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Tonight's Chocolate Madness at the Cyclorama

Thanks everyone. Good to know.

Tonight's Chocolate Madness at the Cyclorama

Is anyone going tonight? Have you been and can tell me what to expect? Is it jammed?

Please help - need restaurant between Boston and Cape Cod

In Hingham, there's a Rustic Kitchen in the Derby Street Shops complex. That's easy access right off the highway.

Thayer Street in Providence

What do you think of Curry & Kebob (is that the right name?) or Blue State Coffee? Do they serve real food? Or just coffee and nibbles?

Please help - need restaurant between Boston and Cape Cod

If it's for breakfast, there's Percy's right off 495 and 44in Middleboro. Hingham has some spots too that might be half-way if you're taking Route 3 there.

Thayer Street in Providence

If you had to pick one place, and one place only, to eat on Thayer Street, and money wasn't an object, but the restriction of it being located on Thayer Street was unchangeable -- where would you go?

Local Bacon?

I'm pretty sure Lionettes makes their own bacon.

WSJ article about food blogs

Whole-heartedly agree with that!

Oct 08, 2007
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seeking china pearl/dim sum boston advice

No. I understand that. I guess I'm just wondering about basement seating. Even though there are no windows at China Pearl, I know I'm above ground. Was the basement seating at Hei La Moon good? Bright? Clean? Or did you constantly feel like you were underground there? I know. Weird question, but I'm curious.

seeking china pearl/dim sum boston advice

What's it like in the basement level? If you're at China Pearl, there's no windows anyways, but a basement is a little different.

Chiara, Westwood, again

We went a few weeks ago, and I don't know why, but I didn't have very high expectations, and was yet, was pleasantly blown away. The food was solid. Not amazing or all that cutting edge, but really quite good. The service from the host at the door who greeted us to the wait staff was warm, thoughtful, and dead-on. I liked the room and open kitchen too. Good colors, nice vibe. Would definitely go again.

Two shows at the Orpheum next week, need recs for fun Chinatown pre-show dinner

Shabu Zen is hot-pot, and very fun. Would be great before a show. It's on Tyler St.

Sat. night in Cambridge for our group of 8

Planning a night out for four couples for a Sat. night a few weeks from now. Assuming I can get reservations, would you recommend:

* Rendevous
* Garden At The Cellar
* Central Kitchen
* Green Street Grill

Price is somewhat of a concern, which is why Salts and some other places are not on the list. Any Chowhound recs or things we need to consider?

shabu-zen has japanese A5 wagyu.

At $80, uh, did you put it in the soup??? gasp!

Chiara Westwood Saturday night

Has anyone else eaten here recently? We're going this weekend. Would love to hear some not-to-be-missed dishes if you can recommend.

ISO shockingly good casserole recipes

Thanks for the good suggestions, everyone!

Sep 04, 2007
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I like this one by the Barefoot Contessa.

Sep 03, 2007
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ISO shockingly good casserole recipes

Please tell me I'm not asking too much! :)

Some friends and I were talking about back-to-school schedules, coupled with sports commitments, which means unless we plan ahead, dinnertime can be stressful.
But we're convinced there just HAS to be some good casserole recipes out there. Please no -- no tuna casserole with crushed chips on top; and preferably no Campbellā€™s Cream of Mushroom soup or Pillsbury dough short cuts.

What we're looking for are modern-day, good stuff that will feed our kids (no picky eaters here! They are adventurous eaters!) and leave us less stressed. We're both good cooks with stocked pantries and good local markets. Any suggestions or links to good recipes?

(We'd even consider a stellar crock-pot recipe if there is such a thing!)

Sep 03, 2007
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Los Angeles Hound Needs Providence Recs

LaLaitere just up the hill if fab, and their mac-n-cheese was just featured in the current Bon Appetite magazine.