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Tacky Caban Sucre

Many years ago I went to a Caban Sucre and we had a great time! It was quite tacky and featured a dance floor. When we finished our dinner (it was a Saturday night), there was dancing with some women wearing evening gowns (I guess it was a big night out for some). There was also a small booth set up selling light sticks and small toys for the kids. The problem is I can not remember where this Caban Sucre was :-(. There were picnic style table plastic linens and a liter of whole milk on each table. Does this ring a bell to anyone?
Or perhaps someone can suggest another Caban Sucre of the same esprit!?

Feb 18, 2014
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


Hello, I wanted to do a tarragon salad for Christmas. I require a large amount of the fresh herb. I do not want to resort in buying 15 packets of the supermarket stuff. Does anyone know where I can buy the "bunches" of herbs here in Montreal. In the summer there is a guy in Jean-Talon but in the winter i'm not sure where to go.

Dec 19, 2013
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Japanese Manderines MTL

I'm originally from the West and growing up around this time of year, Japanese mandarins were everywhere!
Here in Montreal, I have never seen them. I have seen the Chinese mandarins but they do not have the same taste and have too many seeds. Also the Moroccan clementines are too sweet and the skin is too tight.

Anybody know where I can find Japanese Mandarins here in Montreal ?

Nov 30, 2012
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Dry Mac and Cheese - help

No Over cooking, even before I put it in the oven, all the liquid was absorbed..... Any how, I think I just created a new recipe.....
I baked it off for 1/2 the time and added cream. Now, I'll just grill the top.
Cross my fingers....

Sep 23, 2012
TguyMTL in Home Cooking

Dry Mac and Cheese - help

Alright, so this is not the first time this has happened and it baffles me...

I make the bachamel and add the cooked noodles always making sure to add lots of creamy liquid ratio to mac BUT when it comes out of the oven, all the creamy liquid has been absorbed and the mac is dry.

Any hints?

Sep 23, 2012
TguyMTL in Home Cooking

RAW food fete - Montreal

Thanks Max! Some of them I know but i'll check out the balance while at the market this morning.

May 20, 2012
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

RAW food fete - Montreal

I'm hosting a RAW dinner party. I'm looking for suggestions of where to buy the BEST quality fish and meat to prepare raw - civiche, sushi, tartars, carpaccio etc. Let me know all your thoughts!

May 19, 2012
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

where to find JAPANESE mandarin oranges

Hello, I am originally from the West and this time of year there are always Japanese Mandarin oranges available at all the supermarkets. Here in Montreal, I have only seen clementines from Morocco, Spain etc. but they do not at all have the same taste. Anyone ever come across the Japanese variety?

Nov 23, 2011
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Where to Buy Corned Beef - Brisket

Is corned beef the same as smoked meat? Where can I buy a seasoned vacuum packed brisket for corned beef ?

Nov 04, 2011
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Buy fresh octopus - Montreal

I would like to marinate and grill an octopus Greek style. Anyone recommend a good place to buy an octopus here in Montreal?

Sep 09, 2011
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

French Bistro Montreal ....

I am looking for suggestions for a great French restaurant in Montreal. But here is the thing.... We are entertaining friends from Australia and and from my experience traditional French fare may not quite be their thing - I know your asking, than why take them to a French restaurant? Because they asked... forgetting that last time they refused to eat the following: fois gras, organ meats of any sort, wild hen, boar, horse - we went to the Petite Conti.

I really thought Chez L'epicier would be nice but last time we went it was PACKED with tourists and the service was not so great. Open to your suggestions.

Aug 30, 2011
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)



I am in QC for work and was hoping for recommendations. In Mtl, I eat out at upscale comfort food places like Tuck Shop, Greasy Spoon. Anything along those lines in Quebec City?

Apr 01, 2011
TguyMTL in Quebec (inc. Montreal)