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Restaurant close to metro Bonaventure or Berri?

I'm meeting an old friend to catch up around a meal on Friday night, either around metro Berri or Bonaventure. I'm looking for a place not too noisy and not too expensive (ideally meals at 15-20$) while having decent food. No sushi or fast food, but aside from that, we're open to any type of cuisine.
Here's places we've been to and enjoyed but are too far from both metro: Stash café on St-Paul, Bistro Justine (which is closed I think?), Robin des bois.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!

Quebec City Please!

Well, most BYOB are asian restaurants over here. The two I like are Delices d'Ariana, on Rene-Lévesques, afgan/indian restaurant and Bati Bassak, cambodian/thai restaurant on St-Joseph street, in lower town (St-Roch)

Phil Smoked Meat Quebec

Well, it reopened where there used to be another smoked meat place (Joe smoked meat), so I have a feeling it's gonna be more or less the same. It was fine smoked meat, but nothing so special. I haven't tried it since it reopened under the new name (to me smoked meat is more summer meals)

Delta Quebec

Well, Clocher penché is good, but a pretty long walk from Delta, especially in winter. Besides, brunches are only served on weekends.

Never tried their breakfast, but Bistro l'Accent wasn't bad for dinner, corner St-Jean and Honore-Mercier, pretty close to Delta.

There's also Cosmos on Grande-Allée. "trendy" decor, but fine food.

And for dinner, depends of what you're looking for. A few interesting places on St-Jean if you want to walk : Billig, Hobbit, Moine échanson (wine bar), Tokyo. Or if you want something fancier, in the walls of old Quebec : Patriarche ($$$$), St-Amour ($$$$$), etc.

For Brynd, I agree, skip it unless you feel like having smoked meat that day. It's not bad, but there's better restaurants.

Quebec City Restaurant Recs

Well, these are all good choices.

Note that it's "Le Cafe du clocher penché" and "Le cochon dingue" (Le Petit Cochon Dingue is deserts-only)

If you're interested in more "real" French Canadian cuisine, just like my mom and grandma used to cook, I really like "Le buffet de l'antiquaire". It's the place I bring tourists when they want to eat traditionnal Québécois food. Prices are more reasonable than Anciens Canadiens.

Jazz in Quebec City/Montreal

In Quebec city, Largo is currently closed, it's supposed to re-open after July 2013.

The other major Jazz place in Quebec is Clarendon, but I'm not sure if you can eat in the Jazz-bar area.

Auberge St-Antoine has Thursday jazz night, but once again I'm not sure it's in an area where you can also eat.

Quebec city : non-chain restaurants near the Jean-Lesage airport?

We're planning on dining with my in-laws and they want a restaurant not too far from the airport. Last time we tried Tuscanos, and while it pleased them, we're not too interested in going back.

Our main criterias : not fast food and not a major chain as St-Hubert or Normandin, and not more expensive than Tuscanos (80-90$ per couple).

Anyone have suggestions?

Québec Exquis 2013

Well, Saint-Amour and Patriarche are two really good tables. I really enjoyed them, but they're too expensive for regular visits in my case, think around 200$+ per couple.

I've heard good things about Chez Boulay and Espace MC, both somewhat recently opened. Panache and Laurie Raphaël also have a good reputation.

I like Table, it's a bit more casual than the previously mentioned. SSS was also good.

If you plan on trying the Quebec Exquis menu, you should just look at the menus offered and pick the restaurant from what you feel like eating.

I've been wanting to try Chez Boulay and Espace MC, but it's the menus that made us chose Laurie Raphaël and Table.

Québec Exquis 2013

The menus for Quebec exquis have finally been revealed : (French only


We plan to try two menus : Laurie Raphaël and Table.

I've really enjoyed the last two editions of the event.

Anyone else planning on going? Would be nice to get reviews when you've been also!

Sugar Shacks near Quebec City? Which of these three would you recommend?

I've never been to any of those, but heard good things about l'Entailleur. Looking at their websites, their menu seem the most "authentic" to me. (I've never had "ragout de boulettes" at a sugar shack- yes it's traditionnal quebecois food, but not traditionnal sugar shack!)

Too bad that none of them serves "grand père dans le sirop", which is my favorite cabane à sucre dessert.

If you get the chance to go in the evening with live music, it's really worth it (assumic the musician is good).

You might want to make reservations, since Easter weekend is a classic time to visit sugar shacks.

FIRST time visiting Quebec City over the Easter weekend. Please complete this sentence for me: " You would be remiss in visiting QC and not having tasted......"

APDC or sucrerie Gallant, in Rigaud are way too far from Quebec city (just noticed now you found others in your other thread).

Billing isn't a tourist trap. And if it is, it's also a locals' trap, because of all the creperies in Quebec it's the one locals tend to go to.

I enjoyed my experience at Patriache, although it is somewhat formal.

Aux Anciens canadiens is a bit of a tourist trap, but you should try at lunch time. They have a special menu with typical Quebecois food we only normally eat around Christmas/New Year's.

Chocolate dipped ice cream at Les Chocolats Favoris is good, but I don't think it will be available this time of the year.

L'affaire est Ketchup is my favorite restaurant so, yeah. The owners also have a more "casual" (although I can't say A est K is formal) a street further : Patente et machins. I also enjoy La gueule de bois, also in lower town.

If you enjoy wine, le Moine échansson on St-Jean street is pretty good (restaurant and wine bar).

I'm pretty sure every waiter will happily talk to you in english, and if you start with the few words of French you know, you'll even get bonus points.

For poutine, there's a restaurant called "Poutinerie" a bit far from old town, but has a really large selection of poutines.

I agree with "Fintastic", I would skip la Fabrique du smoked meet, unless you really want to visit Levis and have a lunch there. I wasn't impress. If you really want smoked meat, there's always Brynd close to the market.

eating out in Quebec City

There are a lot of interesting restaurants in St-Roch. You say eclectic, I think café Babylone (181 Saint-Vallier Est). Food from around the world. There's also La Cuisine, almost next door on St-Vallier. If ever there's paté chinois on the menu, you should try it, a classic Quebecois food.

On the more fancy side (and more $), there's Gueule de Bois (St-Vallier also), Clocher penché (St-Joseph east corner Caron), Le Cercle (St-Joseph east) and L'affaire est Ketchup (St-Joseph east).

There's 2 pizza places I like in that area, both on St-Joseph : pizzeria Gemini, for pizza with special ingredients and Piazetta for european style pizza.

For breakfast pastries, try Croquembouche, also on St-Joseph. The selection is impressive.

Everything is within no more than a 10 min walk from each other

Any opinions on Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie

Anyone been since April? Is it any good?

Gaspé trip 2012

I also went in Gaspesie this august. There's one place I really enjoyed, in Carleton, bistro Pic-Assiette. Aside from Atkins also, whose products I discovered at Pic assiette. For the rest, I was also dissapointed.

Gluten Free AND Vegetarian in Quebec City?

I'm not very familiar with it, but looking around for gluten free things in Quebec, i found this : They're located inside the bakerie Pannetier Baluchon. They don't explain exactly what they serve, but they have smoothies and an ardoise menu. "cuisine vivante végétalienne et sans gluten" = living food, vegan and gluten free.

As for health food store, there's Carotte joyeuse, also on St-Jean street :

Restaurants along the 20 around Victoriaville or Drummondville?

Anyone have suggestions for restaurants, either around Victoriaville or Drummondville?

We're not looking for a great restaurant, juste something fine that's not a chain. For example, when we drive Rimouski-Quebec, we stop at Porto Bellissimo in St-Jean-Port-Joli for nice pizza.

I saw this previous thread ( but there were no suggestions and we're not as picky.

Quebec City-Moderately priced places for solo traveller

I'm not familiar with the "Prix fixe" concept, is it kind of like "all you can eat buffet"?

Either way, will you be in Quebec on weekdays? A lot of restaurants have lunch special on weekdays, so you can eat well for much cheaper than at night.

In Quebec City for our anniversary, looking for some resturant recommendations!

Well, my visit at Saint Amour was before David's (2009) but I enjoyed my experience back then.
I do agree that restaurants inside the walls are usually too expensive for what they're worth, though.

Review of Chez Boulay Bistro Boréal in Quebec City

Thanks for the review, I guess I will add it on my "To try" list!

Cheap groceries in Quebec City!

There's not many cheap grocery stores in Quebec. You can try the big supermarket such as Maxi or Super C. If you like more ethnic food, the small asian/latino american/african grocery stores in St-Roch or St-Sauveur have some products at a cheaper price than regular grocery store (and some more expensive).
If you really need to save money, dollar store often have food (canned or dry) but the quality is not often there. "Les escomptes Lecompte" is a popular "dollar store" in Quebec city.

Montreal/Quebec City for Vegetarians

In Quebec city, my favorite vegetarian restaurant is a bit far from lower town, but really worth it : Resto Zen, on Rene-Levesque (

For something more casual, my vegetarian friends love the vegetarian choices of (high end) burgers at chez Victor, on St-Paul street between the old port market and the train station : (Their meat burgers are also very delicious).

I think you could also find nice vegetarian meals in most interesting restaurants of basse ville, although options might be limited.

Quebec city : Anyone tried "Bistro les trois garçons" yet?

I'm curious about Bistro les trois garçons (, on St-Jean, although it really looks like a Chez Victor spinoff.

Anyone tried it yet? Was it worth it?

Need additional dinner option for Quebec City end of March

I feel like a broken record, because I usually always suggest the same restaurants, but I'd add "L'affaire est ketchup" (46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est) to your list. (I swear I don't work there, and I wish I'd get 10% off every time I recommand it). It's not in the wall and I don't think it fits your "charming dining room evoking the fairy-tale surroundings of the old city", but it's totally "fresh regionally sourced / farm-to-table" although don't go imagining Quebec produce any fresh vegetables in march.

I think there's a sort of contradiction between : "stray far from touristy QC" and " fairy-tale surroundings of the old city" though. I don't know any restaurant that's not a least a bit touristy in the walls.

Café du Clocher Penché is also a favorite of mine, but it's also outside the walls.

Billig and Hobbit are pretty good also, and a bit closer to the walls.

Btw in your "pâtisseries and boulangeries tour of the city" don't forget Boîte à pain and Croquenbouche, on St-Joseph est also.

Cafe Du Clocher Penche
203 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B1, CA

Hobbit Bistro
700 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R1P9, CA

Le Billig
526 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R1P6, CA

L'affaire est ketchup
46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec city, QC G1K 5T3, CA

Something Cool, Casual, and Different? (Quebec City)

Have you tried Zen, asian vegetarian restaurant on René Lévesque? Defintely something to try, and meat-eaters won't miss meat there.
I'm not sure about "different" but for cool, casual, good food, my favorite is l'Affaire est Ketchup in St-Roch, which opened last year.
We enjoyed the SSS when we went last spring, also recently opened.
La petite boîte vietnamienne is good, not sure I'd go with "great" but good interesting french-vietnamise fusion food.

Restaurant Zen
966 Boul Rene-Levesque W, Quebec, QC G1S1T9, CA

Restaurant SSS
71 Rue Saint Paul, Quebec, QC G1K, CA

L'affaire est ketchup
46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec city, QC G1K 5T3, CA

La petite boite vietnamienne
281 Rue de la Couronne, Québec, QC G1K 6E3, CA

Sunday night in Quebec City dinner suggestions

It would help to know what type of food, price range and area you're interested in. Which restaurants disapointed you?

Since I see a tag "steak" I will agree with madamebatignolles about Entrecôte St-Jean, there's also Beffroi steakhouse that I enjoyed although the menu is a bit "classic". (Quebec is not reknown for its steaks, can't get close to a texan steak)

If you're willing to walk a bit outside old Quebec, there's Clocher penché and L'affaire est Ketchup that are two favorites of mine, on St-Joseph east.

Did you try some restaurants frequently mentioned here, like Café du monde, Panache?

Need light/veg friendly lunch recs in Quebec City

For coffee, in that area, there's Cafe Tatum 1084 rue St-Jean ( that's nice. Or a bit further on St-Jean there's La Brûlerie St-Jean (3rd on that list
My personnal favorite is Nektar, but it's a bit further away, talking about 20 min walking, on St-Joseph east (

Where to find Pho Soup in Quebec City

Pho Tonkinoise, 2383 Chemin Ste-Foy, in front of the "pyramid" in Ste-Foy, close to the University. Pretty good pho, I don't understand why people go to Thai Express in the pyramid instead of just crossing the street to get much better food.

Pho Tonkinoise
2383 Chemin Sainte Foy, Québec, QC G1V 4H2, CA

L'Affaire est Ketchup with child in a stroller?

I can confirm that they take reservations for lunch, but I would also suggest going after rush hour, would be easier to fit the stroller somewhere.

Quebec City - maple sugar and syrup?

Is it possible last time you went to Montréal it was during spring aka maple time ("temps des sucres")? That's the only time I see maple sugar selling at a good price.

But if you want maple product not-for-tourist outside of maple time, usually it's better to just check groceries, ideally outside the Old town. The two closest groceries I know close to Old Quebec are the Metro on Charest (somewhat near the train station in lower town) and the one on ave Cartier (walk west on St-Jean street for about 15-20 min).

To be honest, I've never seen dark maple syrup, so I can't help you there. I'm not even sure if it's sold in stores in Quebec, I think it mainly goes to food producers.

And the museum of maple in Quebec is only usefull for tourists that want to try maple taffy on "snow" outside maple season.

Sorry my answers are not very encouraging! If you do find dark maple syrup, let me know, I'm curious to try that one day!

Quebec City resto recs

There's 2 fish/seafood restaurants I think of in that area. I heard nice things about them, especially Café du monde, but never tried myself :

Café du monde :
Poisson d'Avril :

Both are close to the port. Definetly make reservations if it's the weekend, not sure about weekdays.

Hope that helps