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Fine dining recommendation for northeast Vermont or norther New Hampshire

Thanks for your advice! Another person in our party needs handicap access. But your recommendation is a great one for my wife and I.

Fine dining recommendation for northeast Vermont or norther New Hampshire

We settled on Ariana's in Orford, NH.

Fine dining recommendation for northeast Vermont or norther New Hampshire

I've got a special occasion to celebrate soon. I am interested in finding a fine dining restaurant with an hour of St. Johnsbury. The restaurant needs to be fully handicap accessible, which ruled out Hen or the Wood, sadly.

Any tips?

Puritan Back Room: Manchester, NH Chicken Tenders

Talk about coincidence - I read your response as I was dining at the Wayside. I have had business in that area lately. I like to avoid the hassle of going to downtown Barre or Montpelier. This was the third or fourth time I have tried the Wayside recently, and it will be the last. The food is entirely mediocre. It's cheap, which I am sure people like, but there is nothing memorable about it. The problem for me is that I don't know of any other place along that stretch of road that is decent. It seems to be a culinary wasteland. I'm not looking for anything fancy - just a quick and decent lunch.

Puritan Back Room: Manchester, NH Chicken Tenders

I agree. As a resident of northern New England, I have noticed a trend to favor traditional restaurants for their historical significance, not necessarily their food. This is fine, as long as you understand the component tradition plays in recommendations. All too often I have seen a restaurant that does something much better, but it does not get word of mouth because it was not the original. The key is to remember the source of any recommendation. If it is from someone who grew up in the area, nostalgia is likely to be a key component.

Parker PIe Co. West Glover VT

Parker Pie is a not-so-hidden anymore gem. It is a fantastic example of how quality food is possible in a rural area. The only problem is that it is often too busy, despite it's location. That makes me reluctant to go, since there are no other options in the area.

cupcakes in southern NH?

Agreed that this is a fad.

Crush Pizzeria, Nashua?

I've spent plenty of time in Italy, and Crush does not come close to just about every pizza I have had in Italy. You say that Crush is the real deal, yet you rave about their white truffle oil and arugula. I'll let you in on a little secret - the Italians aren't eating those types of pizza. Maybe somewhere in Italy they are, but an Italian restaurant with this level of service and decor would be serving great pizza to the masses. Crush needs to keep that in mind.

I've also eaten more prosciutto than I care to admit. The prosciutto that I had on my pizza at Crush was not high quality - or at least it did not taste close to high quality.

I'm rooting for this place, but they are never going to make it if they cater to career chefs only. If by Nashua "entering into the culinary world" you mean eating pizzas that even 99% of the Italians don't eat, then count me out.

Secondly, it is a mistake to forget your audience. Are you going to criticize people here because they don't like fish heads when going out to eat Chinese food? Whether you like it or not, we have regional preferences. A restaurant that ignores this is doomed to fail.

Suggestions for Lyndonville, VT area between X-mas & New Years?

I'm not sure what the hype is about Kham's. It is good for sure, but I couldn't imagine driving from Burlington to go there. Thai seems to be very subjective.

Suggestions for Lyndonville, VT area between X-mas & New Years?

Agreed on the breakfast recommendation at the Miss Lyndonville Diner.

I prefer Willy's over the Tamarack Grill. Both are in East Burke.

Cafe Sweet Basil serves Mexican food. Reviews are mixed, and it's quite casual decor. When I've stuck to the Mexican entrees I have been pleased. Other times have been very hit or miss - with mostly misses.

For casual, Hoagies pizza is a fantastic choice. Their menu has more than pizza, and it's all quite good at reasonable prices.

Timbuktu's has become more pub-like. It's still got some quirky things on the menu, though. If you are looking for casual turned up one notch, I would recommend this place.

The Chinese restaurant in town gets good reviews. Not the buffet place - avoid that at all costs. I am referring to the one right at the main intersection in the downtown area.

If you can get a table (which is a big if), the Trout River Brewing Company has pizza on Friday and Saturday nights. I've heard good things about their pizza, but I've never felt like waiting for a table myself.

I've never been to the Pizza Man, but that's because I like Hoagies a lot.

The Freighthouse is good for coffee or ice cream. I would steer clear most other things there.

The Valley View is a throwback to a casual 1980's restaurant. Very fair prices, but think Friendly's or one step above.

Elements in St. Johnsbury scheduled to close

I have mostly had lunch at Dylan's. It's always been good, although the service can be slow. The couple of times I have had dinner have been very good. The real problem with Dylan's is that the space itself is not nearly as nice as Elements. It's not terrible, just not as nice. On the positive side, it's very close to the two movie theaters in town. No need to get into the car after dinner.

Elements in St. Johnsbury scheduled to close

The newspaper today ran an article stating that Elements restaurant in St. Johnsbury, Vermont is scheduled to close on January 1, 2012 unless a purchaser can be found. It has been listed for sale for a very long time, so I'm not holding my breath.

I can't say that I am surprised. While the restaurant has gotten good reviews on this forum, it is my opinion that the locals have believed for quite some time that the food is very inconsistent. I was hoping that the new chef would turn things around, but alas when my wife and I just ate there we had one hit and one miss.

Nonetheless, this is sad. It's a gorgeous facility, it's a nice restaurant in a town not known for its selection of nice restaurants, and the owners are all wonderful people.

Crush Pizzeria, Nashua?

We tried takeout for a family with two boys (grade school age). We were able to get by on two pizzas, but the price was shockingly high. Normal takeout pizza runs $15-$20. I paid about $35, which is nearly double. There was no way that we could get by with just one pizza, although we can at more traditional places. The pizza was horribly soggy by the time we ate it. I was not at all a fan of the prosciutto.

The restaurant has a casual feel with the price of an authentic Italian Bistro.

My frustration with this place is that everything is a compromise. The pizza has potential, but is soggy and unjustifiably expensive. The restaurant has nice decor elements, but feels like a budget place in disguise. At their price point, compromise is not acceptable.

Pho recommendations requested for Waikiki area

Looks great. Thanks!

Feb 10, 2011
kilarneyvt in Hawaii

Pho recommendations requested for Waikiki area

I live two hours away from the nearest Pho restaurant, so I like to take advantage of any opportunity when I travel.

I will be staying at the Ilikai Resort. I don't mind walking within 20 minutes or so. Since I will have my younger children with me, I'd rather not walk any farther.

Can anyone recommend a good Pho restaurant within this range? I'm disappointed to see that Pho My Lien has closed. That would have been ideal.

I really like a good broth (slow simmered tasting).


Pho My Lien
1831 Ala Moana Blvd Fl 2, Honolulu, HI 96815

Feb 10, 2011
kilarneyvt in Hawaii