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Bengal Tiger, White Plains

Went to Bengal Tiger last night for dinner. I know new restaurants keep popping up, but I’m always amazed at just how well the Tiger does Indian food. Their menu is pages and pages and I have yet to try a bad thing. Last night, we started with papri chat, served cold. Potatoes, chick peas, yogurt, some sort of crunchies (toasted naan?), chutney and some sort of… barbecue sauce? I went with two people who don’t eat a lot of Indian and they loved it – great dish for newbies because it’s milder and more tangy than other dishes. We also got some naan which was warm and soft and perfect for soaking up the leftover chaat sauce.
My entrée was paneer saag. Very very good. I would’ve liked the cheese curds to be a little softer in the spinach, but that’s just a personal preference. The flavor was spot on. My dad got the tandoori shrimp which is the reason I’m writing. I think the entrée was close to $30, which to me, better be pretty special. It came out, and even though the shrimp were the largest I’ve seen In my life, I still wondered if the serving size would be enough. It was, and it was the best shrimp ever. Huge, succulent, such a nice grilled flavor from the tandoori oven, not in the least bit dry or overcooked. I’m not even a shrimp person, and I couldn’t stop eating. It’s 4:30 today, and I’m wondering when I can go back and eat that shrimp again.
Also got some chicken tikka masala. Wonderful, but I will say that Jaipore in Brewster still does that dish better.
Galub jamon for dessert. Very very, yummy. My guests loved this too, and were shocked when they realized it was cheese. Service, while incredibly friendly, could’ve been more attentive with filling up the water (so important with Indian food because it’s so spicy!)
I wish the Tiger was a little less expensive. I couldn’t tell you what the bill was because my dad picked it up, but I do know that even the app was around $15.00. I’m sure the bill was very high. With that said, it’s a lot easier to shell out more money when you know the food is that delicious.

Oh, and Ambadi across the street is great for takeout. Love their keema samosas and khati rolls.

I really want Indian food right now.

New Menu at Zanaro's in White Plains?

I guess no one likes Zanaro's! :)

New Menu at Zanaro's in White Plains?

I had pretty much given up on Zanaro's in White Plains, but I found myself there Sunday night when some friends wanted cheap Italian food near City Center.
Apparently, they've re-done the menu and they have an executive chef and a real dessert menu. I'm not sure when this change happened, but I have to say that the menu looks delicious.

Unfortunately, I was with unadventurous eaters and we didn't get apps or desserts. I'm hoping some of you can tell me what's good, what's not good. We all had thin crust pizzas, so really didn't get to experiment - I'm hoping to go back on Friday. I had the "purgatory" pizza - some sort of cheese, very spicy, with poached eggs on top. Very flavorful, a tad bit greasy and would've liked some sort of vegetable on it. My friend got some sort of gyro pizza. This was delicious and unusual (again, a little too greasy, and the lamb had a cinnamon-y quality that I know is used in gyros, but I prefer the ones that don't have this.) Still, I liked this pizza - especially the tsatziki dollops on it. And my friend got another thin crust pizza that was perfectly fine but not very memorable (he's a boring eater).

Anybody sample the pasta, or some of the sauces? Or the apps or desserts?

I asked the waiter, and apparently anything marked in red (more than 35 percent of the menu, I think) are signature dishes of the new chef. I liked our meals enoguh to go back and try to order more stuff.

Wish I had more to report, but I wasn't really expecting anything when I went in there and was in a bit of a rush. Looking forward to giving it another shot.

Has anyone tried Rue des Crepes in Harrison?

I love this place. The owner has clearly put so much thought into the look and feel of it.
The service is one of the reasons I go back. There is a waiter there named Clay who is amazing. So easygoing, so friendly, doesn't hover, and still is so attentive. The prices are very reasonable for Harrison, and my boyfriend and I like to walk there after work.
I've gone on quite a few occasions. It seems as though the turkey, fontina and spinach crepe is a crowd favorite (and my current favorite), but I really love the chorizo crepe too: chorizo, black beans and plantains with a little kick to it. For dessert, it's the brie, grape, and walnut crepe, or the mixed berry crepe.
Haven't tried anything but the crepe, and don't really plan on trying anything else, because the crepes are perfect. I really hope this restaurant succeeds.

What is your "guilty pleasure" restaurant?

White Plains Galleria, Food Court. What is it called, the sandwich place, Charley's Subs or something. Turkey and Cheddar melt with mayo lettuce and tomato. Their turkey tastes so fresh, and their bread is toasted just right. I'm not even embarrassed to admit it, because normally turkey tastes way too processed for me. Man, I could go for one of those right now.

Bubble Tea in the Westchester

I thought I heard a rumor that bubble tea was now available somewhere in the Westchester Mall. I was there a couple of nights ago but forgot to look.
Has anyone heard/scene anything about this? If so, is almond flavor available?

Where can I get some white clam pizza in Westchester?

I go to Sal's often (love their salad pizza, original, and their calzones), but not since I've had the craze for white clam. I'll give it a shot, and I will definitely try Abatino's, because I've been wanting to go anyway. Thanks!

Where can I get some white clam pizza in Westchester?

Fairfield might actually be do-able. Thanks Laylag. If I try it, I'll let everyone know. If anyone has some closer Westchester suggestions, I'm all ears. (As for the other suggestions, if anyone has been and can confirm they have white clam, let me know!) mmmmmm... white clam...

Where can I get some white clam pizza in Westchester?

I hear it's good, and I can't find any pizza joints that do it. Any suggestions?

A Clockwork Orange Bar in White Plains?

Anyone know anything about a Milk Bar in White Plains on East Post Rd.? Anyone been, or know if they serve food too? Just curious. I'm also not exactly sure WHERE on East Post Rd it is. Anymore details would be appreciated. Thanks!

I just read Kitchen Confidential...

AmblerGirl, Bourdain opened up a whole new world for me. After Kitchen Confidential, I read The Nasty Bits, and A Cook's Tour - both great. Just through reading those (mostly The Nasty Bits), the whole culinary world just came alive for me, and I realized I couldn't get enough. Bourdain offers lots of recommended reading in his books and name-drops a lot... I went on to read all of Michael Ruhlman's books - his books may not be as funny, but he surely knows how to paint an amazing picture of some of the most intriguing chefs today: Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, and my personal favorite chapter in "The Reach of a Chef" Chef Masa Takayama--as a matter of fact, Ruhlman accompanies Bourdain and Ripert on his visit to Masa (Bourdain picks up the $1600 check!)- it makes for entertaining reading. You come away really appreciating what these chefs are doing and getting to know a lot more of their personality--they're all characters.

Trotters, White Plains

I just heard that Trotters in White Plains re-opened as a Tapas bar and restaurant. Is this true? If so, have prices dropped at all? Is the food good?

I always thought their food and service were top-notch, however, nothing I could afford regularly.

Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried it since the re-opening.

Korean food any in Fairfield or Westchester County?

If you're willing to make the trek into Queens, by all means, go to San Soo Kap San, 38-13 Union Street, Flushing, NY 11354. They're open 24 hours--for the hungry cabbies I suspect--but the place is always hopping! Order the bulgooki and spiced pork for the charcoal barbecue (I like the taste of charcoal barbecue more than gas, and prefer the pork to the bulgooki, but to have both is to be very very happy) - you assemble the cooked meat in crisp lettuce wraps along with generous slices of garlic and chilies and pickled daikon; also to order: some bi bim bap, some cold cellophane noodles; and my personal favorite--you have to try it--rice cake soup. There's not a whole lot to the soup, but the soft but firm texture of the rice cakes is heaven. I've just made myself hungry.
Warning: Before ANY of your food shows up, your table will be littered with small dishes of whatever's fresh: I've had kimchee, a whole grilled fish one time, plenty of pickled vegetables, an amazing cold squid in barbecue sauce... Trust me, just eat whatever's served - it'll be good.
Love the hearty barley tea that is served with dinner. Reminds me of genmaicha, but heartier and nuttier.
Finally, another advisement: bring at least 4 big eaters-preferable 5- in order to make it through all the freebies and still have enough room over to sample all the stuff I mentioned.
If driving/parking weren't such a hassle, I'd be there every other night.
I'm envious of those who get to experience this place for the first time. My first visit was heaven. If anyone tries it out, let me know what you think!

Top Chef Season 3

I just love love love love LOVE Tony Bourdain.

About Clay's dish (paraphrasing):
"Well, it's got kind of a home-cooked thing going on... it's just not a home I would want to live in."

And Howie was brilliant to quote his book. You could see Bourdain soften immediately.

Gelato in Westchester?

Actually, the place on Mamaroneck (Classico) imports the gelato from Milan, they don't make it there. It's very good though. I liked hazelnut biscotti.

the north end in N. White Plains

Anybody have a number or Web site for this place?


Dinners in Westchester with live Belly Dancing?

I know Jackson and Wheeler used to do this. Does anyone know of any other restaurants (preferably good, authentic Turkish/ Moroccan cuisine) that has live belly-dancing coming up? I was hoping to take friends to one sometime this month.

If so, what's good to order?


St. Patrick's Day in Bergen County or Westchester

Dooley Macs closed. But ironically, it will become Rory Dolan's White Plains.

Any Vietnamese In Westchester County/So. Conn?

I believe Asia Temptation (which is Asian Fusian) is set to open within the next week or so in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave. I took a peek inside and it looks nice. I'm definitely interested in seeing the menu.

A Burger in White Plains

Call first if you're going to James Joyce. I walked by there about two or three days ago and noticed that they were closed for renovations. They're probably open, not wanting to miss the weekend crowd, but it's still worth calling.
As for if you can get away with it. Yes, it's very nice inside if you go earlier in the day when it's not to crowded. Reminds me of an old church.

Pies, Pastries, and Sweets in Westchester!?!?

Speaking of almond croissants, add Magnificent Edibles on Mamaroneck White Plains. Best almond croissants I've ever had.

Westchester restaurants


Great suggestions, but Dawat and Cappadocia (the Turkish restaurant on Mamaroneck) have both been closed for some time.

I'm not sure what took the place of Cappadocia, but Kisco Kosher Deli is now where Dawat used to be.

For some "gourmet" Mexican, Sunset Grill in White Plains is fantastic. Good burgers at Porter House. Excellent low-priced Indian takeout & streetfood is Ambadi, right across the street from Bengal Tiger in White Plains. And I third Latin American Cafe for Cuban. Their Cuban sandwhiches and pork burritos are amazing. The papaya batidos are good too.

Hard to beat this burger - Blazer Pub

Hi Dolores,

Porter House and Tayste are both on Mamaroneck Avenue. Porter House is relatively new (about a month old) and Tayste is the renovated Diggity Dogs.

Hard to beat this burger - Blazer Pub

I think I'm the only person who doesn't really get "Blazers." I went there a couple of years ago and found the burger too thick and on the well done side.
I much prefer the Red Rooster, and in White Plains, the new Porter House. Also in White Plains, Tayste has great lil "slider-style" burgers.

best bread pudding in westchester (pleasantville area)

I happen to love the bread pudding at Jimmy Lee's in White Plains. Light and fluffy, reminds me a little bit of French Toast.

great fish & chips - Lower Westchester???

Actually, Porter House is a beer and burger joint, mostly. The name "Porter" comes from a type of beer, not the steak. The owner said many people have been confused by that already and are coming in demanding steak. The good news is their burgers are flippin fantastic.

I also wrote about Porter House, below:

great fish & chips - Lower Westchester???

I wrote about James Joyce's fish n chips for a St. Patrick's day roundup I did. That and their hot manager. :)

Papa Razzi Trattoria in White Plains

Fun place. Not outstanding, but definitely a good place for a rehearsal dinner.

I wrote a little bit about Papa Razzi in a column I wrote. It's a little more chatty and not too heavy on the food, but you get the idea:

Hell's Kitchen: Getting Hot!

Best night EVER:

Ramsey (to Keith): I personally don't think you're ready to run a

Keith: I personally think you have a thing for

Ramsey: Why do you have to be so rude?

Keith: You're rude to me all the time.

Ramsey: So?

This made me laugh out loud. Chef Ramsey grew on me, as did all the contestants. Looking forward to the finale.

New Paltz?? Looking for recommendations.

Boy, do I have the place for you. I always stop here for dinner if I go hiking at Mohonk or in the Gunks.
I'm unsure of the address, but the name of the restaurant is Bacchus. It's got one of the widest varieties of international beer (if you're into that).
The food (American, along with some Mexican specialties) is always fresh. We've never been disappointed with an entree. We get basic food. Make sure to ask for the "After hours" menu because some of their best food is on there: Their margerita pizza is made with the freshest ingredients: vine tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and mozzarella - amazing. My boyfriend always gets the tacos (chicken and beef - he loves them), and we've gone with guests who have tried barbecue quesadillas (very good). We've tried a variety of appetizers too. One of out favorites is fresh pita bread with a crab, artichoke, spinach dip. They have some fancier fish dishes which I'm sure are amazing, but we haven't had a chance to try them yet. We have never been disappointed.

The setting is basic but very comfortable (loud, but not too loud). There is an upstairs that's dark and more private.