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Mamma Mia's in Saratoga Springs

I'm curious what the Chowhound reviews are of Mamma Mia's on Ballston Ave in Saratoga Springs? It is very convenient for SO and I, so we are there frequently for take-out and occasionally dining in. They have a a wonderful spinach and avocado salad, SO swears by their chicken parm and we've never had a bad pizza! They are also opening up an italian bakery right next door to the restaurant.

Any other reviews?

Limoncello (Saratoga Springs)

SO and I have gone a number of times and have had VERY enjoyable meals. I strongly recommend the Limoncello cake for dessert. It is so good we even bought a full cake for my Mom's birthday last year. I wish they would have cut me a break on the whole cake instead of charging me the full amount for 8 slices - but it was still worth it!!!

I'm on the hunt for Dim Sum!!!

Any recommendations for Dim Sum in the Albany/Saratoga area? Pretty, please! TIA!