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Le Select still good?

I absolutely love everything about Le Select.The food, the atmosphere it's all lovely. Their Croque Madam is so rich and delicious. I chose to give them another try and they exceeded my expectations. Only complaint is the coffee is always cold.

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Le Select or Coquine?

I would have to say Le far!

Ruby Watch Co.

Finally made it to Ruby Watchco, a sort of fun atmosphere - and very very loud. Relaxed as you don't have to bother reading a menu as long as you check before you make reservations to know what you are going to be served. However, in our case we were expecting a slow cooked pork and I suppose it was a last minute decision perhaps time based...that we didn't in fact get slow cooked pork but rather pork chops (not my fav) served with sausage (it was a lot of meat). The sides were all delish and the apple dessert was also very good. But not remarkable or memorable by any stretch. It did feel a bit like a cafeteria experience. We were hoping that Lynn would of been a bit like her TV personality - a bit more vivacious, friendly, inviting. All in all it was a good experience none-the-less. Yes we would go back in the future.

Winterlicious LOVE only - Where are the MUST eats?

We were extremely happy with our Winterlicious experience at Quince in the Yonge and Eglinton area. (Yonge at Manor). Food was delicious and portions were great. The service was very attentive....nothing to complain about! :) The crispy lamb was superb! As was the mushroom lasagna and the gnocchi. Dessert was delish! Wine was a bit overpriced.

2110 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A5, CA

Celestine - any recent reviews?

What a disappointment. We went for Winterlicious 2011 it was literally a joke. Our drinks arrived in Barbie doll glasses and the meal just kept getting worse. The first course was Lobster Bisque which was AWFUL thank heavens there was only about 3 tablespoons! The gnocci was very good but minimal. The CHEF at Celestine needs a reality check. The customers they host during Winterlicious are potentially NEW customers in the future - this is your time to shine and show what you've got! NOT what you don't have! The lamb was the worst I've EVER had. Lamb Confit? And it was presented with three poached SHRIMP? WHAT? It was disgusting. The vegetable was ONE green onion. They should of paid me to eat there! Finally the bread pudding - the size of it was an embarrassment. Not to mention we only received one pat of butter for the table....we had to laugh it was a complete and utter joke. Ridiculous to say the least! Even the $67.00 bottle of wine was terrible. Our meal for 3 persons and at Winterlicious no less came to $300. We left hungry. We should of gone to another Winterlicious - had we not spent a ridiculous amount of money on literally nothing. NEVER NEVER again!