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Montreal Restaurants--post-Christmas, pre-New Year's

I know what you mean, essny. I had no idea things closed for the holidays like this even in the tourist populated place like Old Montreal. I just checked and Olive and Gourmando is closed from 23rd to Jan 07. I am arriving with my family on Christmas day and leaving on the 28th. Sigh...I hoped that things will all be open from the 26th...

Peking Duck in Montreal

Thank you for getting back to me. I'm sorry that your experience at MonNan was not too good....Yes, I will take your recommendation and go else where. I would love to try Cristal Chinois and/or Lawrence...I just have to make sure things are open during the holidays! :) Many many thanks.

Thank you again.

Peking Duck in Montreal

Would you be able to write back and on how your experience was with the peking duck? I am planning to go to Mon Nan for Christmas Day dinner: we are a family of 6 and arriving on xmas day from out of town. It would be good to know if we should go there or find another place for a yummy xmas dinner. Thank you so much in advance.

Coffee spots in Liberty Village?

I would recommend Balzac's Coffee on 55 Mill St right across Liberty Noodle. There is another coffee shop called Barista Espresso next to the cupcake store, For the Love of Cake. Also, if you would just like to go to Starbucks, there is one near the Metro. My routine with my bf is to grab cupcakes from FTLOC and head to Balzac's for some lovely cappuccinos to wash them down.

Have fun!

Bday Brunch place recos needed


I was thinking of taking my bf to Beast or Marben for this Birthday Brunch. I have never been to either, but I read few mixed reviews on both places. Any thoughts? I am open to any other suggestions.
He adored Hoof's cafe but it's closed now and I am looking for a place to take him.

Great food and atmosphere would be nice, afterall it's for a bday!

Thank you in advance.

488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

Has anyone been to Raaw in Liberty Village lately?

Hi Chowhounders,

I am looking for some reviews from any of you who has been to Raaw sushi recently...Most of the reviews I have found are from awhile back. I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing yet.
Let me know.

Thank you.

Montreal May 2011 Visit...(need recommendations)

I am not a local montrealite, but coming in from Toronto, I did read many reviews and the list below is what we decided on. My boyfriend and I just got back from a 4day trip to Montreal.
The list we went to:

Kitchen Galerie (been there twice now, and loved both times: my bf calls it good food and entertainment: the chefs are hilarious and friendly and one of them even sings while cooking in the open kitchen. The menu changes everyday depending on what's in season and what's fresh in the market. )

Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vin (went for lunch, cute little place, food was good)

Bocata (i would not recommend this place. it's apparently a "happening new" tapas place but found that it was not worth the money we dropped at this place)

Quartier General (BYOW place; 40$ per person for table d'hote, which is quite good since you bring your own bottle of wine. In the middle of a residential block, but the resto itself is nice with large windows. They have 2 seating: one at 6:30 and the other at 9:30. If you like lingering more than 3 hrs, i would go for the 9:30 seating. To be truthful I liked my soup and appetizer but did not like the main dish, but boyfriend like all the course, and he is a picky

If you are planning on visiting Jean Talon market, there is a bakery cafe called Premier Moisson and that place had really yummy pastry and sands. for lunch or quick bite. I would recommend the chocolate eclaire with a cafe au lait...I ate 5 within the span of 4 days...(yes, the guy probably thought I was prego with an eclaire craving)

I would go to Holder in Old Montreal rather than Garde Manger. It seems Garde Manger is a hit or miss, even for the locals living in Montreal. Although Holder is not by a famous Food Network chef, it at least has consistent reviews. We have been to both Holder and Garde Manger before and (based on our little tiny experience), we had a better time at Holder.

Kitchen Galerie
60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

Garde Manger, Au Cinquieme Peche, Le Bleu Raisin, or DNA?

We loved it. I actually love the concept: local cuisine as in there is no actual set menu, whatever is fresh in the market (i guess at the jean talon market?); the open kitchen, the chefs/owners are cooking, serving, and also of them was actually singing while cooking, the other chef/owner had to shush him. It's a cool experience, something you don't see much in the Torontonian dining scene (imo). It definitely wasn't quite but it was fun and still be able to keep your own conversation. There were a lot of couples out on a date and few tables of 4-6 ppl.

The service can be slow, i mean they do everything, but so friendly and funny. One of the chef was actually nice to translate the french daily menu to us in english and had a conversation with us. He also recommended the wine with the table d'hote that we chose. I don't know. We thought they were attentive, but then again, we also went on a Thursday night (it was a busy night, though)

The food was good. We may have felt that it was better than it actually was, if I think about it now because the ambiance was so delightful. After a 7hr Megabus ride from Toronto, we needed a fun, yummy night out! haha

In terms of the menu we had that night, for apps. we chose fois gras and escargot something. The mains were lobster ravioli and braised veal cheeks (the apps and mains were really good) and the desserts were chocolate torte and creme brulee (not so memorable)

The photos are kind of funny. I am in no way a food blogger or a great photographer, but I thought I would share: sorry, the place was kind of dark and except for few photos, I did not use the flash. My boyfriend was a little embarrassed by the light flashes I was making in that little restaurant! haah!

On a side note, we are planning on going back to KG this month, if the experience is still as awesome, I will let you know....:) Hopefully it will be as good as our first time...please.

Garde Manger, Au Cinquieme Peche, Le Bleu Raisin, or DNA?

Hi poutinelover,

I can't comment on the others but I have been to Garde Manger: my boyfriend and I did not have a good experience. Maybe our expectations were too high because Chuck Hughes' Day Off on Food Network was awesome.... Anywho. The ambiance was not very romantic, if that is what you would like for your birthday. But what bothered us the most was the food plus the service was quite poor. We are from Toronto and only been there once, so I am in no position to give advice, but rather offer my one-time experience... and who knows, maybe we went on an off day.

I can tell you that we will be visiting the lovely city at the end of this month; we are planning on going back to a favorite (Kitchen Galerie) and also try new places (Le Comptoir, Bocata, Quartier General).

Pre-Ballet Dinner near Places des Arts?

We are looking for a place to eat before the ballet performance @ 8pm. I searched few old threads on places to eat near place des arts and Brasserie T was amongst one of them. Is there any other options?

We were told to be at Theatre Maisonneuvre by 7:45, so eating somewhere far is not an option.
Would it be better to eat after the performance? I'm not sure how long the performance is but I am going to guess that it would be about 2hr-2hr30 long.

Many Thanks in advance.


thank you, ios94. :) I'm frankly not sure what the whole discussion on the name was all about...but it's important to people, I guess. I'm more interested in the food, but that's just my fatty belly pondering along.


YUM!! thank you. we will try to stop at the market!


Shattered, I guess since we stayed in Old Montreal, we resorted to staying in the Old Montreal area...besides Garde Manger, Holder and O+G were recommended to us by previous chowhounders (as the popular thread by Carswell) Anywho: I would love to hear your recommendations on "tons of great food" places outside of Old Montreal. Many thanks.


It is so tempting that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it, but we will be staying near place d'armes and incase we don't have time to make it up there on our weekend, I was just trying to get the second "best" place, maybe? lol.


I just checked and the place is near st. cote catherine station...hmmm. Is there a good place for lox near or in Jean Talon Market?


hope the edited response makes SnackHappy, truly happy! cheers!


Soko, I am probably not the best person to provide help, since I myself am a "tourist" when it comes to Montreal. But my boyfriend and I stayed in the Old Montreal area and will be staying there this March. This is only based on my past experience. In the Old Montreal area, we had dinner at Garde Manger (Chuck Hughes) and Holder. Despite many wonderful reviews, our experience at Garde Manger was not successful (both the food and service was pretty bad, maybe we went on an off-night but my boyfriend did not even finish his main plate. He told me that he could not swallow it anymore....sigh) But Holder was very nice. The food was not super amazing, but it was good and the service was amazing.

I would also recommend the Olive + Gourmando in the Old Montreal. The service was crappy, but the baked goods were very tasty. We especially liked the Chocolate Banana Brioche: it was dense and yummy that we made the trip again the next day just to buy another one. I believe O+G doesn't open on Sunday and Monday, so you may want to check their website.

We also went to a place called Le Cartet. We were there for brunch before leaving back to Toronto. I thought it was alright, a bit pricey for the food, but the place had nice vibes and people were lined up to get in on Sunday morning, so I guess it's a not a horrible place?

Outside of Old Montreal, we went to St.Viateur Bagel, La Banquise and Kitchen Gallerie for a dinner. We also went to Jean Talon Market and ate some munchies here and there including some gelato. They were all fine. Again, we are not montreal locals, but we read numerous reviews and chose carefully since we were only there for a long weekend.....Hope this helps.

Also, I don't know if you are cupcake fans, but Les Glaceurs is in the Old Montreal area near Notredame and I just saw a group deal (which I just bought). Maybe your family may enjoy the deal also. The link:

Let me know what your final plans will be. I am super happy to go back in March and am currently planning like crazy! lol. Mostly getting hungry.....

Le Cartet
106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

Question on Le Comptoir Vin et Charcuterie

perfect! thanks

Question on Le Comptoir Vin et Charcuterie

Thank you for your input. :) We only have a long weekend in sad that we have to pick amongst so many would appreciate all if any recos.

You know, a lot of the recent reviews are in French...and that's just unfortunate for us Torontonians...:( Thank you again.

Question on Le Comptoir Vin et Charcuterie

Hi sweettoothMTL. Did you end up going to Comptoir for dinner? Would you be able to give me quick scoop, if you can? I will be visiting Montreal in March for a weekend, and looking for some recommendations. Thank you in advance.

Spring Trip to Montreal - Suggestions?

@SnackHappy: have you been to KG recently? how is the quality of the food and price, now that they have opened KGP? I will be visiting for a weekend in March, and I was wondering if it was still a good place (food and value-wise) for us to include in our plans.