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a good bakery / dessert shop?

thanks everyone.. yeah larocca is superr sweeet... esp the one we bought.. :s the one with all the marshmellows haha

Feb 10, 2011
d2star in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

a good bakery / dessert shop?

Hi everyone,

i'm hoping for some good suggestions?
recently my friend told me about this place.. L/Lamonna ? I think it was called.
we drove for a long while to go there only to be disappointed that their cakes were just larocca's pushed off larocca trays onto their own silver trays ..
I was still content because larocca cakes are pretty darn good but he thought they were freshly made!
So i was just wondering if there's any bakeries around the Scarborough Area ( I live near STC) which offers cute desserts/cakes, So I can bring my friend...

ps: We've heard of Francesca's already!

We might go try the Pustari's (sp?) at Bayview Village...has anyone heard of that too??


Feb 09, 2011
d2star in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Korean takeout walking distance from Spadina and Dundas?

do you know where pho hung is on spadina?
well walk to that corner then turn in beside the pho place there's a korean place there :0

Feb 09, 2011
d2star in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Owl of Minerva Korean restaurant

it's alright..
just a question. is their jap chae supposed to have beef? It said so on the menu but I ordered and there wasn't any?? its pretty expensive too.. like 10$+ wtf,,,,

Feb 09, 2011
d2star in Ontario (inc. Toronto)