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Openings & Closings April, May, June 2014

Was there yesterday, they opened May 26th. Was actually pretty good...though I thought reading the menu was a bit complicated.

Good to finally have some decent food options in this area.

Bridal shower - High Tea or Brunch locations (Montreal)

Birks Cafe is lovely, though I'm not sure how many people they can accommodate.

Best pub food in Montreal?

Bier Market? It's expensive pub food, but great selection.

Food Trucks 2013

The pulled pork was okay, but for the quantity $11 is crazy. I figured the duck confit with fois gras merited the price tag...unfortunately this one did now.

Food Trucks 2013

The sandwiches were $8-10, the poutines were $11, side of fries was $4.

Food Trucks 2013

I was there today at lunch. Got there at 11:45 and waited nearly 15 minutes for my poutine to be ready, they seemed very unorganized and suuuper slow.

I had the special banh-mi poutine and the lemonade. The poutine definitely wasn't even near worth $11. My friend had the veggie sandwiches and those were pretty good.

Openings in 2013

Flyjin opens May 19th. Champagnerie open May 29th.

Two places I've been excited to try!

Openings in 2013

Went this morning, was very impressed. Loved it! It was different and delicious.


I love Kitchenette, great food and decent service, but the vibe doesn't scream 'birthday' to me.

Ethnic brunch places?

I really wanted to like Chipotle & Jalapeño, but the sound of the microwave going off every minute drove me insane!

Who are the other guys?


Restaurant Closings in 2013

That's too bad, I liked the vibe there.

Isakaya in Montreal

I wasn't as impressed with the food at Imadake...and the service was pretty terrible both times I was there. I prefer the more casual feel of Kazu, Imadake is just a touch on the pretentious side. Even Guu in Vancouver I found was way more casual than Guu Toronto.

Poutine Week

Pretty disappointed with Poutine Week. Was expecting more of an "event" I guess. The few places we went to didn't even advertise it.

Isakaya in Montreal

I've been both Guu (the original in Vancouver) and Kazu and though they aren't quite comparing apples to apples, I can appreciate the authenticity and heart that Kazuo has. Montreal will probably never has the selection that cities like Toronto/Vancouver have for good Japanese, but I still love my hole-in-the-wall Kazu.

decent food near place des arts

Brasserie T and Bouillon BLK are two of my favourites.

The Tuck Shop or Liverpool House

Depending on where you're going or coming from, Tuck Shop is further west. Both are excellent, two of my favs! I feel like Liverpool house has the "funner" atmosphere though.

Good places to watch a hockey game?

Pretty timely as the season kicks off tonight. Are there any "good" restaurants/pubs to watch the game? I'm sick of the cliche frozen food type places such as Cage our Sports Station.

Does such a place exist?

Your favorite BYOW restaurant?

Co-sign. It was fantastic.

CSA's - Who is YOUR favourite farmer?

I recently joined Lufa and couldn't be more pleased. It's my first experience, so I have nothing to compare it to but so far so good!

It's also very easy to find coupon codes online...I saved $40 on my subscription.

Openings in 2012

Was very pleasantly surprised by this place this week. Service was quick, attentive, and chatty. We had the entire menu and then some for $35! Great value for great food.

Where are some good places in Griffintown?

Griffintown Cafe, Bistrote, Jane, Nora Grey are my faves.

Where is the best happy hour spot in the city?

New City Gas seems to be the new hotspot for Thursday happy hours. I went last night and it was hopping. There's a $7 cover charge to get in though.

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

I always buy them at Loblaws Angus (Rachel/Frontenac)

I'm addicted to these!

terrasse in montreal with nice view and good food for next saturday

Food is awful, unfortunately.

Paleo eaters?

What are the best places to shop for essentials?

Openings in 2012

Well that place with work bring done in it has been there since last summer lol

Openings in 2012

That sign has been there since last summer...I thought it had opened and re-closed when I walked by a few weeks ago.

Ben & Florentine

I like it only because there's never a lineup here, ever. I'd recommend it based on that. The food is alright, very typical of breakfast chains. However, the service is awful at this location! I've been several times because it's next to the office and something always goes wrong. Maybe it's bad luck, but there always seems to be something not working properly, whether it be the coffee, card swipping things, they've been short-staffed on SO many occasions.

I've been to other B&F locations and this one seems to be particularly badly managed.

Comme ca` v. Sage and STK v. Carnevino? Help!!

Comme ça doesn't seem to be in the same league as the other two but I might be the odd one out and say it's the best out of the 3.

I've never been to STK but was going to until 2 Cosmopolitan staff members told us that it was way overpriced for what it is and that if I wanted a good steak dinner, I was probably better going somewhere else.

And Sage, well I was there last night and not only found it pretentious (even by vegas standards) but I sent my meal back because it just wasn't good, bland and overcooked. Maybe it was just an of night.

Jul 19, 2011
foodie8 in Las Vegas