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Chowdown Report: Chinese New Year Banquet at Yum’s Bistro

This is my first time going to event like this and I got to admit that I enjoyed it a lot. I like to try new restaurants. This kind of event, allow me to sample several dishes at the same time. I never been to Yum bistro and didn't even know about this place. After sampling some of their dishes, I might come back here with my friends for lunch or dinner. My personal favorites are the lobster sauted with golden egg yolk and kabocha, the fried rice with taro and crispy skinned chicken stuffed sticky rice. I had the dungeness crab sauted with golden egg yolk before but never tried it with lobster. With lobster it was less work to eat the meat and didn't make a lot of mess. My least favourite dish was the Fat choy with dried scallop. I never had black moss before and didn't like the texture of the moss. Maybe it's an acquire taste to like this dish.