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Recent visits to Soto?

I have a reservation for this Saturday at Soto but haven't seen any recent reviews. Would be great if anyone has been recently and can tell me what's good now.

Also, does anyone know if they still serve the live lobster sashimi?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 24, 2009
angiebc290 in Manhattan

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I decided to rent a Zipcar for the day so that I have flexibility in my plans.

I don't mind putting aside a couple of hours to visit maybe 1 or 2 wineries - even though I'm not really an avid wine drinker, I still think it'd be a fun activity.

In all honesty, though, food is taking a back seat for this day. I think I might end up just taking some food with me to eat during the drive or getting whatever is available there.

Thanks for all the tips, and I'll definitely look into it a bit more, but food is not my priority for this portion of the trip!

Just out of curiosity, and to help my planning, any idea how long is a decent amount of time to see the falls? I'll probably do just the falls activities (the Butterfly Conservatory keeps coming up in my research, but I'm not terribly interested in that) - Maid of the Mist, Behind the Falls...I'm just not sure how long each activity takes.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I'm actually not a big winery person, but I wanted to check out Inniskillin particularly because I like ice wine. I'm no connoisseur. Don't even know much about wine at all! I figured it would be a quick detour on the way to the falls.

I don't mind at all not having a special meal while we're at the falls. I'd be fine just grabbing something at a touristy place nearby. After all, I am a tourist! But I checked out the Stratus website since both you and LemonLauren recommended it. It seems to be place where you just stop for a tasting, not a tour like at Inniskillin. If that's the case, it could probably be a pretty quick stop and I might throw that in our itinerary. And I'll definitely look around on the board for places to eat, but I don't think I'm going to go too far out of my way for a meal while I'm at the falls. Something quick and cheap is preferable since I do actually want to spend most of the day at the falls.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Thanks for the Stone Road Grille tip. I actually hadn't had high hopes in terms of food for the Niagara trip. I figured we'd just grab whatever we came across. After all, we're not going for the food!

I was actually planning to stop by the Inniskillin winery on the way to the falls, and it seems to be pretty close to Stone Road Grille. Maybe we'll stop there for lunch before heading to the falls!

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Thanks for the advice, but I just got a table at Scaramouche, so I think that's settled. Unless anyone thinks I'm making a big mistake (which I doubt!).

I would have to say that the two meals I'm looking forward to the most are Scaramouche and Black Hoof. From what I've read, at Black Hoof you just order the charcuterie and cheese plates, so I guess I won't be doing much picking and choosing. That's fine by me, but I'm completely overwhelmed by the Scaramouche menu. In a good way. I want to eat everything on their menu. Of course, neither my stomach nor my wallet could handle that...any suggestions? I saw that they have a special lobster menu which looks interesting and is definitely a great value, but I think I'll probably stick to the a la carte menu.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I was leaning toward Scaramouche, but it is really hard to decide! I called yesterday to see if I could get a reservation but ended up leaving a message.

But just in case Scaramouche falls through, Lee or Nota Bene? My boyfriend, who is coming with me on this trip, says he'd rather try Lee than Nota Bene. I, on the other hand, think I'd rather try Nota Bene. Of course, neither of us really have much to go on. And we both agree that Scaramouche is preferred (very slightly!) over both Lee and Nota Bene.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

So, now that my trip is actually imminent, I've been more actively planning and reading through everyone's requests.

So far, this is the plan:
Day 1 - lunch at Lai Wah Heen, dinner at Chiado
Day 2 - lunch at Jamie Kennedy Wine bar, dinner TBD
Day 3 - dinner at Black Hoof (no plans for lunch since I'll be at a baseball game)

My fourth day is going to be spent at Niagara Falls, so the meals on that day are not as important.

My dilemma now is dinner on Day 2. I'm torn between Scaramouche, Lee, and Nota Bene. I suspect it may be a bit late now to get a reservation at Scaramouche (my trip is just over a week away)? Anyway, I'd like to hear any opinions on the best of the three. I'd really like to have a great overall experience in terms of service and atmosphere.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Cimui, sorry I have been rather inactive lately. Life getting in the way...

It is difficult to generalize a cuisine because there is so much variation regionally in any country. I agree that redearth's answer is probably fair, though I'm sure there are regions of Spain that also do a lot of seafood.

Feel free to post the topic to the general board if you haven't already, but I guess the best way to figure out the difference between Spanish and Portuguese cuisine is to just eat it! Which means I may have to make a trip to Chiado while in Toronto.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Cimui, I suppose I have the advantage of having another 2 months to plan my meals! After the discussion on Chiado following your post, I'm becoming more and more interested. I appreciate good seafood, which is not always easy to come by.

A question for anyone with an answer: I've had Portuguese cuisine once, so I don't remember it too well (I think I also blocked out this meal from my memory because I got food poisoning from it), but what is the difference between Spanish and Portuguese? I always imagined them to be pretty similar...

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Interesting...maybe I've gone through my entire life completely ignorant of the mayo-hot dog combo. Mayo was always reserved for sandwiches and chicken salad for me.

I might just have to give it a try.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Is mayo a Canadian thing? I would never have thought to put mayo on a hot dog...but maybe that's just me.

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

In that case, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the former Amma. But I do think it's still a very good restaurant now.

Mar 07, 2009
angiebc290 in Manhattan

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Thanks katana and redearth. The sausages will definitely be consumed at some point during my trip. I actually find the boiled Sabrett hot dogs that most vendors in NYC do to be pretty disgusting!

What toppings would you recommend?

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I come from a Chinese family, actually, so I'm pretty familiar with the more traditional style (mostly HK and Shanghainese), so I'm thinking LWH may be a fun experiment in trying some more "new age" kind of stuff.

Skyline, thanks for clarifying the price issue. $40 is much more manageable than $300! The dim sum seems like the best bet, judging by all the comments.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I did a quick search of Eiginsinn, and it seems like a destination unto itself. I can certainly see the appeal, but I probably won't be making the trip. After all, I do want to save SOME time to go around and do touristy things while in Toronto!

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I hope the average price of a meal at Lai Wah Heen isn't $300! I know I said I'm open to price, but that would be a bit extreme.

If that is the price of a meal at LWH, I might choose Omei instead...thoughts?

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Well, I don't know Toronto, but I can think of places in the US that are certainly more exciting than Per Se. French Laundry and Alinea come to mind.

As for Ippudo, I wouldn't say that is the best that New York has to offer.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

It's still early, but here's my list at the moment:

1. Lai Wah Heen, almost 100%
2. Black Hoof, highly likely
3. Chiado, highly likely
4. Nota Bene, possibly
5. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar, possibly

And I've kept notes of a lot of other places to fill in my time. I made myself a handy little Google map, with more restaurants tagged than attractions...

What I think will end up happening is I'll book most of my dinners before I go, and everything else will depend on where I happen to be when I get hungry. Which is where the map comes in handy!

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Thanks for the many great suggestions. Chiado is looking more and more likely to become a stop on my trip.

Good tip on the "hot dog." I'm a big fan of street food. I'll be on the lookout for that. Like I said, not everything I eat has to be an upscale or "destination" place. I'm just as happy in dumpy little holes in the wall!

For the record, I don't think New York does it better. I think every major city has restaurants that are equal to New York's best. The thing with New York is that there's SO MANY places in such a small area, which makes finding the right place a bit easier. But overall, I don't think New York has better food than any other city.

Unless we're talking about Babbo. :)

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

The last time I went to Amma was a few months ago. I actually don't know anything about the owners. When did Suvir and Hemant leave? The first time I went to Amma was only about a year ago. I thought it was delicious both times.

Mar 06, 2009
angiebc290 in Manhattan

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I found a review of Black Hoof by Corey Mintz that makes it sound like heaven. And he gives a price of $85 for dinner for two - is that accurate? It sounds like an incredible deal.

The review makes it seem like they don't serve lunch, though, so now Black Hoof is fighting for one my dinners on a 4 day trip...this is going to be tough.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Yes, Lai Wah Heen has made it onto my "definitely" list.

To be honest, I generally avoid Manhattan's Chinatown because the quality of food really isn't that spectacular, and it's way too crowded. I'm sometimes go out to Flushing in Queens which has so much better to offer. In any case, I'm really looking forward to some scrumptious Chinese food in Toronto.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I think I'll keep Kaji on my list in case I start craving sushi while I'm there.

I actually don't eat much sushi in New York mainly because I feel like it generally costs too much to get the really good stuff. But Kajii seems to be a pretty good value for what sounds like high quality stuff. And, at the moment, the US dollar is worth SLIGHTLY more than the Canadian dollar...

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Sushi Kaji looks amazing. It looks like a tasting menu only place, right?

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

In my opinion (and others seem to agree), don't pass up on Babbo just because you have Mozza in LA. I've been to both and have to say that Babbo is definitely worth a visit. You could consider it Mario Batali's flagship restaurant, and it's one of my favorite restaurants in New York.

For Italian on a different kind of note, try Cipolla Rossa on the Upper East Side. They specialize in game, and they're very good at it. It's also incredibly inexpensive. They also have two amazing soups: ribollita and pappa al pomodoro.

For Greek, Kefi on the Upper West Side is amazing and also surprisingly inexpensive.
Momofuku Noodle Bar or Ssam Bar I think have both been mentioned, rightly so. If you can get a reservation for Ko, that's definitely worth a visit.

Congee Village serves up some really interesting Chinese food - congee being the specialty, of course. For a different "Chinatown" experience, make a trip to Flushing, Queens. It's a pretty easy ride on the 7 train. Joe's Shanghai in Flushing is a popular place - probably because their servers know the best English. They're famous for their soup dumplings.

For Indian, if you can make it out to Queens, go to Jackson Diner. It's a bit of a trip but totally worth it. A more upscale Indian restaurant is Amma in Manhattan.

For seafood, there's the classic Le Bernardin. Aquagrill has more of a casual atmosphere but is also delicious. The Oyster Bar in Grand Central is a fun place, too.

I've seen a mention of the Spotted Pig, but I would skip it. The food is pretty good, but it's not worth the commotion of getting a table and dealing with the lousy service.

For what I think is a pretty unique New York-ish experience, Russ & Daughters is a great deli counter-style place specializing in smoked fish and pickled. They have something called a Super Heeb sandwich, which is whitefish salad with some condiments that I can't remember, and it's incredible.

And the Union Square Greenmarket is a great place to visit. It's open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

I'm sure I've missed a lot of great places, but these are some of my favorites. If you do your research, it's hard to go wrong!

Enjoy your trip!

Mar 05, 2009
angiebc290 in Manhattan

Frugal Fridays at Craft?

I went in one of the first weeks that Frugal Friday started, and I thought it was very good. I got there around 6, and it was almost empty. It got pretty full by 7, though. When I left, there was a pretty big crowd waiting for tables. So earlier is definitely better. It's not going to be the best meal you've ever had, but it's definitely tasty and interesting. In my opinion, you could skip the meat on a stick part of the menu - it's kind of a rip off for the tiny amount of meat you get.

A good idea is to just order a few dishes first then order more later in the meal, so that you get a steady stream of dishes, not everything at once.

If it's still on the menu, the salt cod fritters are delicous. It was my favorite dish of the night. I also had a quail leg that was awesome.

Warning: though everything is under $10, the plates are quite small, and it can add up to a pretty hefty tab.

Mar 05, 2009
angiebc290 in Manhattan

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

So, judging from everyone's comments, it seems Chinese is a definite must - whether high end or not.

I've had Ethiopian at one restaurant in New York. It was good (maybe even very good), but they had some issues with keeping the food hot both times that I was there. I definitely liked the flavors, though, so maybe I will try that in Toronto.

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

Thanks for this - I'll have plenty to read up on before my trip!

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I'm definitely putting JK high on my list. I checked out the Wine Bar menu on his website, but I can't find anything on Gilead. It seems to be a fairly new place?

Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

I may keep Lee on my list of possible places, it still sounds interesting to me. From what I've read on Shang in NYC, there are some really high highs, but there are also a few lows. Hopefully, this all gets ironed out over time. I think it would be worth a visit if the consistency of dishes improves.

Too bad that Susur is closed, I would've loved to try that!