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Noah's or Water St. Cafe in Stonington

I don't think you'll go wrong with either, but I'd choose Water Street.

Happy Hour in Santa Fe

We only went to happy hour twice, both times to Secreto. We loved it. Thursday was wildly busy but we were able to enjoy a couple of smoked sage margueritas and chat with some very friendly locals. Went back on our last evening to a much quieter bar. Drinks and service were excellent. We tried a corpse reviver #2, martinez and a drink similar to a negroni but made with bourbon. All were delicious and a bargain at $7 each.
We also had a drink at the Coyote Cantina roof deck. Very enjoyable - I wish we had stayed for dinner.
Thank you for the recs.

Jul 31, 2015
helen wheels in Southwest

Happy Hour in Santa Fe

Thank you. We'll report back.

Jul 21, 2015
helen wheels in Southwest

Happy Hour in Santa Fe

We will be vacationing in Santa Fe next week and are looking for some recommendations for happy hour. We are open to anything, but love a good deal and a strong drink! Especially after a long day of hiking, touring, etc. Thanks.

Jul 16, 2015
helen wheels in Southwest

Watch Hill, RI Area Weekend

Westerly is a great place for a summer getaway. There are activities for families almost every night.
Two Little Fish is a good recommendation. St. Clare's Annex in Watch Hill is great for ice cream. I'm not a big fan of the Olympia Tea Room, also located in WH. There are some nice, family friendly restaurants in downtown Westerly. We like 84 Tavern and Bridge has a great patio, though the service tends to be somewhat inconsistent. Venice restaurant on Shore Road has a casual dining room/sports bar on the third floor with a great view and good food. You would need to go on the early side to avoid too much of a bar scene.
The area is very busy on the weekend, especially if it's a beach day, so plan accordingly. Most of all, have fun!

Oysters in Rhode Island

Not sure what direction you'll be coming from, but 210 Oyster Bar in Narragansett has a nice happy hour and is not too far from the Newport Bridge. The view and service are both very good in my experience.

New London dinner and breakfast with my 18 year old

We like Gaspar's on Bank St. very much. Cozy dining room, nice menu and reasonable prices. (


Tony D's is closer to your hotel and is good Italian food. The antipasto is great. (


Sorry, I can't help with breakfast recs.

Good luck with your visit.

Your Top Wait Persons

Caffe Itri in Cranston has been a long time favorite. During our most recent visit, we had the pleasure of being so well taken care of by Jason. He playfully admonished me for trying to help make room for plates, making it clear that that was his job. He really added to the enjoyment of our meal and took great care of us.
Also, the bar staff at 84 Tavern in Westerly never disappoint in their great service and professional skills no matter how busy.

Lunch suggestions for Waterford CT

Captain Scott's Lobster Dock in New London?

Need great place for dinner between New London and New Bedford

I think parking will limit your options. Downtown Westerly, RI has a public boat ramp, with trailer parking, within walking distance of several very good restaurants. The downtown is accessible from 95 exit 91 or 92. You could also take route 1 and try TwoTen Oyster Bar in Wakefield, RI (
I've not been, but it's in a nice location and also has trailer parking.
Nothing really comes to mind directly off 95 with adequate parking for a boat trailer.

Need great place for dinner between New London and New Bedford

Will you be taking route 1 and the bridges to route 24 or 95 to 195?

PVD/RI * January '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Say it ain't so!

Last minute dinner on Thanksgiving-Newport RI

I can't comment on the ProJo listings for Newport but you might enjoy the Shelter Harbor Inn in Westerly.

Views on Root

Hi Atomic Guy
Just returned from a fabulous trip to NO and have to say that Root was a bizarre and frustrating experience which I'm still trying to understand. I'll post more about it later, but definitely, "more style than substance". There are far too many great restaurants in NO to waste a night here. If you want a restaurant in the Warehouse district, please try August.
Have a blast (as did we!).

Aug 12, 2013
helen wheels in New Orleans

Best Food Near Watch Hill RI?

I second Alica's Stonington suggestion. The Ocean House had a water taxi/ferry from Watch Hill to Stonington Borough last season, but I'm not sure if they're running it this summer. It's an easy drive if they're not. In addition to Water Street and Noah's, we enjoy Dog Watch at Dobson's boat yard and, on Sunday afternoon, Skipper's Dock for the Charlie Holland band. They're a lot of fun. Be sure to check out downtown Westerly. I'm not of big fan of Longo's. I would recommend having a drink and a small plate at a few of the other places, particularly Malted Barley and Twisted Vine.
I also second Mr.Dibs Matunuck Oyster Bar suggestion - best seafood in RI. Be sure to go on an off hour unless you're willing to wait.

Good eats near Weekapaug with kids

Close to Weekapaug I would suggest the Haversham Tavern. It's casual and family friendly, but will be packed if there's a Bruins game. There's also the Sea Goose in the Spindrift Plaza on Rte. 1. It recently opened and I haven't tried it yet, but have heard good things. Owned by the same couple, is the Cooked Goose on Watch Hill Road which serves a nice breakfast and lunch. Walk to the Weekapaug Innlet for coffee, ice cream, candy, etc. Venice on Rte 1A has $1 oysters every day from 4-6 and a spectacular view from the 3rd floor.

ISO: Port Judith Lunch & Westerly Breakfast with small children

Hi Sarahbeth.
Not sure where you'll be in Westerly so I don't know what would be convenient. We like Oak St. B&B for breakfast. If you need something on Rte. 1, there's Bagels n More in Mill Pond Plaza.

Vineyard in late winter (repost from Greater Boston board)

We often visit off-season. During our last visit in December, we had a lovely meal and cocktails at the Park Corner Bistro. We also enjoyed a couple of pints at the Offshore Ale House. A surprise treat was the Martha's Vineyard Chowder Co. where we enjoyed oysters and bloody marys.

Hot Action in Westerly

We visited the Brazen Hen's sister property, the Black Sheep in Niantic, over the weekend. The bartender indicated that they were planning on opening sometime in April. Hopefully, there will be enough business to go around.

Twisted Vine, Westerly, RI

DC and I had the pleasure of attending a wine dinner at the Twisted Vine last night. The wines focused on southern Rhone and were provided by the Wine Store (aka Warehouse Liquors). Unfortunately, I neglected to take a copy of the list of wines served. Suffice to say, they were delicious and very well-paired with each course. Mike did an excellent job introducing each wine with its course. Highlights of the meal included a wild mushroom purse with a balsamic cream sauce, lamb chops with a scalloped-type potato side and a poached pear with a chocolate goat cheese filling.
Patty, the owner, was a warm and gracious hostess who really made everyone feel welcome. The big take away of the evening was, Twisted Vine also serves food. I would add to that and say the Twisted Vine serves terrific food in a warm and welcoming environment.
We look forward to returning and hope there will be more of these special events.

Martha's Vineyard this weekend


My friend and I are heading to MV this weekend for the Christmas stroll in Edgartown. We will be joined by another couple on Sat.
We would like to keep things casual and yet still enjoy some great food and drinks during our visit. We will definitely be stopping at Offshore Ale for some oysters and beer. Aside from that, we are open to recommendations. Considering the upstairs bar at Alchemy (if it's open) and/or downstairs at Atria in Edgartown, and Park Corner Bistro, Red Cat Kitchen or the Side Car in OB. We'd also like to hear some live music, if possible. We would prefer not to be tied to a reservation, but will make one if required. Would love to try State Road, but not sure about taking a cab ride there when there's so much going on in Edgartown and OB.
Can anyone comment on these options or suggest another? We're definitely not looking for anything too stiff.

Thanks in advance,

Need (ok, want) Info on new and newish restaurants in Westerly area

Agree with Lauramatt about Oak St. Burgers are great, especially the one with fried egg. Delicious sangria! The service is excellent and quick, in our experience. Space is clean and bright.
We've had drinks and apps at Longo's twice. Both times were at the bar and good experiences. Nice drink list and good service. Had the eggplant app. the first time and the meatball salad the second. Both were excellent. Space is nice, but small.
Dylan's always seems dirty as does Bridge. It's a shame about Bridge, but every time we've tried it the food has been just okay and the service has been fair to truly insulting.
We try to keep Mermaid Cafe in our rotation because we want them to succeed. We tend to go to Cooked Goose for breakfast, though.
Stopped in Twisted Vine last night. They were very busy so we decided not to stay. The room is big and lovely and they had a pianist playing. We'll try it another time when they aren't so slammed.
We like the Haversham Tavern. Food is consistently good, staff is well trained and attentive, which goes a long way with us. Nothing fancy, but always satisfying and easy.
It's great to have so many choices just in Westerly alone.
Heard yesterday that 84 High is moving to the space formerly occupied by Senor Flacos. They continue to do a consistently good job.

New restaurant at Bruna's (Westerly) opening this weekend

Had a drink and appetizer there this weekend...very promising. Service, drinks and food were all excellent. Chalkboard menu was mostly traditional Italian and reasonably priced. We had an eggplant, mozzarella and arugula appetizer that was perfectly cooked and seasoned. They're in the soft opening phase trying to work out any kinks before the official opening in September. According to the bartender, the owner and his mother were doing the cooking.


We enjoy Shelter Harbor Inn, but I wouldn't call it casual or fun. Skipper's is great for a drink, but I couldn't recommend it for a meal. Maria's Seaside Cafe on Atlantic Ave. is very good. We much prefer the bar to the dining room. Depending where you are staying, you may be able to walk there. They also have $1 oysters and cherry stones during the week from 4-6.
There are lots of good restaurants in and around Westerly, but this is probably the closest to the beach area.

Brew pubs within one hour drive of Providence

If in the Westerly, RI area on a Saturday, you could go to Grey Sail brewery, Cottrell brewery in Pawcatuck just over the state line (they have growlers) and then head to the Malted Barley for a great selection of beers on draft.

Matunuck Oyster Bar review (RI)

Shocked you only waited 45 minutes! In my view, it's the best seafood restaurant in RI. Always nice to see the owner working as hard as the rest of the staff. We can't wait to go back, but probably not until after Labor day.

Trattoria San Vivaldo

Thanks for posting Elle. Wish more hounders would help keep this place in business. It really is like eating at your Nonnie's house.

May 15,16,17 in Mystic, CT

Hi Toni,
In Mystic I would certainly recommend Mystic Oyster Club. They have a great happy hour from 4-6 with reduced price beers and $1 Noank oysters. The menu is limited and a little pricey, but very good. Staff is great.
There is a Spring Food Stroll in downtown New London on the 16th that might be worth checking out if the weather is good and you have the time. You also could take a ride over to Stonington Borough which is lovely. I would recommend Dog Watch, Water Street Cafe and/or Noah's. For the landlocked, you might want to have a beer at Skipper's Dock just because you won't find anything like it in St. Louis.
As for local beer, try Cottrell and Grey Sail.

Mystic/New London graduation dinner recommendations?

How many are in your party? While I love the Oyster Club, it's a little pricey and I wouldn't recommend it for a large party. Although my experience is limited, Tony D's has great service, good but not great food, and is well equipped to handle large parties on what will inevitably be a busy time for area restaurants. It's also very convenient to Conn College.
Congratulations on no more tuition bills!

Downtown Providence and Federal Hill area

Will you have a car? It matters.