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Cheaper quinoa than the one on sale at Adonis?

Thank you for the suggestion.

Cheaper quinoa than the one on sale at Adonis?

I really need to get a Costco card...

Cheaper quinoa than the one on sale at Adonis?

I eat a whole lot of quinoa. The best deal that I have found is the 2lb bag that is periodically on sale for 9,49$ (if I remember correctly) at Adonis. Is there a place where I can get white quinoa for less?


Where can I find pink clams in a can?

Last time I checked, they had none and now they are away for the holidays... but if ever you pass by and have time to peek it would be much appreciated.

Where can I find pink clams in a can?

So they used to sell Robinson Crusoe brand pink clams (Chilean machas) at the Libreria Española and at Barros Luco, but they suddenly disappeared! Has anyone seen Chilean canned pink clams (also called surf clams) anywhere else? I would even settle for another brand as long as they are the right type of clam.

What I am looking for : http://bit.ly/1v9JaLf

Thank you!

Where can i find Ginger Beer

The best soda ginger beer that I've had is Fentiman's. I know they have it in many stores now, but the only one I can remember is Mi & Stu the gluten-free bakery on Parc. I'm sure Latina or any other "fancy" grocery store carries them.

Where to get family (big) size organic ground turkey for cheap?

As C Oliver commented, it's not about noticing a difference.

Where to get family (big) size organic ground turkey for cheap?

That's a good idea. Thank you.

Where to get family (big) size organic ground turkey for cheap?

I'm looking for a place to get ground turkey and other lean organic meat in big sizes for less.

All the organic butchers I know (the ones at JTM for example) sell in small sizes that cost an arm and a leg. I know I'm asking the impossible, but hey...

What do you guys recommend?

Your suggestion for the best mandoline under 50$

I would like to get a mandoline because I just love thinly sliced, shredded, julienned salads...

I am looking around on amazon.ca, but am not sure how to select a great-quality model... That said, I am hesitating on a Japanese Benriner Slicer. What would you suggest? If I could get something from a brick and mortar store in Montreal for the same (or lower) price that would be even better.

Oh an it must have a thin julienne option as I can't wait to make a Russian 'Korean' carrot salad...

Thank you!!

Where to get (100%) chicory coffee in or near La Petite Patrie (H2S 2N5)?

I am intolerant to regular coffee and am therefore looking for chicory coffee. Not the half and half blend of the Café du Monde brand please...

Where to brunch on a Wednesday?

I am looking for a place that serves brunch on weekdays, specifically on Wednesdays, and has gluten-free/healthy options. Any neighbourhood will be considered as long as it is easily accessible by public transport.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Best and cheapest grocery in La Petite-Patrie (near H2S 2N5)?

Thanks for the suggestions.

What I will probably do is sign up to Bonne Boîte Bonne Bouffe again for fresh, in season, produce at cheaper prices.
Also, I just had a representative from Alimentation Maison visit me today in order to set up an appointment for an info session about their mostly local and organic meat delivery. Apparently, they are less expensive than butchers and groceries although I have yet to find out their prices...

So those services in combination with what's available in the neighbourhood, the market and my staples from Mondiana will probably be the winning formula for me.

Best and cheapest grocery in La Petite-Patrie (near H2S 2N5)?


I just moved from the Mile End to the corner of Bellechasse and Chateaubriand (H2S 2N5) and am now wondering where to shop.

I avoid gluten, processed food and sugars and try to eat organic and local when it works with what I have in my wallet. I do eat meat

I am aware that I am right near Pousse l'ananas, but I don't find it that inexpensive. Also, there is a Mondiana on Bélanger to the east of Christophe-Colomb and one at the JT Market... The market itself isn't too bad either. Is there anything that I'm missing? What are your suggestions for fresh produce groceries closeby?

Thank you!

Where can I buy a bucket of coconut oil in Montreal?

I consume a lot of coconut oil and would like to buy a bucket of it; something like this http://tinyurl.com/d9kc8fe maybe. The least refined the better and if I don't have to lug it from too far to the Mile End I will be happy.

Thank you!

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?

Thank you for all the extra suggestions and precisions on the terms.

One last addition on my part. My boyfriend went to Chez Louis this morning and got some chirimoyas. A box of twelve chirimoyas (that are a bit bigger than a fist) is 31,50$. Definitely a rare luxury, but oh so worth it!

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?

Chez Nino
192 Place-du-Marché-Nord
(514) 277-8902

Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
Chirimoyas: The should have them soon either during the holidays or in January. The ones that they get in the winter are from Brasil

Chez Louis
222, Place du Marché-du-Nord
(514) 277-4670

Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
Chirimoyas: They said they will have some on Saturday morning this week.

Sabor Latino
436, Rue Bélanger Est
(514) 277-4130

Guanabanas: No fresh ones only canned pulp.
Chirimoyas: They never get them.

Marché Adonis
2001, rue Sauvé Ouest
(514) 382-8606

Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
Chirimoyas: They should get them sometime in the next week.

Loblaws Cavendish
6600, St-Jacques Ouest
(514) 481-6959

Guanabanas: They don't get them.
Chirimoyas: They got some this morning apparently.

Loblaws Jean-Talon (métro Parc)
375, Rue Jean-Talon Ouest
(514) 948-2600

Guanabanas: They never get them.
Chirimoyas: They should have some in the next few days.

Korean Food

Try restaurant 5000 Ans on Monkland.
(514) 489-7565
5737 Monkland (corner Wilson)

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?

Thank you for your suggestions!

Keep them coming if you can.

I will call all of the above-mentioned places to verify which actually do have this rare fruit.

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?


I absolutely need to find FRESH guanabanas or chirimoyas to make a specific type of cake. Has anyone seen these fruits anywhere in the city? I am assuming that since it's summer in South America, where both fruits grow, they should be in season now or quite soon...

Thank you for any advice

Where can I get an Opinel #8 or #10 in stainless steel in Montreal?


I am just wondering where I can buy an Opinel knife in the #8 or #10 size and with a stainless steel blade in Montreal for the cheapest price. I'm looking for an actual brick and mortar shop an not an online boutique.

Thanks a million