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Rude guest?

Is it rude, perhaps a bit. I'm picky about my fish and where it comes from. I don't eat farmed raised fish for many different reasons. It is one thing that I am pretty uncompromising about. Would I tell a host about it, probably not. Would I eat it, most likely not. I'd eat the sides and forget the fish. Is it something that would cause me to terminate a friendship, no, not really. People are quirky, I'd give them and your friend some leeway. What ever came of making guests comfortable? As a host, it's your job to do so. I think we are losing sight of that, I would not made a huge deal of it. Made a cheese Souffle, or some omelets. It's fish, it can last for one more day. Put it aside and enjoy something you'd all like.

Jul 21, 2013
lunchmaker in Not About Food

Vegan food

Chow Rhode Islanders I'm counting on you! Looking for good vegan food. Dinner on Monday. I know about Garden Grill, but really think they are much better for Lunch then Dinner. I know about the Ethiopian Place but was not as " wowed" as I would like. AS220 is closed on Mondays. Besides the usual Asian, Indian, Thai.. is there anything else? Looking for something different, for dinner, but not sure there really is... help me out!

Looking for a good date place this Sunday

Hey all-

Looking for a good date place this Sunday. All my favorites are closed. Would have gone to, depending on mood and such: Chez Pascal, Gracies, la laiterie, Pot Au Fue or Red Fez, Cook and Brown is an option, but I was looking for something new. Quiet is better than loud. We will eat almost anything. Ethnic is an option but not the mess that Apsara is. Spicy is good and the more authentic the better. Dives are good if, the food is great and we can BYOB. The food at Red Strip is ok, but it is very loud. Driving is in the cards. Oh, and chains are out, and that includes, the John Elkenbery stuff and the like.

OK , Rhode Island... what have you got!

Red Fez
49 Peck St, Providence, RI 02903

Chez Pascal Restaurant
960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

Apsara Restaurant
716 Public St, Providence, RI 02907

Providence - help us branch out

really? I eat there last weekend and I found the food to be OK but not great and the service was awful. I told Debra Norman, the owner, that I was unhappy with the service and in response I was told " Well I hope you did not tip your waitress well." Not what I was looking to hear. I'd been there for dinner a few weeks earlier and dinner was "Meh" They have been slipping over the years. The bread and butter are the only things worth going for.