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Lefteris in Tarrytown, what the hey

hmm...Everyone has an off day here and there

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

The guac was terrible, tasted out of a jar

Westchester - Braised Short Ribs Year-round??

Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hollow/ Tarrytown... Dr Pepper Braised Short RIbs, served w garlic mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.... as per their website :)

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

I guess your right, for four of us it was $200 but we are heavy drinkers lol.

Peekskill - Taco Dive Bar

Weedy what did you think of the prices? I thought it was way too expensive....$5 Taco's come on they were slightly larger than Bar Taco...

I had the shrimp, the pork belly, and the brisket.... I really only enjoyed the shrimp taco, it was stuffed with shrimp, I thought the other two were very light on the amount of meat, it's nice and local and right next to the park so I'm sure I'll be back.

Redline Saloon, Cortlandt Manor. A delicious hole-in-the-wall.

LMFAO got to love it, I haven't been back yet but I must get there soon

Pig Roast caterer

a Friend of mine is the Chef/Owner of All Smoked Up Catering out of CT. He's a CIA graduate and I highly recommend them!

big w [Wingdale]

Mmm I love their chicken, so juicy

favorite pizza, northern westchester?

Frankie and Augie'z is average

favorite pizza, northern westchester?

Westbrook pizza is my weekly spot because of its location and it's decent pizza. I enjoy Nona's specialty slices...the best however is a bit further north and a true gem....Gappy's pizza in Carmel

52 Main (Millerton, NY)

Yeah we skipped the Paella due to the cost and time

52 Main (Millerton, NY)

It really was a great experience, thanks for reading. Plate by plate was brought out and every dish was memorable. The specials change daily too, I can't wait to return!

Best nachos in lower Westchester County?

Upper Westchester- Brodies Pub Nachos are great
Mid Westchester- I love nachos from Bridgeview Tavern too

Best nachos in lower Westchester County?

Candlelights meat Nachos are so basic but for some reason I can not stop ordering them

Peekskill Brewery

Oh LOL I understand now, yeah I can see that, personally the service has always been fast for me and the beer list is top notch so I skip the brewery usually and drink at Birdsall...Very looking forward to the new Tequila & Taco spot right by the rail crossing, hope they dont f**k it up!

Peekskill Brewery

Birdsall has become my go to as well

Peekskill Brewery

I also agree, had the fish n chips which was $20 for two small pieces of fish and French fries I was very disappointed... Not to mention the bar service is terrible on busy weekend nights, you will basically be ignored and it sucks bc I love their beer

Late Lunch/Early Dinner relaxing nice restaurant lower Westchester

I never ate there and I've only walked up to the bar to get drinks....The atmosphere is unbeatable and the food at the boat clubs little food stand is good and cheap

Late Lunch/Early Dinner relaxing nice restaurant lower Westchester

Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hollow

Sunset Cove in Tarrytown has a great view, I usually get food from the little outdoor cash only shack which is super casual but sunset cove offers a mor eupscale experience...beautiful view

52 Main (Millerton, NY)

I heard of this place after Chef Tommy Stevens (of Hells Kitchen and winnr of Cutthroat Kitchen) made this his new home. I had been following him on instagram and after seeing the beautiful plates he was putting out, I had to try it.

It's in Millerton, NY... and "upstate" quintessential Americana town in Dutchess County, just outside of Dover Plains and Millbrook. It's on main street, surrounded by other restaurants and small locally owned stores, a really nice area actually. The restaurant itself is gorgeous. Really nice modern interior, very small space with a large bar and open kitchen. My buddy and I ordered many dishes including the following:

Coconut Crab Cakes, this was the most underwhelming of all the dishes we got but it was not at all bad. Four very small crab cakes, however very flavorful and tons of crab, plated beautifully.

Charred Asparagus, This was incredible...crispy asparagus covered in manchego, over a delicious potato puree, simple yet perfect

Brisket Taco, this was on the specials, Chili rubbed brisket tacos, the flavor was amazing

Carnitas taco, roast pork and pineapple salsa, this one was unforgettable, the pork was perfectly cooked, super moist and bursting with flavor, the pineapple was a great touch and these looked beautiful

Skewers, we ordered the chorizo and the octopus...the octopus was the surprise of the night for me because it tasted so great, really really flavorful, the chorizo was simple but plated beautifully, the sauces were the stars of this one, both tasted great.

"Award winning wings", I love wings and I've had Chef Stevens wings before so I knew they'd be good, these were excellent. Large portion of very crispy, dripping with sauce wings

Pica Pollo, the best way I can describe this would be boneless wings. Described as boneless fried chicken, covered in chipotle honey with bbq dipping sauce...effing great, perfect bar food, large portion of this too, chicken was seasoned perfectly and the bbq sauce was on point

Mac 'n' Cheese, this was a smoked gouda macncheese with bacon and panko...I saved the best for last, easily the best macncheese I have ever had, the pasta was perfect and the cheese sauce with the bacon, damn this was something I will drive the hour plus drive to get again.

I definitely recommend this place, the service was excellent, food came out quick, drinks brought to us fast...drinks, they have a great beer selection on tap and in bottles and a huge wine selection and I noticed they do wine flights, pretty cool. I'll be back someday for sure.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

Yes they do apparently, according to the menu "house smoked". It's especially nice this time of year with the awesome outside section.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

I am definitely going to give Branding Iron a try asap, I want to add for the Birdsall dislikers that I usually only go for the beer but last night I had a great meal there. I consider myself a smoked wings expert (lol) and I have to say their wings were smoked perfectly, very very moist meat and an amazing blue cheese. I also had the ribs special, they ribs were also smoked perfectly and served over a fantastic potatoe salad.

Taking a day trip from NYC and looking for a unique or noteworthy lunch spot in the lower Hudson valley area.

Next exit after Beacon is Newburgh, I would highly recommend Newburgh Brewing Co which is located very close to the highway. Excellent, excellent beers and atmosphere. Beacon also has a brand new microbrewery called 2 way brewery, it was pretty good.

I also do not know how nobody mentioned this place but consider your lunch destination decided... Texas Roundabout BBQ in Cold Spring (on the out-skirts) is incredible, great food, beer, the staff is wonderful, I personally love the atmosphere too (kind of err rustic lol) and there are picnic tables outside. Consider it done!

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

very run down decor is right lol but I can't wait to get back there. Vinous I heard that Mercado was great but with Laguna right here in Mahopac dishing out amazing taco's I havent tried Mercado yet but it's on my list.

Bill...The Hummimgbird....get there asap! I've went 3 times, every time the ribs were already sold out, I stick with the jerk pork- it's amazing. Check out the pic I snapped of it

Giant Dave & Buster's Opening in Pelham Manor!

Baseballfan hit it right on the head, food sucks, service sucks, drinks are light on alcohol... I'll go on the half price games night and enjoy the games

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

I've been to Hudson Room a handful of times and yeah I completely agree the music is annoying but I have never had bad service there and 2 weeks ago I had an amazing sushi special there. Firehouse grill sucks. I think I'm more of a peekskill drinker than an eater lol, I'm at Birds every other weekend hell I'm gonna go there tonight bc there staff is great and their beer list is unmatched, Peekskill Brewery is slowly becoming very well known in the beer world for their IPA's but the bar is way too crowded and the bar tenders move way too slowly for me, but I stand behind Birdsall Completely and I love the food at Hudson.

The Cider pub across from quiet man is opening soon (or is already open) I will surely check it out, and if you want a casual fast meal the Jamaican Spot on rt 6 is excellent.

Redline Saloon, Cortlandt Manor. A delicious hole-in-the-wall.

Hey guys, I just want to take a moment to praise Redline Saloon. It's a hidden gem in my opinion. It's a complete dive/ biker bar and no I am not a biker but all are welcome with open arms here. The interior is a completely terrible, Folding chairs, complete disarray, similar look as an old knights of columbus hall. The bar has no taps, just one keggerator with a keg of stella (and your average selection of bottles)...

Okay once you get passed the "look".

I had driven past this place many times and wrote it off as a biker bar but I had a craving for a good burger and after a yelp search I decided to take the gamble here. The bartender was an absolute sweetheart, very friendly late 20 something girl, such a welcoming attitude, my buddy and I were the only non-regulars there and you could tell, but it wasn't awkward. She explained the specials and she gave us a few recommendations. I got the wings (thats my specialty area) and my craving, a classic bacon cheeseburger. My buddy also ordered nachos. The wings came out first and I was really surprised that they were fresh wings and yeah it makes a huge difference, they were cooked good and the sauce was very good, the blue cheese was fantastic, I appreciate a place that makes their own or orders the good stuff, I did not ask which of the two it was. The nacho plate was excellent, huge portion, lots of cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and chicken and beef. The star of the day however were the burgers, both were huge, greasy, and perfectly cooked. The fries are handcut and perfect. I will be back eventually for sure.

If you're in the area and can get passed the we don't give a f**k decor, check this place out.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

Here's what I wrote in my Yelp review, excuse the sarcasm, I go for laughs...

Right off the bat you will notice the space at Iron Vine is beautiful. The designers did a superb job and you feel cozy and warm inside. That is practically where my praises stop. My friends and I sat at the bar and all ordered at the same time. However, my food never came. Over an hour after ordering, the first of my small plates started to arrive, and small plates they are. The empanada plate is microscopic. These arent empanadas, these are a tiny scoop of a filling wrapped in dough. These are about the length of 3 quarters. They are so tiny I could have shoved them up my nose and down my throat. The omelet dish that I ordered was so bland and completely lacking of any salt, I was unsure if I was eating food or a Hallmark greeting card. All I can say is the wings were pretty decent but they got my sauce wrong.

I won't be back, Peekskill has way more to offer in this day and age all within steps away from Iron Vine.

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

Vinous.... Try out Redline Saloon on Albany Post in Cortlandt...I went there last week on a whim, It's a total hole in the wall, it looks like a knights of columbus hall on the inside with folding chairs and everything lol theres no beer taps, only bottles and a keg lol....HOWEVER....the food is great, the burger was among the best I have had in the area, the wings were clearly fresh and great sauce....and staff seems great- You have been warned about the atmosphere but go enjoy the food

Peekskill Pub Food - The Branding Iron

I tried Iron Vine, over priced, bland, and poor service won't be back... Peekskill is in my weekly rotation and Iron Vine has been eliminated lol go to Hudson Room instead.