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Outdoor dining with a view Monterey area...

Thank you both...okay, let's toss the "view" out the window and see if we can get some good suggestions, I have 1833 and the ones mentioned by EDibble, looking into those now. Definitely don't wanna succumb to the "touristy" those are out automatically.
Thanks for continued contributions.

Jul 11, 2012
drano21 in California

Outdoor dining with a view Monterey area...

Will be in Monterey for an evening next week, looking for outdoor dining with a view.

We're staying at the Cannery Row Intercontinental on Wednesday night…we're in our lower 30's and would like a "fun" atmosphere if possible.

Looking for somewhere that fits these criteria as much as possible:

1) Outdoor dining, near water or with a view
2) Local (no chains unless it's restricted to the area, we're from D/FW)
3) Not FINE DINING…would like to wear jeans/shorts and a polo and feel comfortable
4) No ethnic food, wife doesn't like Indian, Chinese, etc…
5) Would like an atmosphere, not somewhere that is a snooze-fest.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

Jul 10, 2012
drano21 in California

Mid-March trip to Maine...

My wife and I will be in Boston and plan on visiting Maine somewhere around the 14th-16th of March.
I have done some research and am noticing A LOT of the seafood restaurants are closed until May.

I'm looking for fresh lobster that we can have at the restaurant that you choose. Don't want anything where jeans and a sweater wouldn't be welcome.

Can anyone help us out with a spot to try...don't want to drive to Canada, but surely there are DON'T MISS spots along the coast on the way (or even past) Kennebunkport?!?

Also hoping to dine AT the restaurant since we will only be in the car and it will likely be plenty cool.

Feb 08, 2012
drano21 in Northern New England

Spring Break in Boston

In general, the more I thought about it, you are right Bob. There is an inherent problem and when I faced the facts, the ones in DFW don't have the best chow either, but they are iconic.
Thanks for the suggestion though…in essence, we will likely do one iconic mixed with the other fab-o suggestions I have received.

Feb 03, 2012
drano21 in Greater Boston Area

Spring Break in Boston

Okay, No Name is a No-Go!!!!!
Got that part down!!
Does Boston have a MUST EAT joint…for instance, if you came to DFW, there are 2-3 places that are iconic in the city and everyone goes. When there are friends in town…that's where you go.
I have noticed a lot of people talking bars/beer halls…and ones to stay away from also, what are the ones that people go to to watch sports/hang with their buddies. One mentioned Harvard Square area…is that worth our time considering the March Madness will be underway?!?!
Not talking tourist traps, but the ones that have been around and just have the name value/ambiance that oozes Boston?!?

Feb 01, 2012
drano21 in Greater Boston Area

Spring Break in Boston

I've noticed a lot of places that look really good.
Many look as if they are nice places to dine...
There is rumor of one spot that is where the fisherman go themselves and it is a really dumpy kind of place. I heard you walk along a seawall and down stairs, up stairs, etc...then you get there.
Any idea what this place is...and if so, is it worth it?!?

Also, one day will obviously be spent doing the Freedom Trail...we heard the Quincy Market area is a good joint to stop for a few drinks...with a lot of pubs and bars. Any suggestions there for that afternoon/evening?!?

Feb 01, 2012
drano21 in Greater Boston Area

Spring Break in Boston

Hey there...I appreciate your suggestions. My trip to Washington did not end up happening, but the San Francisco is this Summer, I will make sure I put replies.
But it never hurts to be reminded...I really do appreciate it.

Feb 01, 2012
drano21 in Greater Boston Area

Spring Break in Boston

Coming for the entire week of Spring Break (March 12-16) with wife.
We are looking for seafood suggestions...
We're staying across the river at Marriott MIT...and we're very familiar with the subway system, so no problem traveling to wherever you suggest.
A bit about us...hopefully this helps.

1) No chains (unless regional)...for instance we've heard of Legal Seafood and know it's a chain, but there's no way I can have it in DFW.
2) Money...if we can't wear jeans/sweater...not interested. Money not that big of a deal, but we have more fun in chill places with an energetic atmosphere more than a quiet place with formal feel.
3) Trying to eat at INSTITUTIONS...places you wouldn't let your buddy leave Boston without eating. Even if it's a MAJOR hole in the wall, no big deal.
4) Wife doesn't care about...OR LIKE oysters, so if that helps eliminate certain places perhaps that will narrow the recommendation list.
5) We're in lower 30' the "feel" of a place is more important than it will be in say 20 years for us.

Thanks for your help...if you need more questions answered, glad to repost any details.

Feb 01, 2012
drano21 in Greater Boston Area

San Francisco institutions...

To you all: Yes, we are from Texas...but we will monitor the weather accordingly and know what to expect. The key with Texas, October/November is the PRIME patio weather and you are definitely in the upper 50's/lower 60's at night.
We will plan that part accordingly, so far there have been many great suggestions, and thanks for listing the joints with patio heaters.
We LIVE for our NE trips and the "street tables" are definitely considered patios to us.
In general, those were just GUIDELINES...
If you were coming to Fort Worth...and had time for 1 meal, I would say to go to Joe T. Garcia''s not the BEST food, but it is the CITY INSTITUTION, so that's where you would want to go because if you went home and people asked you what you did, somewhere in the conversation they would ask if you went to Joe T's.
So patio is nice, but if it doesn't match the idea in your's okay.
The only NO WAY food is Asian, wife not into it at all...regretfully.

San Francisco institutions...

Wife and I are traveling to SF in mid-July.
Wondering if SF has "must eat" establishments?!?

Type: patio dining, casual a must, and LOCAL, not a chain if possible.
Wine is required...

We are from Dallas/Ft. Worth and if someone called, I would have 2-3 places that locals consider MUST Do's…but I'm having trouble figuring that out for San Francisco.
Hard to even figure out the TYPE of food that you would eat without leaving, naturally some would say seafood, but that is too obvious likely.

Your thoughts welcomed…and sincerely appreciated.

Georgetown/Adams Morgan Dining TONIGHT

Need recommendations for the two spots. Looking for simple food that is VERY chains whatsoever!!!!

Food Type: just nothing ethnic, wife isn't into it at all. Italian is fine, but nothing outside of that.
Typically we do grills, etc...
We've done Pizzeria Paradiso...other than that no problem.

Price: medium at highest, not somewhere jeans/sweater is not allowed

Thanks for your ideas...

Spring Break in D.C.

We do have some budget limits, but not serious. Dinner for us is usually $15-$25 per person minus alcohol, but that is in Ft. Worth TX, and prices in general might be higher in D.C.
Love the bar suggestions and Chili place on U Street is a must I U Street close to DuPont (walking distance, which for us is a long way, in New York it would be about 20 blocks or so)!!

U Street Cafe
1301 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Spring Break in D.C.

Have 1 week...March 12-18 in D.C.
Staying in DuPont Circle...
In charge of picking 3 dinners/lunches (splitting with travel partner)
and I want to know the MUST DINE options in D.C.
A couple of caveats: No Oriental (partner not into it) and really no exotic such as Far East, Ethiopian, etc...looking for Italian, Sandwiches, Eclectic (American), Grills...that sort of thing.
Thanks for your help...anyone coming to Ft. Worth, I can help out!!

Far East Restaurant
5920 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy, Capitol Heights, MD 20743