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Boston to NYC - where must I stop ? ! (Moved from Greater Boston Area)

Oh boy, that's a question that will generate more opinions than in New Haven. To keep it simple, I will suggest Co if you want thin crust margherita. You will need to head across town to 9th ave from Murray Hill. I will also suggest a stop by the Second Ave Deli for a taste of NY deli for a closer alternative. You can't get pastrami like they have in the UK.

rec`s to make a dream come true

If you're in New Haven, the closest place for great lobster is Lenny's in Branford. Its not on a pier, but on a salt marsh. View from the deck is pretty and the lobsters are great. They had an 8 pounder waiting for someone to order last weekend. Thing was gigantic. Here's the link

Sushi equipment stores?

Quality knives are never cheap but you don't have to go over the top. The Korin Shiro-ko Kasumi line is a good starting point and you can get one with a 10" blade for around $200. If you have ever sat at the bar at a quality sushiya and watched the chef slice a piece of fish in one motion and wondered why you can't replicate the cut at home, it because your knife can't hold a sharp enough edge. You end up sawing the fish which changes the texture. Once you start using high quality knives, you empty those ginsus from the drawer.

Sushi equipment stores?

Try Korin in NYC. Its not a retail shop as they have a professional focus on restaurants but you can go in to their store and look. The knive inventory is impressive. I get all my japanese kitchen knives there. Expensive but they cut through everything. Here's the link

BEST meal in St. Martin- BY FAR!!!

We're renting a villa on the French side. Been to St Martin before and pretty much stayed on the french side as its quieter. We like Grand Case and Marigot. As to cuisine, we will eat pretty much everything but prefer to stick with French and local food as I think that's probably what is done best there. No price limit since we like to enjoy ourselves when we are on vacation. Love the lolos and we already have an opinion on the one we like best, but open to suggestions about other spots.

BEST meal in St. Martin- BY FAR!!!

Is the food northern french/flemish style as the name suggests? That would be a great addition. We will be down in a few weeks and I'd like to try it out.

World Financial Center Two (bkfst cancelled) for lunch Monday?

When I used to work in the WFC, the restaurants were generally nothing exciting. There was a blend of contemporary euro american gastropub mashup spots. The only place I miss is Au Mandarin which was a fancified french chinese spot. Not at all authentic but very tasty. Otherwise cross back over West Street and head into Tribeca.

Feb 03, 2011
sloppyeats in Manhattan

Best "lingering" lunch Guilford/Branford CT

If you want sushi, I'm very partial to Yooki Yama on the green in Branford. I think its the best quality sushi in the area and we've never been rushed there. I would think that lingering over lunch on a Saturday would be easy as it not too crowded at that time. I wouldn't be surprised if the chef/owner Seiko didn't come by and chat with you if you were hanging out. The cooked part of the menu is short but well done and there's usually some interesting daily specials. If you add some sake sampling to the long lunch you will probably follow it up with a nice afternoon nap.