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Frog legs in Toronto?

Foxley has always had them on the menu when I have gone. Pretty much everything on their menu is terrific

Benna's Deli -- Roncesvalles

They will be reopening. Walked past Thursday and they were installing all the shelving and counters etc. should be up and running soon.

Sault Ste Marie - nicer dinner, breakfast, bakeries?

Also you can't go wrong with the takeaway/casual dining list you assembled above.

Sault Ste Marie - nicer dinner, breakfast, bakeries?

Antico or Arturo for dinner. Ernie's if you want a diner type environment. It is good for breakfast or for a delicious cutlet.

Embers, haven't been but heard good things

Best craft beer joints in Toronto

It has been some time since I have posted but when it comes to this thread I feel compelled to give my input. If your guest is looking for multiple brewers, one-offs and obscure bottles etc they should go to Bar Volo or Bar Hop. Bar Hop can be tough to get into so if you do decide to go there plan on going early. That being said, Bellwoods is top notch and is where I would bring a guest. I often have friends visit from all over the place, who are into beer, and they all love Bellwoods. They knock it out of the park there and the food is above average as well. At the very least, I would bring someone there for a few drinks before heading to Bar Volo or Bar Hop.

Sault Ste Marie - Thunder Bay - Winnipeg

If you are looking for take-away in the Sault I would go with pizza from Aurora's Westside, or Mrs B's pizza. Whacky Wings also has tremendous wings which I am sure you can take-away.

Paesano's also does really good Italian take-away.

In general you can't go wrong with Italian food in SSM. If you want to sit in I would suggest Giovanni's or even Fratelli's.

Berkeley Events Catering advice

Would value any input anyone can provide on tasty/best food options for a fall event at the Berkley Field House. The food for our guests will consist of passed hors d'oeuvres and food stations. Thanks in advance chowhounders.

What's the best sushi place close to downtown?

Nami on Adelaide beside Terroni is very good in my mind. Have had very consistent meals there.

We are pretty critical of sushi and have found this to be a gem for us.

College & Yonge Area

I have been to La Bettola a few times now and have always had a great meal with excellent service. The room is nice as well.

Underrated option for the area, that doesn't get mentioned enough in my mind

Their Pappardelle is always pretty spot on

Garrison House

Was there a couple weekends ago on a Sunday evening and had a wonderful time.

The Shepard's Pie was outstanding - as well as the service

Italian restaurant suggestions in toronto

Couldnt agree more with JennaBean on the Buca assessment, as well as the options listed for what you are looking for this weekend.

Easy dinner near Delta Chelsea

Queen And Beaver right across the street on Elm has quality food and a welcoming environment.

Probably one of the better options right there.

Looking for fine dining in Durham / Grey County

yes - you arent going to have good luck with fine dining there - best bet is driving to Owen Sound and even that is a stretch to find what you are looking for

Under-rated + Trendy + Unique GTA Restaurants

good call on Japango - place is 100% underrated - if you are able to get a seat there its a great spot - only been for lunch though

of all spots i can recommend for what it sounds you are looking for I would have to say Campagnolo. Its def not under the radar though - great date spot - cant imagine you not having a superb time there

Recommendations needed for our downtown "food crawl"

Good call on Beast. Great place to stop in for some bites if they are still doing their happy hour.

Also, so glad someone finally mentioned Poutini's over Smoke's. Saw this earlier but didnt have the time to respond. You are MUCH better off at Poutini's. Couldn't agree with justxpete any more.

Khao San Road is also a great one for some spring rolls, a beer. The main's are incredible too but may be a bit filling if you plan on doing a food restaurant crawl

Best old school speakeasy type bars in Toronto?

You were at Pravda on Wellington St

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?

Stockyards is the best i have had. Been at least 5 times and its been amazing every time. Everyone I have been with also has nothing but good things to say about the chicken there.

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

I would agree with Origin. It definitely hits on the notes you are looking for.

NEW CONSOLIDATED Thread: Best Chicken Wings in GTA

Duffs I must say is the best all around wing in my mind. I have tried everywhere and Duff's always does it for me.

They are everything I like in a wing and like someone else mentioned, you can have them cooked to your preference and sauced the way you want

Wild Wing is an okay second and although a lot of people hate them (I used to), St Louis does a not bad wing/fry basket if I can't get to Duffs

Mistral advice

I have eaten at Mistral multiple times for business and a few special occasions and it has always been one of my favorites. I too typically favor hole in the wall ethnic restaurants

It is worth it in my mind. The lamb and fish dishes are incredible. As well as the appetizers.

With Wine etc I have gotten out of there for $250 to $300 for 2 people. It depends on how much you spend on wine.

Dec 21, 2011
gwanderc in Greater Boston Area

Enoteca Sociale - Homemade Pappardelle with Fresh White Truffle

Enoteca has always been a success for me. Had a wonderful meal at Campagnolo a couple Fridays ago and they had the same dish. Homeade Pappardelle with Fresh White Truffle.

It was amazing (as was the rest of the meal and drinks). Awesome vibe and we had a friend in town from NYC and she couldnt believe how amazing everything was.

In my mind you can't go wrong at either restaurant.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

College St location is one I have been to a few times and each time has been great - and this has been in a spread out period - have found consistency all times

Buca - Overrated and comically pretentious

Had been looking forward to heading to Buca for some time now and finally had the chance to go this Friday. I had heard about the pretentiousness of it there (aka servers/employees), but I found it comical how great Buca "thinks" it is.

Our meal was by no means bad but I was expecting quiet a bit more, considering how wonderful the people working there think they are and the restaurant - Enoteca Sociale in my mind is a much better equivalent dining experience. There is no pretention at Enoteca and the meals in my mind are definitely better. Buca has a more unique/beautiful space though

I know it was only a one time experience this weekend but after spending the amount of money I did - I expected more

It is interesting how they seemed to treat us as if we had never eaten italian food or had no clue about the wide world of restaurants. I by no means think I am the world's greatest restaurant critic but I have eaten at enough great restaurants (low end to high end) to know that Buca is def not up there.

Lowlights were the meats and cheese plate, and a couple of the pasta dishes

Highlight was one of the white pizzas with chilis and smoky taste, and the actual Buca space

I would like to give it another whirl but it really irked me how they seem to act there - maybe part of it is the whole King West cheesiness, new modern cool thing they might be going for?

604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

Enoteca Sociale
1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Went to Duff's last night and my whole table couldn't get enough of the wings - a couple of us love wings and have had good experiences from a few places - but Duff's again really hits the spot for us - overall good quality wing - properly sauced and fresh

I go back and forth on my favorite spots for wings but I have to say Duff's is #1 in my mind in terms of consistency

ISO Best Tasting Club House Sandwich.

The Pork Belly Club at Queen and Beaver was amazing when I had it last week - was a one time experience for me but it really hit the spot and was a nice take on the Clubhouse

Bier Markt on the Esplanade - Recommendations?

If you decide Beer Bistro - their Kobe Beef Tacos are delcicious - They never disappoint

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

The Beast's "Beast 120" menu: great way to snack or have an early dinner!

Beast is an incredible value and the food/atmosphere/service is all amazing. Went with a group a while back and enjoyed the "120" menu. The entire group was thoroughly impressed with all the food offerings, not to mention the $4 Hoptical Illusion!! (aren't going to find that in too many Toronto spots at a $4 price point).

All round wonderful time

Help! - Need a restaurant with good food and a big beer selection in Toronto!

Beer Bistro without question - Beer selection is great and the food is solid enough(amazing compared to bier market) - Mussels are a hit (I think they are just okay) Kobe Beef tacos are delicious

Bier Market is embarassing in terms of food - It blows my mind the prices they charge food-wise for absolute low budget garbage.

I wanted to vent about it a while back but didn't even think the place was worthy of a comment in the food department

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

The Bier Market
58 The Espl, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

Father's Day Lunch/Afternoon Tea near Dundas Square?

If you are looking for good service and afternoon tea is on the docket, King Edward Hotel on King is about a 10 minute walk from there.

Love Queen and Beaver (which is closer), but King Edward is closer to the quiet, good service, afternoon tea aspect you are looking for

King Edward Hotel
37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

What's good for lunch at the Distillery District?

Love walking through the Distillery District and tend to go often, but can't for the life of me understand why people like Mill St Pub or Brick Bakery (at least their sandwiches). I understand that Mill St Pub is one of the only options around that suits a lot of people's needs, but that place is so sterile and boring i find it unbearable. I guess it is okay to sit on the patio and have a few beers on a nice day, but every time I bring people there I swear I will never go back. Not to mention the god awful boring music they play in there.

As for Brick Bakery, I tried to make myself like their sandwiches/chili, because I like the feel in the Bakery, and love wandering through Distillery in general, but the sandwiches are average and bland.

As a group, although it is a bit pricier, I would have to recommend Pure Spirits to you and your friends. It is nothing out of this world but is decent and overall a nice spot.

Distillery District
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA