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How can I transform my thighs?

There is a recipe i tried in cooks country magazine. The magazine was called lost recipies. The recipie was called oh my god chicken because when people ate it they said oh my god this is fantastic

Feb 23, 2012
905gasguy in Home Cooking

HELP! Authetic wood burning oven pizza place west of the GTA

There is a place in Oakville on KERR ST called Fantastico.Excellent thin crust pizza with very fresh toppings and homemade dough and sauce.The oven is one of those domed brick ovens that he adds wood to.One of the best no chain pizza i have ever had

Indian/Asian stores in Hamilton??

There is a asian market right behind the Ban Than restaurant on cannon street.I think it is also called the Ban Tran.Lots of asian indian and Vietnamese staples there

"East Coast" Style Donairs in Toronto?

If you are in the Milton or Burlington area you have to check out Halifax is the real deal!!! They originally worked in those Halifax locations and brought it to the GTA for us to try,,,it's our new addicition...almost embarrassed to say they know us by name...although they have the friendly east coast welcome way about them!

I beg you, can we stop all this hand-wringing and snobbery about cast iron

well said ambimom. to each there own regarding cooking cuiring and cleaning their own cast iron pot or pan. i have never had any problems with the ones i own some are cheap and some are brand names but they do get better with age and use. dont over do it trying to cure the problem by over seasoning the pan time will make things better

Feb 22, 2011
905gasguy in Cookware

Has anyone had any experience with KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware.

I have several of them at the fraction of the cost of LC and they work great and clean up nice

Feb 11, 2011
905gasguy in Cookware

Le Creuset... Am I paying for the name?

I have purchased a kitchen aid enameled cast dutch oven for a fraction of LC and it works very well

Feb 08, 2011
905gasguy in Cookware


if you like thai food there is a good place on third line close to dundas called bamboo legend