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Calling all Weight Watchers!

If you buy the WW brand string cheese, the smoked flavor is delicious (I will eat anything smoked - cheese, fish, meat, ice cream I don't care!) and 1 string cheese is only 1 Points Plus Value.

WW also makes very tasty dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bars. They are 2 PPV each and REALLY good.

Arnold's makes a new 100 calorie bread called Pocket Thins. The Italian herb flavor is very good and they are only 3 PPV each. They look like Pita bread, and they are very nice and soft.

Nov 17, 2011
StefaniePags in General Topics

Mother's Day Brunch in Central Jersey?

I'm looking for a good place for brunch in Central Jersey. Any ideas?

Apr 27, 2011
StefaniePags in New Jersey