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Where to Go for the Best Hot Dog

My favorite used to be in Batavia but they've moved to Yorkville. Its a hot dog stand called Uglys. They'll serve your dogs whichever way you want; plain-yes, chicagostyle-yes, with kraut-yes, with cheese-yes, with K******-NO!. They have the total package- great tasting all beef dogs with all the Chicago style ingredients; the steamy poppy seed bun, the mustard, the neon green relish, onions, pickle, tomato, sport pepper and celery salt. I think you can still get 2 dogs, fries and a drink for under five bucks. They've got the real potato fries and the tamales. They've got polish sausage and italian beef sandwiches and the garden on the bun too for the vegans- but no lettuce. They've got the nostalgic hot dog stand looking building and the character behind the counter who engages you in conversation and is quick to offer up a neighborly recommendation or referral if you need one. I think its one of the last authentic hot dog stands anywhere near chicago and the food is tops, low cost and the service is fast. No bathrooms and save for some some picnic tables outside, no seats. Its a hot dog STAND! And its my top pick.

Aug 27, 2007
munchinger in Chicago Area

Top 3 Hot Dogs

ok so this reply is way late for your purpose but i gotta add my two cents.

1. Ugly's hot dogs in chicagos western suburbs cuz they put the most authentic chicago style ingredients (mustard, neon green relish, onions, tomato, pickle spear, sport pepper and celery salt) on their all beef dogs & they come with fries cut from real potatoes, awesome old hot dog stand type building, amusing character taking the orders and the no ketchup rule is alive and well there because you can't pay them to put it on your dog.
2. Superdawg cuz their dogs are pretty big, have a distinct flavor, they come with that awesome green pickled tomato and the drive-in theme takes me back to the 50's.
3. Genes & Judes in River Grove cuz their fries r made from real potatoes, its fast and cheap!

Aug 27, 2007
munchinger in Chicago Area

Chicago Style Hot Dogs (from a New Jersey perspective)

interesting reading the replies to this post....even tho many are a few years old. Who boils hot dogs??? Any GREAT hot dog place knows you don't BOIL hot dogs, technically speaking. They cook in water but never to the point of boiling. that would split the dogs skin and let all the juicy goodness out! And letting them sit in water too long causes a water-logged dog....... absolutely tasteless.

As for the neon green relish, AKA piccalilli, available in Chicago.... the major difference in taste is because it's made using cucumbers pickled like sweet gherkins (with corn syrup) vs cucumbers pickled with dill which gets you the less sweeter army green relish. If you can't find this neon green sweet relish in your area I know a guy who will ship it from Chicago to anywhere in the US. he can ship those very tasty regional favorite sport peppers too!

Aug 27, 2007
munchinger in Chicago Area