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Sommelier snobbery - why do 4 star restaurants refuse to list white zinfandel?

I am new to the ChowHound, and I rather felt, just stepping out as the "alienation" was thick when I mentioned "White Zin".

Feb 08, 2011
ccconner1 in Wine

Wine Etiquette

Appreciate all the replies.

I probably should have been more specific. This was a Superbowl party, shower clogs, tank tops, beer and nachos. I am not a beer drinker, so I'd prefer to bring the wine, but, there is always the chance, that I will have only 1 glass while the rest to those "with champagne tastes ..."

Feb 07, 2011
ccconner1 in Not About Food

Wine Etiquette

Parties I attend are not of the dinner/wine match up variety. I always like to bring a bottle of wine for my host as a gift, but, I also would like to bring my own bottle, as I do not care for common red and white varieties.

I prefer Beringer White Zinfandel or Reggiano Lambrusco Le Grotte.

Is it acceptable to bring along another bottle for my own consumption and to share with my host.


Feb 06, 2011
ccconner1 in Not About Food