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CHOW Tour Austin, Your Thoughts On Where to Go?

Are you still in Austin?
If so, please visit our coffeeshops! Austin is so unique in that we can support a TON of local coffeeshops, along with Starbucks and a few other corporate coffeeshops.

Definitely "Austin" is Epoch. Open 24/7 and the people-watching is excellent.
Thunderbird (both locations) are great.
The newcomer Houndstooth is hip (and conveniently located next to TacoDeli and Uchiko) and has great coffee, complete with latte art and very intelligent baristas.
I suppose Bennu must be mentioned- not the best, but also 24/7 and always full of students. Their literary-named mocha menu is a favorite.
Quack's 43rd street bakery is a coffeeshop/bakery in the best neighborhood in Austin, Hyde Park. Right across the street is Dolce Vita, a european bar/cofeeshop/gelato place. In Hyde Park, check out Antonelli's Cheese shop and Hyde Park Bar and Grill. Hyde Park Bar & Grill is an Austin favorite for sure. Mother's (vegetarian) is excellent, right across the street.
Progress Coffee is absolutely wonderful. Talk to the owner, Joshua Bingamen, for a unique philosophy on coffee/the Eastside.

I second Odd Duck and Franklin. Skip Garaj Mahal. Definitely check out the newly reopened Izzoz tacos! Everything on their menu is delicious, especially the migas and fried avocado. Definitely better than Torchy's! Izzoz is in a blue trailer, down the street from the new Bouldin Creek (which is now more of a restaurant than a coffeeshop.) A MUST is East Side King, now in two locations. One is behind Liberty Bar, one is outside Grackle. Started by the chefs of Uchi. Wonderful asian food.

Polvos is an absolute must for Mexican food. Thai Fresh is a unique twist on Thai food, all made fresh in the open kitchen. Located in a South Austin neighborhood. And I can't believe no one has mentioned Magnolia! The South Congress location is quirkier. The original Kerbey Lane is also a must go. Both are 24/7 diners with killer breakfasts.

Have fun!

Uchi Restaurant
801 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Progress Coffee
500 San Marcos St, Austin, TX 78702

Feb 06, 2011
diversavida in Austin