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best pizza by the slice

Interesting about Avellino using too much salt. When they first opened, a major complaint was not enough salt.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014

I picked up a pint of the McConnell's Turkish coffee ice cream from Tower Market last week. While I loved the depth and intensity of the coffee flavor, the texture seemed icy to me. Could this be due to poor temperature control during shipping or storage?

Kids and Allergies - long and a bit of a rant.

I have always had some severe food allergies. I was, at one time, a child. I am now in my 50's.

I found out that I was allergic to fish and shellfish when I ate these things and my throat closed up. I was maybe 5...I have been extremely careful, but go out to eat frequently. I only avoid restaurants that are seafood heavy, though I got sick in a Brazilian restaurant (probably the spoon that stirred my Feijoada had touched some seafood). I travel, and when I visited China in the mid 80's I carried flash cards to communicate my food allergies. I had no problems.

I carry an Epipen, as well as Benadryl and live my life.

Barrelhead Brewery on Fulton? [San Francisco]

Mrs. Wineguy and I stopped in for lunch. We enjoyed our burgers as well as our fries and we enjoyed our beers. She had a Double IPA, I had a Prickly Pear Wet Hop IPA.

Looking forward to experimenting with the concept of the "Manhattan Project"!

Doomed location, or not, I think it will do well. It is a good formula for the neighborhood and USF.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014

Mitchell's Peanut Butter Indulgence: Dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls and chocolate covered peanut butter cups! We had this at Shaw's on West Portal recently.

Texas Roussanne Tasted Blind Against California and France - Comes Out Top

To quote Yogi Berra: "It's like deja-vu, all over again."

Jun 07, 2014
wineguy7 in Wine

Mini taco crawl on Middlefield [Redwood City]

On this warm and sunny Saturday, Mrs. wineguy and I decided to take a drive down to Redwood City and try a few taquerias we hadn’t been to before. Usually we go to La Casita Chilanga #2 on El Camino or sit in the taqueria inside the Chavez Supermarket on Fifth Avenue. This time we decided to live dangerously and change it up a bit. : )

Our first stop was at Taqueria MexCal, 3215 Middlefield Road. A sunny spot with friendly staff. Tacos were $1.25 each and includes a small bowl of non-house-made chips and a ramekin of an addictive red salsa. We had very fresh, rich and flavorful lengua tacos as well as some carnitas tacos that had a nice array of soft and crispy bits. The food was not greasy at all. The salsa verde on the tacos was bright and snappy. Nice tortillas. We would definitely return.

Our second stop was at Rincon Tarasco, 3200 Middlefield Road. It was quiet, dark and a little somber. Tacos were $1.25 each. We had al pastor and cabeza tacos. The pastor was greasy and not very flavorful. The cabeza was rich and beefy, but greasy. Their tortillas were softened in oil: so added to the greasiness. Their salsa verde was fine. We thought it just OK, and probably wouldn’t return.

Our third and final stop was at El Paisano Carniceria y Mercado, 2856 Middlefield Road. Order in the front of the supermarket and eat in the back by the butcher shop. The tacos, $1.50 each (large are available as well at $3 each), we had were al pastor, birria and barbacoa. All were well-prepared, with rich and unctuous meats. A red as well as a green salsa were offered and both were fine. But the stand out here were the tortillas made to order. We would probably return.

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

Southern Pacific Brewing
620 Treat Ave, San Francisco, CA ‎
(415) 341-0152 ‎ ·

Shiksa Makes Great Latkes But Trashes Pans!

For Latkes, Mrs. Wineguy (AKA "my little shiksa") has been using the Look Fry Pan I bought perhaps 10-15 years ago. They are non-stick inside and out.

I bought it at Fredericksen Hardware on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Here's a link to Look's website:

Her latkes come out great and cleanup is very easy.

Dec 06, 2013
wineguy7 in Home Cooking

Heartbaker [San Francisco]

brother, FYI...

Heartbaker [San Francisco]

I need to get back there. I've been craving that cheesecake!

Pairing wine with chocolate.

Sometimes I will have Banyuls with chocolate.

I've also liked Barolo Chinato with high proportion cacao chocolates.

For lighter chocolates, I've paired Brachetto successfully.

I've not had this, but I understand some wines from Maury pair well with chocolate, too.

Sep 30, 2013
wineguy7 in Wine

Heartbaker [San Francisco]

Mrs. Wineguy and I finally dropped in to Heartbaker after a chile-laden lunch at Spices II.
We shared a nutella bombolono as well as a chocolate caramel brownie and a slice of vanilla cheesecake.
The bombolono was great and tasted very fresh. Although nothing will beat the time we had some delivered last year--before this shop had opened--and they were still warm!
The brownie was oval shaped with a crisp exterior. Very sweet and deeply flavored.
The cheesecake was perhaps the best I've had in San Francisco. It had a chocolate cookie crust and the filling had just the right balance of sweet and tang. I also liked the weight of the filling: more substantial than Zanze's.
Their coffee is single cup drip and I would have liked it stronger.
They have bottled as well as draught beer and wine as well as non-dessert food. We didn't check out the offerings as we were suffering from a chile-induced and then a sugar-induced stupor!
1408 Clement St.
Closed Mondays

Trader Joe's Wine Recs?

Yeah, I've had that before. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock at the Stonestown location when I was there.

Sep 26, 2013
wineguy7 in Wine

ISO a great omelet in San Francisco

All of the threads I've seen on this topic are kinda old. Any suggestions for a great breakfast omelet within the city limits of San Francisco?

Trader Joe's Wine Recs?

I recently got the following at TJ's and liked them:

Sep 21, 2013
wineguy7 in Wine

Dumpling Kitchen [San Francisco]

Mrs. Wineguy and I have been going here regularly every 10-14 days for lunch and once in a while for dinner. We always seem to have to order Pan Fried Pork Buns, Wontons in Chili Oil, and/or Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings. Some optional items we like and regularly order are Stir Fried Rice Cakes, Shanghai Chow Mein, Soft Tofu with preserved vegetables, Pea Shoots, String Beans, Twice cooked pork belly with leeks and the dried tofu with peppers dish (I don't know what it is really called but it is at the bottom of the vegetables portion of the menu). Last night we ordered the small version of the braised pork butt. It was a big, bone-in portion of shoulder and delicious and will easily feed six people and will make great leftovers to go with football this weekend. The soy based braise sauce was quite salty and it was nice to have the spinach that comes on the platter. The pork melted on the tongue and we will definitely order it again. I can only imagine what the larger version entails.

New Chinese.. "House of Pancake" 937 Taraval bet 19th and 20th [San Francisco]

There's an article in today's SF Chronicle:

Substitute for fish sauce

I can consume kelp and seaweed. Good idea. Thanks!

Sep 03, 2013
wineguy7 in Home Cooking

CHOW Reviews: OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set

I have the 2-cup and the 4-cup OXO. The thing I like best about them is the pouring spout. I never have liquids dribble down the side of the measuring cup like I’ve had with the Pyrex. Also, I think they’re fine for measuring grains or water. But I’ve had problems with the OXO. My 2-cup developed a crack in the bottom and I replaced it. Now the newer 2-cup has also developed a crack. Also, some of the markings are wearing off. Additionally, I have gone back to using the Pyrex 2-cup for thick liquids, like buttermilk. It is difficult to get all of a thick liquid out of the OXO using a rubber or silicone spatula because the cup is not round and has the angled surface inside that seems to complicate the matter. With the Pyrex, it’s all one surface inside, so no problem getting the buttermilk into the work bowl.

Aug 30, 2013
wineguy7 in Cookware

ISO Burgers, Fries and Shakes in SF

I'd like to revive this thread. Are there any new places that would fill this request?
BTW, Mrs. Wineguy and I have been very happy going to Pearls. Good beef, good bun, good fries (regular fries ordered crispy) and good shakes (I'm partial to coffee shakes, Mrs. Wineguy likes chocolate banana). We didn't love the sweet potato fries, though.

Italian Winemaker garners outrage with racist facebook comment

It seems Fulvio Bressan is having a mental breakdown. He really should seek some professional help. Also, "Wine Maverick"? Please, give me a break!

Aug 24, 2013
wineguy7 in Wine

Looking for good St Honore cake

We used to get them at Galli's Sanitary Bakery on Grand Avenue in South SF.

Substitute for fish sauce

I'd like to make the Brussels Sprouts Kimchi recipe in the September 2013 issue of Bon Appetit. It calls for fish sauce. I am allergic to fish and shellfish. What would be a reasonable substitute?

Aug 24, 2013
wineguy7 in Home Cooking

Ice Cream, What Flavors are Your Favorite and Worst?

I haven't had the butter pecan. I only get rum raisin there.

Aug 24, 2013
wineguy7 in General Topics

Ice Cream, What Flavors are Your Favorite and Worst?

Yes, it is in San Francisco on Noriega Street. They have a following for the Durian and keep it in the back in a separate location so as to not contaminate the other ice cream flavors with its' scent.
To me it is reminiscent of rotting onions.

Aug 23, 2013
wineguy7 in General Topics

Ice Cream, What Flavors are Your Favorite and Worst?

Favorites are Swensen's Swiss Orange Chip and Marianne's Black Walnut.
Worst is Polly Ann's Durian.

Aug 21, 2013
wineguy7 in General Topics

Best Cantonese style Egg Foo Young?

Not in Chinatown, but I used to get it at Nulite Kitchen.

Burning from peppers


Aug 13, 2013
wineguy7 in Not About Food

Burning from peppers

At a cooking class I took in Oaxaca, they used a cut tomato to quell the burning when one of the students rubbed her eye after touching hot peppers.

Aug 10, 2013
wineguy7 in Not About Food