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Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars

YUM! I suggest these changes to improve its structure & healthfulness: Swap whole wheat flour. Eliminate the soda - you don't want the crust to rise. Use only 6 T butter and sub. 1 egg for the rest. If the crust rises in baking, mash it down flat before adding the jelly/topping layers.

Sep 29, 2013
Nanaverm in Recipes

Egg Salad

An egg slicer works well, rotating the egg slices and cutting them again. Makes nice little cubes. Can replace some of the mayo with Greek yogurt or light sour cream, too, to reduce calories.

Mar 13, 2013
Nanaverm in Recipes

Why Cast Iron Isn't 100% Awesome

Also, there's the chemical reaction when cooking acidic foods like tomatoes, which leaches iron into the food. Most omnivores don't need extra iron. Plus the need to thoroughly dry the pans after cleaning them to prevent rust.

Mar 01, 2013
Nanaverm in Features

Almond Butter Hot Chocolate

So, if you add creamy pure peanut butter instead of almond butter = instant melted Reese's. Thanks for the idea.

Jan 12, 2013
Nanaverm in Recipes

Miso Soup with Napa Cabbage and Udon

I think Ms. Gallary meant shimmering. When the oil reflection starts looking wavy, like a heat mirage, it's ready to receive the ingredients to pan-fry. Simmering requires liquid at the stage before lightly boiling.

Jan 09, 2013
Nanaverm in Recipes

Romesco Sauce

Yum! It tastes as though it has olives in it, but it doesn't. A huge hit as a Christmas dinner dip, with recipe requests.

Dec 26, 2012
Nanaverm in Recipes

Does Freezing Beef Ruin the Texture?

I'd another consideration should be whether the frozen meat was stored in a no-frost freezer within a home refrigerator that cycles the temperatures, or a free-standing freezer that doesn't vary in temp. Wouldn't there be a difference?

Oct 12, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

Tips for Chewy Coconut Macaroons

I like marzipan paste as an ingredient in mine, along with coconut, egg white, sugar and almond extract.

Sep 08, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

Would you ever give unsolicited advice to a stranger at a restaurant?

I agree totally!

Aug 27, 2012
Nanaverm in Not About Food

Chick-fil-A Is Conservative? So Are a Lot of Other Restaurants

Who knows what the net effect will be of this revelation of what Chick-fil-A's profit supports? Many staunch "gay-is-sin Christians" will rally even the more to buy from the chain. This might even be a boon for Chick-fil-A's business.

Personally, I never bought from them after tasting their food. TOO SALTY!

Jul 27, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

A Sweet Fix for Stevia's Bitterness

Having tried both, I'm sold on erythritol instead, as it has no aftertaste.

Jul 07, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

fresh turmeric root... how to use it?

I've used it in place of yellow mustard (to which turmeric provides the color and flavor) , a bit shredded into potato salad.

Jun 22, 2012
Nanaverm in Home Cooking

Homemade Refried Beans: Worth the Effort?

I whip up the beans in the food processor with some of the cooking liquid, and the dip becomes so fluffy (maybe not exactly refried, but great). Beans you cook yourself lack that canned taste.

Jun 21, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

Spiced Cookie Butter

Sounds great - Thanks!

On another copycat recipe for the Biscoff cookie itself, other spices included are ginger, cloves, and !pepper!

Yet another recipe, on has even additional spices: mace and cardamom. The cookies are from Belgium.

Jun 21, 2012
Nanaverm in Recipes

Creative Uses for Wonton Skins

They would be good cut into strips and used in Southern chicken & dumplings (where the dumplings are just noodles).

Jun 01, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

White Bean and Ham Soup

To get the max. of calcium and collagen out of the bone, let it slow-cook overnight with a healthy amount of lemon juice or vinegar in the water. If I did that, I'd cook the beans separately with plain water, then add the refrigerated finished broth (minus congealed fat on top) when they were done, and a pinch of baking soda to neutralize the acid, plus vegies & spices. And where's the garlic?!

Apr 09, 2012
Nanaverm in Recipes

How We Learned to Love the Pressure Cooker

Riddle: Why were pressure cookers invented?
Answer: So Southerners could overcook their vegetables Even Faster!

Really, though, I love my pressure cooker and can make steamed broccoli in it that still has integrity, needs chewing and is bright green.

Mar 02, 2012
Nanaverm in Features

What did your Mom always have on hand, that you NEVER do?

Canned spinach at my mother's always reminded me of the black, slimy bacteria laden hair that gets caught in the bathtub or sink in the crossbars of the drains. Disgusting!

Feb 25, 2012
Nanaverm in General Topics

What to do with bulk dip?

I just got almost 5 lbs. of heated dip leftover from a catered event, and it's sitting in my fridge. I'd guess it is made up of cream & Swiss cheeses, artichokes, and spinach with maybe a tad of onion in that order.

Other than bringing it to a gathering on Sat., how can I use it up? Recipe suggestions, please!

Thanks in advance!

Feb 23, 2012
Nanaverm in Home Cooking

Wasted Food - How to Stop This Horrible Habit

Small amounts of leftover vegies and meats that weren't highly seasoned. And, hill food, the people involved were very responsible and not adding moldy oldies from the back of their fridge.

Which reminds me: One day I ate leftover mincemeat pie from the work fridge that had been sitting in there almost a week. Tasted OK, a little dry near the crust. Got bad food poisoning - or maybe not, ha, ha? A week later I learned I was pregnant! (Had no significant nausea during my pregnancy...)

Feb 23, 2012
Nanaverm in General Topics

Wasted Food - How to Stop This Horrible Habit

I used to work where we had a stove, and everyone would bring leftovers in from home to combine with pack of ramen noodles into "Must-go Soup" for lunch for the contributors. Never the same ingredients twice!

Feb 22, 2012
Nanaverm in General Topics

What's the best way to grocery shop cheaply?

To add to others' great ideas:

Check out "dented can" discount food stores for exotic spices at a fraction of the price. (Make sure all items are reasonably within date and unopened). Dented cans are OK if not bulging or badly dented on a side sealing seam.

Big Lots stores sells discounted, good bread at bargain prices.

In the mornings, supermarkets mark down close to "Sell By" dated meat. If it's a good price, buy, prepare for cooking, and freeze what you don't need right away.

Freeze leftovers rather than get tired of eating them night after night.

Some stores (like health food) sell spices in bulk. That's the cheapest way to buy many of them.

Best wishes and good luck!

Feb 22, 2012
Nanaverm in General Topics

Roasted Garlic and Smoky Greens Soup

Anyone have an idea of how to cook the garlic heads in a microwave instead? I hate the idea of using so much energy for just that small packet of garlic heads.

Feb 22, 2012
Nanaverm in Recipes

Need instructions for Whipped Jello (not Cool Whip recipes)

That's how my mother used to make it, which she called Bavarian Jello. What's fun is to add tiny marshmallows and crushed pineapple before the final set. The marshmallows get super foamy overnight.

Feb 15, 2012
Nanaverm in Home Cooking

Red Velvet Cake

It's supposed to have finely chopped pecans atop the frosting.

Feb 10, 2012
Nanaverm in Recipes

Taste Test: Chemicals in Factory-Farmed Meat

Grass-fed tastes gamier or chlorophyll-greener than supermarket steaks. I don't think you can judge the presence of chemicals this way - it's like comparing apples to tangerines.

Dec 23, 2011
Nanaverm in Features

Home Tours: Tacky?

I'd say if the guests ask to see the house, show what you want of it to them. If they don't ask, don't show. Problem solved?

Dec 23, 2011
Nanaverm in Features

Need instructions for Whipped Jello (not Cool Whip recipes)

Oh, it's fun to put mini-marshmallows in the whipped Jello. The next day, they become little foamy pockets. Crushed pineapple is also great.

Sometimes flecks of white could be cream cheese that doesn't get thoroughly mixed up in it.

Dec 17, 2011
Nanaverm in Home Cooking

How to Fix a Flubbed Tip

I agree with the remedy of Awwshucks. Face-to-face is the way to get the tip to the right person, if possible. Otherwise, the waiter might not associate your face with the increased tip (for future service, too).

I've accidentally under-tipped, then returned to the restaurant and gave the server the extra amount with that explanation. Made both of us feel better!

Oct 21, 2011
Nanaverm in Features

Rookie Cooking Mistakes

My husband, who's a carpenter, volunteered to cook a stuffed turkey for a friend's Thanksgiving potluck dinner. Neither of us had ever cooked a turkey before, but I got out of his way and let him do the whole thing.

At the dinner, one of the guests pulled out a 3" nail from his portion of our turkey on his plate! I looked at my DH, who shrugged, as though to say "Well, what do you expect from a carpenter?" He had nailed the wings down!

Aug 19, 2011
Nanaverm in Features