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celebration in napa

thanks, carrie. so you think the way to go is to find a caterer first, not a location?

celebration in napa

hi there. we will be celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary this summer by renting a house in napa and i would like to plan one very special dinner. i am picture a private cave or outdoor dining at a winery. any suggestions?

sustainable fresh food restaurant

visiting town and looking for fresh sustainable food foodie place in pdx. don't eat dairy or red meat. interested in clyde common or novarre. any other ideas? feedback?

Sep 26, 2010
foodmanchu in Metro Portland

Totally homemade gefilte fish - baked

i just finished making my homemade gefitle fish and it came out great! my one complaint is it is a little salty. next time i will cut down the salt. i used a cross between your recipe and my friend's. here is what i did
2.5 lbs sockeye salmon
2.5 lbs rockfish
2 large onions
5 eggs
1 cup ice water
5 tsps salt
5 tbsp matzo meal
canola oil (a few tablespoons)

i chopped the fish in the food processor (pulsed to a rough chop). chopped the onions and sauteed them. mixed all the ingredients together by hand
i put it all in two greased and preheated casserole dishes. baked at 350 for 30 minutes. just took it out and couldn't wait to taste it. fluffy, moist and delicious!!

Mar 28, 2010
foodmanchu in Home Cooking

khao tom

anyone know a place on the westside to get good khao tom or congee? i crave a little comfort food asian style

Jul 15, 2009
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

Passover option

i think she is looking for unleavened products as opposed to kosher. a lot of reform jews just opt to avoid certain foods during passover, but don't necessarily keep kosher for passover

Mar 25, 2009
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

First date, sushi, west side

bar hayama on sawtelle. fantastic food, even better atmosphere. you can sit around the outdoor firepit! they will even give you blankets if you are chilly
love this place!

Mar 25, 2009
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

Laid Back Spot in Venice/ Santa Monica for Biz Meeting

the marriott in marina del rey (on admiralty) has a great lobby and a great lounge. quiet during the day.

Mar 25, 2009
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

simi valley newbie

hey all
i have recently started spending a lot of time in simi valley and want to know what good eats are in that area? i am a westside foodie and aside from pho so have not had much good food in simi. any recs? i don't eat red meat but all other ideas are welcome. and if you know any good date spots, that would be welcome too!

Mar 25, 2009
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

I Want Fries, the Sweet Potato Kind

Mayberry on Swarthmore in Pacific Palisades.

Rustic Canyon used to have incredible yam wedges, but they got a new chef and took them off the menu

Beechwoods are awesome and come with 3 dipping sauces!

Jul 19, 2008
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

edible cocktails/fancy jello shots

hey there
i am really interested in finding places that serve edible cocktails. the la times ran an article earlier this year about these fancy jello shots, and they are beautifully presented and a super fun change of pace. however, the only places they reference are all exceedingly expensive -- Craft, Providence Bar Nineteen12 , and the Foundry (the foundry is not too expensive, i guess, but they are all pretty price, esp craft and bar nineteen12)
anyone have any other ideas??

Jul 17, 2008
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

Opaque at the Hyatt

anyone been? dining in the dark. i think it is more about the sensory experience than about great food, but it is 100 bucks a person. is it worth it?

Jan 26, 2008
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

66th and 5th HELP!

thank you all so much! i tried the cart, yummy. and i am gonna check out some of the others. i saw viand and was wondering if it was any good. thanks a bunch

Dec 31, 2007
foodmanchu in Manhattan

66th and 5th HELP!

hey i am staying at 66th and 5th ave for a few days and don't know anywhere in quick walking distance for a quick lunch, dinner or bagel. can you help? all the recs i can find seem to be at least 20 blocks uptown, which is fine for many meals, but sometimes you just want something quick!

Dec 29, 2007
foodmanchu in Manhattan

Kinder Eggs in Venice (2007 edition)

pinocchio's in pacific palisdaes

Dec 15, 2007
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

Soup in Los Angeles: Please help, major craving

how about Urth? they always have like 5 options, mostly vegan and all good (except i don't love their corn chowder).
strangely enough, i really like the tortilla soup at islands too.
and erewhon health food store has a soup bar and they make pretty good carrot ginger soup

Sep 06, 2007
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area

W. L.A. - Chinese Market?

you can get longan (long yan rou) and lotus seed (lian zi) at a chinese herb shop. there used to be one on main street (herb king) but i heard it closed. try the acupuncture schools -- yo san on washington near lincoln, or emperor's on wilshire.

Aug 27, 2007
foodmanchu in Los Angeles Area