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Tonic Syrup in Toronto

I'm looking to buy some tonic syrup (I'm not quite ready to make my own). Ideally, I'd like to try Jack Rudy, but at this point anything that isn't the SodaStream brand would be fine by me.

I'd love it if it were available in the city somewhere, but if someone knows of a place I can buy online without $15+ shipping that would be good too!

Unwanted Advice at the Store

I think if you are going to diagnose people you've never met over the internet you should, at the very least, try to spell your diagnosis right.

Nov 17, 2012
Lamanda in Not About Food

Queen and Spadina Le Gourmand?

Yeah -- I've got my hopes up now, but I walked by again this morning and they've done nothing in there. There's a coat of dust on the piled up furniture.

Queen and Spadina Le Gourmand?

Phew, thanks! I was worried about those cookies.

Queen and Spadina Le Gourmand?

I've walked by a few times this week and their doors are closed an locked. No signs indicating closure, but it doesn't look good. Anyone know anything?

First time business tourist looking for nice dinners

I'll be in Manhattan for the first time ever from Sunday the 13th to Wednesday the 16th on business. I'm staying around 8th at 51st (did I do that right?) and I need dinner advice!

Some details:
- I've got a $40 dinner allowance, which won't get me much
- I'm alone, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to cart take-out back to my hotel (I rather like eating alone, but I know some restaurants aren't fans of single patrons. Especially on and around valentines' day.)
- That being said, if you know of an amazing take-out joint that I absolutely shouldn't miss, don't hesitate to suggest it
- I don't eat chicken, beef, pork, etc. but I do eat some fish
- I'm really not picky, other than that -- I love most foods, really


Feb 12, 2011
Lamanda in Manhattan