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In Cupertino, looking for anywhere that has NY or Michigan style chinese food

Don't be surprised if you go into a good Chinese restaurant and when you ask for crab rangoon and moo goo gai pan they laugh in your face. Try chop suey.

Fulton Valley chicken--where does it come from now?

You might contact Santa Rosa Meat and Poultry and ask them...they are one of Fulton's major retailers/wholesalers. Last year I was checking out Fulton Valley, and had the impression that they have always subcontracted their producers.

Why aren't there any high quality Asian/Chinese restaurant Chains?

I think there is a basic problem with Chinese food. In those places where there is a good market (SF Bay Area, SGV, etc) there are many independent restaurants, and a chain cannot compete. In those places with a small Chinese clientell, they are not very demanding and will accept dreck. Ergo, the chain quality is never high (except price).

Oct 23, 2010
OldTimer in Chains

Rockfish at Costco

Uhhh...even the fish you caught today will start smelling after 2-3 days refrigeration. My friends who know recommend fish that is frozen on board and usually shrink wrapped. One of the problems with "fresh" fish, is the time from boat to wholesaler, to retailer, to counter to display.

Just another food geek tourist looking for advice

Hate to be cynical, but $40.00 meals in SF is no "splurge" is merely a fairly good meal on a budget.

What is the most expensive restaurant in the Bay Area?

I think a more significant analysis would the ratio of satisfaction versus cost. I know that our society seems to equate cost with quality, but it ain't always so. Any restaurant can be the most expensive, but do they serve the best food? Is it a real bargain? Do you feel like you have been ripped off? Is the ambiance and service stellar? For example, I have foodie friends who prefer Cyrus to TFL, all things being equal.

What's the harm in letting your dough rise for too long?

Many of the newer machines have setings for crust color, and a pause button so you can remove the paddle before the last rise.

Oct 18, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Best Salsa and Mayo in Bay Area

It is hard to imagine anyone who doesn't prefer Best Foods mayo (Hellman's in the East), but some chowhounds seem hooked on Duke's (limited availability). I suggest you just try the available brands until you find something to your liking. I have never heard of Cain's.

Pan Seared/Pan Fried fish dishes

If you really like pan fried sand dabs, go to Sam's Grill...much smaller than Tadich, boned and swimming in butter. Better check to make sure they have them.

What's the harm in letting your dough rise for too long?

You sound like a prime candidate for a bread machine...some you can set 24 hours ahead.

Oct 14, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Frozen Squid - Weird Salt like stuffing - what to do?

I think you are talking about sperm and eggs, which are in squid. Just clean the innards out and cut up the bodies. I'm baffled how you got the heads without tentacles, but never mind.

Oct 14, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Costco on the Big Island, Hawaii

I don't know about "frozen prime steaks", but the Costco on Kauai has fresh fish and fresh meat...pretty much the same prices as the mainland. I would guess big island has the same. Great for condo tenants, BBQ chicken...mmmm.

Oct 14, 2010
OldTimer in Chains

Best Braised Lamb in San Francisco or Marin?

In Marin, both Chalet Basque and Insalatas have good braised lamb shanks. May be only certain days of the week.

Chalet Basque
405 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903

Kirkland Cheese Pizza - new product! cut the big pizza into small pieces to fit into the oven.

Oct 11, 2010
OldTimer in Chains

stir-fry ... why the rice?

We have been having farro (spelt) with stir fry. A bit chewier than rice, but a great healthy substitute. In fact, I've gotten to prefer it.

Oct 06, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Awesome dumplings near Union square/chinatown

You might want to clarify what you mean by "dumplings".

Buying frozen shrimps

A lot depends on how purist you are. Most shrimp sold retail in US are frozen...rarely head-on. Some prefer shell on, (often easy removal). Wild shrimp is great, but hard to find and expensive. Costco carries several sizes of shelled, deveined shrimp frozen...and its pretty good. Indiv quick frozen is by far the most popular, and remember the fresh looking shrimp at the fishmongers is usually thawed, and may have been around for a few days.

Oct 01, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Searching for pre-made BBQ rubs...

I know this shocks many foodies, but I find Old Bay Seasoning a splendid rub for meat AND fish. It is not just for seafood, and you can add other spices to expand the flavor.

Oct 01, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

Recommendation for parents who like buffets

You can't miss at any Fresh Choice...and they can claim a seniors rate. Trust me...they will love FC.

Caesar's Italian Restaurant Crab Cioppino Tues-Fri nights, SF - anyone?

If the shellfish is fresh, how can anyone ruin cioppino?

Where to get cassoulet beans?

I used to use Great Northern. Found that many upscale French places use dried fava or limas. Recently, I found Mayacoba beans (Peruvian beans) in Smart & Final, and have been hooked since. You can get them at Mi Pueblo by the pound, bulk. Great bean...especially for cassoulet.

Trader Joe and calamari rings

I do not ever remember Costco carrying frozen calamari. To be clear, I am not talking about that pathetic garbage called "battered frozen calamari". Safeway does carry the 3 lb blocks, frozen uncleaned, and some Safeways carry 1 lb frozen, cleaned tubes and tentacles for about $6.00 lb. The TJ rings were very convenient, and about $4.00 lb. It was a good seller, and I don't understand dropping the item. I think it has become very popular and that may account for some shortage.

Sep 27, 2010
OldTimer in Chains

Trader Joe and calamari rings

Up until several years ago, we enjoyed frozen calamari rings from Trader Joe's...we can't seem to find out what happened. I have never encountered a more uninformed staff than on the subject of calamari. Does anyone know what the scoop is? They still carry that crap they call "seafood medley"...but no rings.

Sep 26, 2010
OldTimer in Chains

Organic Chinese Food/Restaurant

If you have any questions about organic and Harris, just put down your window when driving on I5 in San Joaquin valley.

Crane Melon Barn

Odd...I bought a few last year (about $7.00 each) at G&G, and they tasted like Crane melons from the barn. I do like the barn, however, since you can get trashed melons pretty cheap. Do you think the folks at the barn just might seek to protect their product? Besides, if Crane melon seeds are planted in similar environs, they will taste like Cranes.

Crane Melon Barn

You might save yourself a trip by checking with some local G&G Super. They carry Cranes when in season, tho a bit pricey (but they ain't cheap at Crane's).

Novotel Scrambled Eggs

The classic French technique is to add heavy cream just before serving...creme fraiche if you have it.

Sep 23, 2010
OldTimer in General Topics

At what level restaurant does/should the server have responsibility to "review" correctness of the plate before serving.

When my wife and I travelled a lot, we constantly got our scrambled breakfast eggs hard and dry. Finally, at some obscure Denny's or similar, I told the waitress (facetiously) to tell the cook if the eggs were not cooked soft, I was going back into the kitchen and whip his sorry a--. Not surprisingly, they were perfect. Fear does work.

Sep 22, 2010
OldTimer in Not About Food

Authentically San Franciscan

I agree that Tommy's Joint is quinessential San Francisco. Not my absolute favorite food, but authentically typical nevertheless. When I first came to SF, there were 9 or 10 similar places, all over downtown. Mostly turkey, ham and roast beef (often dipped). My good friend would buy turkey carcasses to make soup...ugh. Those places were never empty.

3 nights in SF, where to eat?

If I were staying in Japantown, I would be sure to go to San Wang (Sam Wong, San Wong, whatever). Funky Chinese-Korean...not fancy, very cheap and incredibly good. Best to have a crowd, tho.

San Wang Restaurant
1682 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115