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Drinks and good grub near the Omni Berkshire (21 East 52nd Street) in March

I'm hoping to arrive for 9 oclock and head out for 10-10:15.

Also, as for the previous responses, we do not mind a 10 minute walk ;)

Thanks again ladies and gents

Feb 27, 2012
mpjunior in Manhattan

Drinks and good grub near the Omni Berkshire (21 East 52nd Street) in March

Hey guys,

Im a Montreal foodie staying at the Omni March 16th-18th and I'm looking for somewhere to drop by and grab a few drinks and good grub when I get in on the Friday night.

Looking to spend about 20$ each for food (whether it be like 2 apps or a main). As per type of food, I'm good with literally anything. All I want is a good vibe.

Thanks in advance . Cheers ;)

Feb 21, 2012
mpjunior in Manhattan

Cool Local Weekend Eating & Drinking for First Time Visitors?

La Paryse and right next door you have Distillirie...great cocktails served in mason jars...very cool spot...but again...also gets pretty packed.

Suggestions near the Hyatt Summerfield Suites Boson/Waltham-Montreal hound

I really appreciate the responses. I'm in the process of checking the other threads too concerning this area. Thanks again.

Pinch: At this point, I was just taking suggestions from those of you who know the area best. Because we're a group (12-16), it is going to be hard to tend to everyones palates, so thats why I just wanted a few names so I can run them by some of the others and see what they think.

On Diner's Drive ins and Dives they featured a place called Rino's. Its about 20-25 miles out I believe. Is it worth the drive for a Saturday dinner?

Feb 26, 2011
mpjunior in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions near the Hyatt Summerfield Suites Boson/Waltham-Montreal hound

Hey guys,

I'm a hound from MOntreal. Ill be staying at the Hyatt Waltham in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for a few suggestions near by (in a 10-15 km radius)

Its my first time in Boston and ill be with a group so im looking for a few cheap but "honest to God great" places to grab possibly lunch or a cheap dinner.

I'm also looking for a few mid range (price wise) recs as well, for like a sat. night dinner (mains 15-30$ excl. alcohol)

Thank you in advance.

Feb 25, 2011
mpjunior in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant help - this weekend

Les Trois Petits Bouchons
- I swear by the place. Been twice, was even better the second time around. Grilled Octopus, Seared Duck Breast...everything is uber fresh, perfectly cooked and exceptionally tasty.

Was just at Grade Manger Tuesday, and if I'd have to choose between the two, 3 Petits would be my choice.

Pintxo- Tapas..very good. I found it much better than Tapeo (Flavour wise).

Those would be my two suggestions.

Whats good North of Montreal

There's a good Portuguese chicken place in Ste Rose Laval (right across the brdge on Cure Labelle from Rosemere) called Brazas... Their chicken and fries are delicious

Gelato (seasonal): Delices Glacees in Rosemere...on Grande Cote... really good stuff.

Hopefully this topic gets a lot of responses because Ill be living on the North Shore come August

Delices Glacees
421 Cote Grande, Rosemere, QC J7A1L2, CA