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prime rib

I actually got a good one from Costco at Christmas time. I assume they have that sort of thing all year round though. It was good and pretty reasonably priced.

Mar 25, 2011
ssbenn11 in Atlanta

Food Trucks/Carts in Atlanta?

I actually saw this post for another city and thought I would pose the same question!

I've lived in Atlanta for some time now and I'm wondering where are all the food trucks? You often get the best food from these guys! I am aware of a couple:

- The King of Pops - outside Buddy's in Little 5 most weekends - popsicles only (while extremely delicious!)
- The Hot Dog guy outside of Moondogs in Buckhead - again, hot dogs are awesome (I like the one with everything including Goldfish!) but I only get it in Buckhead on wild party nights (and it's been awhile...)
- The cupcake lady that's usually around events and festivals, I saw her last at the Sweet Auburn curb market

Does anyone know of any others? Maybe some that are open more often or during daytime hours?

3179 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Mar 17, 2011
ssbenn11 in Atlanta

Vote Now for the CHOW Recipe Challenge, Best Chicken Breast Dish!

One pot chicken and vegetables gets my vote for being more of a classic, easy dish

Mar 17, 2011
ssbenn11 in Features

Valentines Day is Coming...where are you eating?

We too are going to Canoe! I love that place! We did go to Rathbun's last year and it was awesome. As far as trying something new it would totally be worth it. Also, I am passing along my secret weapon for celebrating Sunday (as that is what we are doing as well): Maud Baker Flowers is doing free delivery on Sunday AND a free box of chocolates AND an extra 6 roses free. I guess they are getting killed for deliveries on Monday.

Rathbun's Restaurant
112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Feb 10, 2011
ssbenn11 in Atlanta