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Detroit and flint

two days in the detroit area and had 4 great meals. pics and full report available here:

LOVED my lunch here! They have a few lunch specials and I took advantage. The Ploughman Lunch – pick 1 small plate and 1 sandwich – served in 20 minutes and the cost is $20. I chose the Cheese Board as my starter – burrata and pimento cheese with toast points. I ran out of toast and rather than asking for more, I just ate the rest with a fork – delicious! Then I ordered the Duck Pastrami Dip, served medium rare with horseradish mayo, duck jus, horseradish cheddar and caramelized onion on a hoagie roll with housemade seasoned chips. Loved it!

Bistro 82
This was my first time in Royal Oak. I had my heart set on the scallops before I walked in but based on the bartender’s recommendation I went with the Sweetbread Tortellini. Perfect meal to end my day!

Cafe Thai
I have been coming to this tiny restaurant in Southfield for years. It is my must stop restaurant in this area, whether I get to have just a few bites after a client dinner or if I get to eat an entire meal for lunch. There is something very unique about their Pad Thai – served with a lemon. My absolute favorite place for this dish. Too bad I have to travel so far to enjoy it!

The Laundry
big thank you to “coneywitheverything” - I stopped by The Laundry on the way to the airport, sat outside in the beautiful weather(20 plus degrees cooler than Texas) and enjoyed a meal before my flight. There were so many good choices but I settled on a very simple dish that can be super fantastic depending on how it is made – Chilaquiles. They served their dish in a cast iron skillet, covered in cheese and my perfectly cooked fried egg. On the inside was smoked pork, cilantro-lime crema, housemade salsa, black beans, tortillas and more cheese. As I paid I noticed a small bakeshop in the back and bought an oatmeal cookie on the way out for my flight(s) home.

Aug 24, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach- 1 week vacation

Delray Beach was much better. Trip report here with pictures:

Loved Dada for a great meal, Tramonti was perfect for Italian, liked El Camino, green owl was great for breakfast!

Day trip to League City

Thanks for all of the great recommendations. Trip report link below with photos.

I ended up going to Nobi house and trying the vermicelli with pork, egg and an egg roll(thanks TLEGRAY) and then Happy Hour at Perry's(traffic was heavy so I skipped the market) and enjoyed a light dinner and dessert.

Detroit and flint

Open to everything but Indian.

Jul 30, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

Detroit and flint

Bacco on northwestern highway, Italian? Been there too. And cafe Thai next to subway.

Jul 30, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

Detroit and flint

Flying to Detroit next week. Looking for a spot for lunch downtown or on the way to downtown from the airport. Then staying in Southfield and need dinner, breakfast and lunch. Then driving to Flint for a late flight so dinner on the way.

Thought of stopping at Bistro 82 for dinner first night. Any other suggestions for great places. Been to roast, Bucharest grill, toasted oak grill and Joe muer during past trips.

Jul 30, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

One night trip to chicago

headed to chicago next week, staying near wacker and state, anything new and exciting to try. no budget restrictions or food restrictions.

have been to a bunch of spots in west loop, gage, purple pig, RPM, Naha, Roka, GT, Mercat.

Looking for two lunch suggestions and one dinner(or great food happy hour). Open to fixed price lunches

Jul 22, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach- 1 week vacation

Here is my trip report link with pictures. more info below for Fort Lauderdale - Delray will be posted soon.

We ate at Indigo on Las Olas - not bad but not anything special. We ate breakfast at Beauty and the Feast and although i was super excited to try their chicken and waffles, i was disappointed. the pancakes and french toast were much better. And for lunch, we found a hole in the wall that was just that...southport raw bar. the soup was good, the tacos not so much.

i should have done my homework before i got town.

Day trip to League City

Flying into Hobby for a day trip down to League City. Any recommendations for lunch and an early dinner? No national chains please.

Jul 15, 2015
salesgirl19 in Houston

Overnight in Des Moines

I am headed to Des Moines and need a lunch and dinner recommendation. needs to be walking distance or quick cab ride from downtown hotels, no national chains, group of 4 from various parts of the country. what do you suggest?

Jul 12, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Plains

Chicago(Schaumburg) one night- need recommendations

Thanks for the list of recommendations....My plan was to hit three of them but due to some hotel issues, only got to two. Both great. Trip report and pics here:

Ciao Baby
I ended up in Barrington for lunch. Since I had no idea where to eat I pulled up yelp and opentable. Italian, good reviews- done. But I didn’t want to have a heavy lunch since I was going to try to rebook my originally planned lunch(Grillhouse) for dinner. So I deviated from my want of pasta and figured since I’m in Chicago area and I was wanting to try the cheesy beef egg rolls at Chef Vince’s Zeal, I’ll order a “mini me” – a small version of the restaurants italian beef sandwich with a side of sweet peppers and a salad. No au jus but the meat was moist and flavorful. The house dressing was just ok but overall, good meal with a server that was friendly and quick. The dinner specials looked interesting too so if ever in Barrington again at night, I would go back to check it out. After all, I do love a family owned italian restaurant.

Grillhouse by David Burke
I made it. Finally. I walked in at 8:15pm with a last minute reservation courtesy of opentable(love my points), and had a wonderful dinner. I started with the Caesar salad since the chili oil drizzle caught my attention and then I pulled a MD ordering technique…you choose for me(MD is a close girlfriend who is going through a phase where she lets the chef or server chose the entrée for her so she can be [pleasantly] surprised). What did they bring me? Even though David Burke is known for his steaks I requested no meat so they chose the Roasted Branzino for my entrée with tomato and zucchini chips. My server was fantastic and asked a bunch of questions before she put in my (or I should say her) order. Thank you to the two chowhounds that made this recommendation!

Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe
I woke up at 5:30 am this morning, not sure why. My meeting wasn’t till later in the morning but I could not sleep. So I showered and found a breakfast spot. And I decided to treat myself to a big plate of pancakes, the healthy part being the fresh blueberries, strawberries and blackberries on top. Delicious.

Mon Ami Gabi
I think I was at this restaurant in Vegas but it has been too many years for me to remember. But I had a craving for mussels and something rich on this rainy day. So I made sure that happened. I ordered two appetizers – the scallops gratinées with a fennel, onion and mushroom cream and the mussels marinière with a wonderful sauce that I almost finished with the warm bread they served before the meal. I headed to O’Hare happy knowing I would probably be sitting delayed for a few hours.

Jun 26, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

San Antonio- few nights in June

Had a great time dining in San Antonio.....

Trip report with photos:

The two top spots on my list were Cured and Bliss and chowhounds agreed with my choices. I also found a spot near my hotel for breakfast and recommend it for those staying near the convention center.

I have been to the Pearl during prior visits to San Antonio but it has been a while. It’s a great area with a bunch of restaurants and shops about a 5 minute cab ride from the convention center area. I knew I wanted to try Cured. I see friends post on Facebook, I see reviews on various food websites, and the menu looked great. We started with pork cheeks poutine(AWESOME! – nothing better than fries, gravy, cheese and swine), then the charcuterie board with mortadella, pork belly and pickled vegetables, the beet salad and the white asparagus salad, the wagyu beef tartare and then finished with the beer can mussels. It was a laid back atmosphere, we had great service and for those that live there, they have a brunch menu that is extremely tempting.

I started with japanese hamachi sashimi tostadas, then the George’s Bank sea scallops over pepperjack-white cheddar Anson Mills grits for my entrée. It was fantastic. Others tried the duck and the tenderloin and said they were fabulous too. Of course we had dessert- my choice being the pot de creme and a decaf cappuccino.

I need breakfast when I am on the road. I asked the server what they are known for and of course she said the potato pancakes and homemade applesauce. So I ordered coffee, eggs, bacon and the potato pancakes…..if you are staying near the convention center and want a non-hotel breakfast, stop by!

Jun 26, 2015
salesgirl19 in Texas

Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach- 1 week vacation

Headed to Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach for a week. Looking for recommendations near the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale and in Delray Beach.

No national chains, no indian, both kid friendly and adult only appropriate, breakfast and lunch up to $25/person, dinner up to $40/person, not big drinkers, will have car but happy to walk or cab/shuttle.

Thanks in advance.

San Antonio- few nights in June

Staying on the Riverwalk for a conference mid june. Need some dinner recommendations (will have car), nothing touristy, no national chllah chains. Looking at Bliss and Cured. Any others?

Also need lunch walking distance from marriott for lunch....really good food, not touristy. Any suggestions?

Jun 04, 2015
salesgirl19 in Texas

Chicago(Schaumburg) one night- need recommendations

Staying in Schaumburg for business trip. Need lunch recommendation on way from ORD to Barrington(or in Barrington), dinner in Schaumburg or nearby and then lunch in/near Oak Brook.

No nations chains, no Indian, budget wide open.

Jun 04, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Lunch in OKC

I figured I would post my trip report for others.

Pictures included in this link

The Mule
The Mule was on a must try list and I am lucky I got there early because the place was packed by 12pm.

My server told me the Macaroni Pony was their best seller, a sandwich made with Jalapeño Cornbread, Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork, 3 Cheese Mac and Cheese and a Pickle. I also chose a side of Watonga Cheese Curds, battered and Fried with a side of marinara and ranch. Healthy? No. Delicious? Oh YEAH! I think I could eat that sandwich once a week and if I could have had a beer with it, it would have been even better! Next time you are in town, stop by the Plaza District and grab a sandwich at The Mule!

Pie Junkie
Since I was in the Plaza District and had consumed such a filling lunch, I decided why not stop in for a piece of pie at the Pie Junkie. I wanted something a bit sweet but unfortunately I did not take the advice from the lady in the shop. I was deciding between three, the Bird Dog Buttermilk, the Raspberry Buttermilk and the Apple Crumble. I chose the Bird Dog Buttermilk, a traditional buttermilk pie with Bird Dog blackberry whisk and a flaky crust. She warned me it would be sweet and with my first bite I thought I was eating liquid sugar. Had it not been way too sweet for me, I think I would have enjoyed it. Next time I will take her advice and try the raspberry(the tart balances the sweet) or go with the safe bet, the Apple Crumble.

May 03, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Plains

Lunch in OKC

Headed to Oklahoma City for a quick meeting and need a spot for lunch. Business is downtown, dining solo, will have a car. Open to all foods except Indian and no restriction on budget. No national chains please.

Apr 28, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Plains

Overnight in Chicago

Trip Report -

some of my plans hanged so i was able to stay in the river north area for the whole trip. plus it was chef week in chicago. see the below link for more details and pictures.

I booked a trip for work where I needed two lunch spots and a dinner….

Travelle at The Langham Hotel
I decided to order off the Chef Week menu and glad I did. I started with the white gazpacho soup with shrimp, grapes and almonds, then the halibut with spring peas and an artichoke chowder and finished my meal with a lime panna cotta, ginger chips and poached rhubarb. Three courses, $22 plus tip and tax. What a great place!

I sat at the bar, and decided to order three different items, although I will admit I had tried two of the three dishes during past visits. The difference- this time I didn’t have to share. I started with the homemade ricotta(awesome), then the meatballs(super delish) and then the pasta carbonara(keep reading). I admit that my favorite pasta carbonara dish is served at La Traviata in Austin, not much compares but the one at RPM was pretty good. They serve it in a similar fashion with an egg on top that gets mixed in by the server and maybe with a bit more pepper than I am used to but I almost cleaned my plate(with the two dishes before the pasta, I just couldn’t do it). If you want to go for dinner, make a reservation(and do it far in advance). I went on the early side and it was already packed. A second option – RPM Steak which I hear is fantastic as well!.

GT Fish & Oyster
I started with the oyster po’boy slider with kimchi and peanuts, then the lunch combo of clam chowder and the Tuna BLT with a fried pickle. I will return

Apr 26, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Overnight in Chicago

madison and lasalle...sorry.

Apr 14, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Overnight in Chicago

Looking for two lunch spots and one dinner. Lunch needs to be for 4 people(up to $30/head) near Madison and LaSalle, second lunch (solo)can be river north area, solo dinner anywhere(second lunch and dinner on per diem so up to $25/lunch and up to $50/dinner)...

no national chains, no indian, have been to RPM, Naha, Beatrix, the Gage, Roka Akor, Purple Pig, Girl & a Goat, Harry Caray's....

thanks in advance.

Apr 14, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Grand Rapids to Lansing

Here is my trip report with photos:

Below are the spots that I visited -

Euro Bistro
I googled and yelped my way to this restaurant. And I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to assume that the menu at dinner would have been more enjoyable due to the variety of entrées but I chose French Onion soup and a chicken breast sandwich and it was a good meal. If you must eat near the airport in Grand Rapids, this is a solid option.

Black Cat Bistro
The Black Cat Bistro is a great option, right down the street from the marriott in east lansing. Although I was disappointed they were out of mussels, I opted for the flat-iron steak with chimichurri sauce and hand cut fries. Pair that with a Dirty Blonde Ale from the Atwater Brewery in Michigan, and you have a great meal to enjoy while sitting at the bar.

The Soup Spoon Cafe
I was told this was a great spot for lunch by Yelpers and other locals that I asked during my visit. And I am happy to say they are RIGHT! This little cafe was busy with folks and I got to sit at the bar and watch a lot of food come out of the window(and it all looked great)!. Think sandwiches, pasta dishes and of course, the main reason I made my visit, the SOUPS!! They offer a soup flight, 4 cups soups with bread for $10. My order: seafood chowder, french onion, roasted tomato and fennel, beef and cabbage. The seafood chowder was my favorite, then the fennel beef and well, I enjoyed the other two quite a bit. Next time, I will do a cup of chowder and one of the fantastic looking sandwiches!

Mar 27, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

Lunch in Northbrook and lunch and Happy Hour downtown

Here is my trip report with photos:

Francesco’s Hole In The Wall
I was north of the city and figured I could find a great little Italian spot. I searched online and found something on Yelp and a few other sites on to place called “Hole in the Wall”. With that name, it had to be good. When I arrived, I was not 100% sold but the minute you walk in, you know it will be an enjoyable experience. I was told they didn’t have a menu – all was posted on the whiteboard shown below and if I wanted something I didn’t see, just ask. I really wanted the Veal and Eggplant Parmigiana but was convinced to go with the lobster ravioli with vodka sauce. The recommendation was good and the next time I am in town, I will return to try something new!

drumBAR at the Raffaello Hotel
You take the elevator to the top floor and find a mellow atmosphere, perfect for after a long day of travel. The bartender offered a special house cocktail but instead I requested a non-fruity Vodka with lime. Freshly squeezed and not sweet, it was perfect to end my day. We also shared a couple small plates – the hummus and the burrata. I was told the views from the terrace are wonderful but it was just too cold me for me to explore!

I have wanted to try Eataly for a while but every time I walk in, I get a bit overwhelmed and am unable to make any decisions. This time I knew I wanted pasta. Something hearty(Chicago was cold) yet simple. I headed upstairs after making my way past the gelato and pastries, ordered the lasagna and enjoyed my dinner with a good book on my Kindle. Simple, great flavors and the perfect amount of food. I will be back!

The Purple Pig
What did I have? Pig ears and grilled octopus. May not sound so appetizing to you but it was delicious. And at 11:30a, the place was already full. Let me elaborate. The pig’s ear, served with crispy kale, pickled cherry peppers & a fried egg on top. You cut into it, mix it up and it is FANTASTIC. The Octopus…not so out there and if you like calamari, try the octopus. It’s served with Green Beans, Fingerling Potatoes & Salsa Verde. Great flavors and the perfect size for sharing(too bad I had no lunch date that day!).

Mar 19, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Week Long Naples Trip

Here is my trip report with photos:

BITES at the Ritz Carlton Naples
It was a good thing I used my OpenTable app to make a bunch of reservations for our vacation, BITES being the first. I wanted to make sure that after a long day of travel, we could have a quick meal at the hotel that was very kid friendly. This spot did not disappoint. It was in the lobby of the hotel and we had a great server.

While my daughter ordered off of the kids menu, my husband and I shared a few different dishes. The menu is split between hot and cold and different types of food. We started with the Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes with Buratta and Pesto, nice and light followed by a trio of ceviche tacos. Then on to the hot items: wonderful mini chicken pot pies and a flavorful sauteed garlic shrimp. We ended the meal with cinnamon swirl bread pudding.

Terrazza at the Ritz Carlton Naples
This was our spot for breakfast at the hotel. They offered a breakfast buffet with made-to-order omelettes, bacon, potatoes, sticky buns, pancakes, bagels, lox, oatmeal, pastries(YUM) and fruit. You get the idea…..the omelettes – amazing, the blueberry muffins and peanut butter banana bread – to die for, the fresh sliced tomatoes – fantastic.

Gumbo Limbo at the Ritz Carlton Naples
Overlooking the water, Gumbo Limbo is a great option if you don’t want to eat at the pool or on the beach. Lobster Quesadilla(good, not great), kids cheeseburger and the fresh grouper sandwich(perfect).

The Poolside Cafe at the Ritz Carlton Naples
While relaxing by the pool, the cafe will bring lunch to you or you can sit poolside. I absolutely loved the ceviche! My daughter had the mac & cheese twice!

Tommy Bahama’s
A “tropical cafe”. We came here during our last trip and it’s located on the charming, historic Third Street South. We ordered a few items and yes, they have a kids menu. My daughter fell asleep during dinner but her mac & cheese looked really good. For the adults – Crab bisque, Ahi Tuna Tacos,Char-Grilled Artichoke(sorry TB – Houston’s is better) and Blackened Fish Tacos.


Barbatella was one of the spots I read about that people loved. It’s right down the street from Tommy Bahama. The menu was a bit limited but pizza is kid friendly so we thought this was a good choice for us. Unfortunately it was a “colder” evening and we were sat at a table outside. The manager would not accommodate moving us(something about an investor coming in to eat so we could not move near a heat lamp -REALLY??) so we wrapped my daughter’s legs in the cloth napkins till she got some warm food in her. She loved her pasta(nope- didn’t even order the pizza) but how bad can pasta, cheese and butter be? We shared the eggplant appetizer- pretty good- and each got a pizza. After the music started we enjoyed dinner a bit more but a return visit is not in the cards for us. If you do end up visiting, we had a great server from New York. Ask for him.

The Bay House Restaurant
The best meal of the week and it was our last night in Naples. The Bay House is north of town and offers two dining options – an upscale dining experience and more casual tavern experience. They even offer a kids menu and know to bring the food out as soon as it is ready. This allowed my husband and I to really enjoy our meal.

The meal began with a wonderful bread, my husband started with the crab bisque, I started with the lobster and lump crab potholes. Then we both ordered the lobster and king crab pot pie. Definitely delicious, and very rich. They ended the meal with a plate of assorted homemade cookies. Next time we are in Naples, we will return.

Toast (soon to be called Poached
)We asked a few people we met who lived in Naples for a recommendation and Toast was the first on their list each time. I ordered the benedict, my daughter chocolate chip pancakes and my husband french toast. As soon as we both had our coffee, the meal was perfect!

A second breakfast spot, the one I went to the last time we were in town. My husband order a skillet, one with bacon and veggies, I just wanted blueberry pancakes. Last time I loved my breakfast. This time, It was good, but we enjoyed Toast better.

Mar 19, 2015
salesgirl19 in Florida

St. Louis recommendations

Here is my report with photos:

DeMun Oyster Bar
My first stop – lunch. I had a private dining experience at the oyster bar. I walked in at 11a and had the whole restaurant to myself for a full 45 minutes. It was a rainy day and due to the slow (nonexistent) lunch crowd, I got great service. I ordered the oyster chowder(which was more of a broth) but the flavors were nice. Oysters, bacon, potato- I enjoyed it even though it was not exactly what I was expecting. I grew up in the Northeast so in my mind, chowder should be thick and comforting and warm you from head to toe. Then I ordered the shrimp po’ boy, recommended by the bartender, and it was good. Simple and good. I hope that the dinner crowd is a bit more lively.

Brasserie by Niche

I had a glass of red and the braised beef for dinner. Ask for Layla at the bar- she will make great recommendations. Dinner- Delicious. Braised beef, bacon lardons, potato puree, glazed carrots,

Half & Half
It was recommended to me on Chowhound that I try the donuts. And who am I to decide to have a healthy breakfast when the sugar and citrus donuts are a highlight on the menu?
So, I order my coffee and donuts and decide this is a great way
to start the day!

My third visit. I love this restaurant. This restaurant is located in Clayton, next to Niche, the fine dining restaurant. I usually sit at the bar and watch them cook. Pizza or pasta- choose a side.
I always get the same thing- the Strozzapreti with the Pastaria bolognese. And now they offer a lunch special so I was able to try something new, a chopped salad. Romaine, chickpeas, pistachios, pepperoni, red wine vinaigrette- Fantastic! If in Clayton, this is usually at the top of my list for a casual spot with great food!

Mar 19, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Plains

New Bedford dinner recommendation

full report with photos at link below:

I tried the below two restaurants...

Waterfront Grille
I started with clam chowder, then we ordered the whole belly clams to share and each ordered an entree, many of us getting the scallops. The bar was lively, the food was good and during the day, it’s probably a great spot to overlook the harbor.

The Cove Surf & Turf
I had to have belly clams again before I left town. The Cove is a small restaurant that does pick up or eat in and the people there are super nice. We ordered a large plate of clams and a small basket of clam cakes.

Grand Rapids to Lansing

i am staying in east lansing and driving in from GRR..i will have a car so i am open to trying anything fabulous!

Mar 19, 2015
salesgirl19 in Great Lakes

Park City for 5 days with 6-yr old

Here is our trip report...hope this helps others.

full trip report link for photos and more details on park city:

Powder at the Waldorf Astoria
It was quite convenient to have a great breakfast spot at the hotel. My daughter ordered the French Toast with berries and the chocolate chip pancakes. My husband ordered the steel-cut oatmeal and an omelette. I ordered the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with the blueberry compote one morning and the Chilaquiles the two other mornings – everything was delicious!

Red Tail Grill At the Canyons
convenient spot to grab a drink, lunch, snack after skiing

Purple Sage
loved this spot, cozy feel, very friendly, great food. I would definitely return to this restaurant!

The Farm
I really enjoyed the Farm. We started with the oxtail soup, which they just won an award for, my husband had the chicken and dumplings and I ordered the trout. I loved my dish….light, healthy and flavorful!

not my favorite spot but not bad.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley
skiers buffet - lots of food, very busy, no reservations unless you are a guest of the hotel

I hate to report on a not so great meal but the best part of this meal was the homemade plain pasta my daughter ordered. That was it. I ordered Veal Osso Buco, one of my absolute favorite dishes, my husband ordered the Seafood Risotto, one of his favorite dishes, and BOTH of us were disappointed. The happy part of the meal was handing the server a coupon that we found in the local paper for a buy one get one free dinner entrée.

Riverhorse on Main
Must go… of the best meals of the week. The meal started out with a Chef’s surprise – in this case pimento cheese, delicious! They also have a fabulous kids menu although geared towards an older child.
My husband and I shared the poached pear & burrata salad which was amazing and the ahi tuna duo appetizer. We both ordered the bone-in filet

Java Cow
A must visit spot for ice cream at the end of a long day!

The Eating Establishment
We found this spot at the top of Main Street and enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast. They offer skillets, eggs, pancakes, the normal menu items. I chose corned beef hash – it was good. Would I return, yes, but I may want to try some other spots first.

Mar 18, 2015
salesgirl19 in Mountain States

Grand Rapids to Lansing

Flying into Grand Rapids and driving to Lansing and then returning back the next day. Looking for a place to dine near the airport or on the way to Lansing for lunch, looking for a place in Lansing for dinner, and looking for another spot for lunch in Lansing or on the way back to Grand Rapids

no national chain restaurants please, enjoy all foods except Indian, live in Dallas so no Mexican please.

Overnight in Chicago

Thanks for the great recommendations. Trip report below with link to photos....

WOW! Wonderful! Awesome! Fantastic….should I go on? Three course lunch, $26, all fantastic options. I started with the risotto with fennel and spinach, then the braised pork shank with grits and finished with the most divine dessert that I still have dreams about, “gateau basque” custard cake with brown butter ice cream. I cannot wait to eat here again.

Osteria La Madia
The little gem salad with pancetta and mustard dressing was great, the pizza had organic egg and prosciutto(like a breakfast pizza) and the nudi(pasta) was simple. Enjoyable meal but next time, no eggs on the pizza for me!

Over in the West Loop near Little Goat is HelloTacos. Tacos, tortas and tamales, it fit the need for a quick lunch and the price point was excellent. I will admit the tamale was not the best but I enjoyed the guacamole and the battered shrimp taco. Plus, I was in and out in 20 minutes- PERFECT. Time to go home!

Mar 12, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area

Overnight in Chicago

Headed to chicago for one night, need recommendations for two lunches and one dinner. Lunch and dinner in either river north or near water tower, and second lunch in west loop.

Love all foods but Indian, lunch up to $20 plus tip, dinner up to $50/pp not including alcohol.

No national chains please. Been to Beatrix, purple pig,oysy, xoco, and some others.

Thanks for recs!

Feb 28, 2015
salesgirl19 in Chicago Area