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Cusco and Lima Peru Food Suggestions?

Manolo seconded. I am hopeless in front of food - I have to taste everything. The food hygene for my stomach was fine, but some others with less blessed constitutions may disagree.

Taxis, funny you should mention it. We had a problem, actually, on our way to Segundo Muelle. You have to make sure that the drivers truly understand what you are saying, instead of just rushing into driving with "OK, OK!" SM is located in a residential neighborhood, so there are not that many landmarks that you can refer to. But I think one of the museums was not far, so tell the driver that it is in such and such direction. You, I am sure, know all these as you seem to have traveled wide and far. Just be firm, and absolutely firm - do not pay until you get to where you want to go.

Cusco and Lima Peru Food Suggestions?

Go to Segundo Muelle ( Their seviches are creative and simply delicious. The aji amarillo seafood soup was decadent. Lastly, order the flan - so heavy and rich which would just smother you in cream and sugar... But avoid the pasta.