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best seafood in Olympia?

Looking for a consistently good seafood place in Olympia. The places I've read about online get pretty bad reviews, the ones I've tried get even worse reviews from me. I'm still relatively new to the area and haven't tried everything yet though, so I still have hope... any recommendations out there?

Mar 31, 2012
worththemoney in Greater Seattle

Any restaurants worth the money in Olympia?

Is the dining in Olympia really as bad as it seems or am I just missing something? I'm new to the Pacific Northwest, we just moved here. I had heard so much about the food in this area of the country, the freshness, the quality, the local produce, the farmers markets, and so far I haven't eaten at one place in Olympia I'd go back to. Most local places just look unappealing, but I have given some a try anyway, only to find the food about as good as the condition of the building - this includes the somewhat saggy California Taco Van. I had a burrito with fajita veggies that poured grease onto the table when I opened it and was soggy and off. I am from southeast Minnesota, not known for it's amazing food, but I am suffering here in Olympia. On nights when I'm out of groceries or run out of time to cook, I am opting for boxes of Annie's mac and cheese and canned soup rather than buy food from restaurants here. Can you help with any recommendations? I'll take anything from kid-friendly fast food and take out to fine dining. Please help!