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Best cocktails to showcase CArpano Antica?

Walked into the liquor store looking for Punt e Mes, walked out with this. $36 vermouth!! I'd like to make it last, use it in drinks where it'll work to its best advantage. Suggestions?

Jun 01, 2011
mrarkadin in Spirits

Mixing cognac?

Looking to add the Sidecar, the Vieux Carre, and a few others to my rotation, and so it's time to make a cognac purchase. I don't quite know how. Any recommendations in the $30-40 range? Poking around the internet I've found that those who review this stuff can't imagine mixing it with anything, except for coke, which is unfortunate, as I'm interested know what works well in actual cocktails. Not much of a sipper.

Feb 02, 2011
mrarkadin in Spirits