy, so we have put some money aside for this investment. Are there any suggestions for a low-maintenance, long lasting wine that would could invest in?

Feb 13, 2011
shaggyman in Wine