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Cooking from the market! What are your favourite Seasonal, Farm Market, Produce Cookbooks?

I'm really surprised that so many of you like Local Flavors. For me, it's not really the recipes that are the problem, it's that most American's DO NOT have access to the types of foods she finds at the market. Never, ever, ever will there be citrus, avacado, tropical fruits, etc, etc at a Farmers Market within hundreds of miles of where I live. She calls it cooking and eating from America's Farmers Markets, but, that's really quite a stretch.

The photographs are really nice though. It's a pretty book.

I like Simply In Season, which is a compilation cookbook from Ten Thousand Villages. No photos, but recipes are all tried and true and very simple. Foods that ALL of us can get at the market.

Surplus of canned pumpkin

Mix a can up with some cream cheese, one package of cool whip and some cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. Dip graham crackers in it. Not the healthiest of things, but super easy, yummy and kids love it.

Venison loins- need ideas.

I have two venison loins (whole loins, not steaks) that I want to make for a dinner party tonight. The party is not at my house. I am short on ideas for what to do with them. I want to avoid making steak because I need to show up with the dish already prepared. Anything good in a slow cooker? Would they make a good pot roast?

Worried about mixed use of cast iron

I know lots of folks who are "able" to use soap on their. My aunt in particular, but her skillets are 50+ years old and are super well seasoned at this point. They're as non stick as teflon. My skillets are cheapies and not that old. The few times I've used soap the season has been screwed up.

Worried about mixed use of cast iron

Oh no, every time I've used soap on it I've had to reseason it.

Worried about mixed use of cast iron

I ended up rubbing it with kosher salt, then rinsing, and boiling a little hot water in it. It worked great, not garlic or onion taste in my giant cookie at all ;) Thanks everyone.

When It Comes to Eating Fish, Trust No One

Ugh. I'm one of those people who hovers around the seafood department with their Seafood Watch card. We need to shake the planet of all these people so those who are left can enjoy lots of fish dinners!

Feb 16, 2011
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Worried about mixed use of cast iron

I want to use my cast iron skillet to bake a giant cookie, but I'm worried that it will pick up flavors of all the savory foods I usually cook in it (think garlic and onions).

Do I need to worry about this? If so, is there a way I can clean it before use? Or do those of you who do sweet and savory in them have separate pans?

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

I decided to go with a chocolate espresso granola with a little cinnamon and banana. It's really freaking good! But now I have about a zillion other things I want to try ;)

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Another good article about phytic acid

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Oh, espresso granola, could be sweet or savory, I'm digging it.

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Now I am paranoid about phytic acid. Eeeek. I'm also feeling lazy and I've done a little browsing and found a few places telling me it's not a huge concern, just a minor one. I think we have bigger fish to fry in the health arena.

Looking for a basics cookbook

Haha. Yeah, sometimes Simple Food is simple ingredients prepared in more complex ways. I love that stuff, but I probably would have been a deer in the headlights looking at it when I was first learning to cook. I do want to give her something that features fresher and lighter stuff though.

Looking for a basics cookbook

That is a really nice idea! I'll have to organize that. I have a feeling we'll get many more recipes along the jello salad genre though. Haha. I know my family.

Looking for a basics cookbook

I must be thinking of the Campbells books then. I had someone give me a bunch of them and they were basically glorified ways of putting Campbells products together. Hehe. I will have to check out Betty Crocker.

I cook a lot of Alice Waters and Ina Garten, but that's just me. She's not me that's why I'm asking for more opinions ;)

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Cacao nibs are a little hard to find here in the sticks where I live, although I do love them. Dried figs, huh? There are some of those in my pantry that I have not used up yet.

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

I'm not actually allowed to post the address here, I've been told not to by moderators :) Oops. It's listed under my profile. Or just type my chowhound name honestlygoodfood inbetween www. and .com hahaha.

God bless penzeys spices. Every time I go I spend an hour in there just sniffing stuff. They have the best smoked paprika. Maybe good in a savory granola.

Looking for a basics cookbook

I thought of Joy of Cooking, but something like this might not be that fun for the novice cook. I agree with an above poster, it's for someone who already knows they love cooking and need something great to reference. I'll have to check out How to Cook Everything as well.

One thing I don't like about the betty crocker stuff is that they usually call for one can betty crocker soup, etc, etc. I want her to have a good fundamental cooking from scratch book. All natural.

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Oh 5 spice would be pretty good. I don't think I've ever seen it in our local grocery though. I might make some for myself but avoid it for the blog ;) I read chipotle some place, too.

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

Doug, I've never thought of reducing something like whiskey. Hmm. That sounds good. I've thought of cocoa too, that might be nice. If you soak your oats, do you need to redry them? What's wrong with using them straight? I've never heard of this.

Looking for a basics cookbook

My sister is getting married soon and I want to get her some good cookbooks to start with for her bridal shower. She cooks a little now, but she's in college so doesn't have a ton of experience. I'm looking for something that will teach her lots of standard recipes and techniques but not be too fussy. I'm thinking something by Alice Waters or maybe Ina Garten? I've never been a huge Julia Child fan or a fan of cooks illustrated. What do you think?

The Ultimate in Healthy Eating, Nutritional Diet, and Food-Body Wellness

I also really like Andrew Weil, he seems to do a good job of balancing modern medicine and science with alternative medicine. It bothers me a little that he sells vitamins but his articles are Not pushy about it.

My personal mantra is this, eat only real foods (nothing synthetic or processed) in moderation, lots of fruits and veggies, and get some exercise every day. Try not to worry too much about your health, stress kills ;)

Creative Granola Spice Ideas

I am working on mastering a granola recipe and I'm running short on ideas for good spice blends. I want to do something beyond the usual vanilla and cinnamon, but nothing too extreme since I will use the recipe for my blog (no spices that the average cook couldn't find).
Suggestions for which type of sweetener would be best, too. Honey, maple, agave, brown sugar, etc.

Trader Joe's Pre made pizza dough trouble

I always have this problem with TJ's pizza dough. I use a stone too. I have never prebaked it though.

What I don't understand is, when I make my own pizza dough, it always works out great. Even without prebaking.

What can you hide in a brownie?

Beets are a personal favorite to "hide" in chocolate. They don't take away from the chocolate color like applesauce would

Looking for savory ideas for almond meal

A strange place to look for recipes might be on some gluten free forums, it can be a reasonable replacement for flour.

What makes a "wedding cake" a wedding cake?

You are right, they are usually art and not food, I have never eaten good wedding cake. Give me food any day!

We did a pie buffet where friends and family made special pie recipes. People still talk about how great it was.

What makes a "wedding cake" a wedding cake?

Hahaha! That's what I was going to say. Price tag!

Are you a brand slave?

King Arthur Flour
Fage Greek Yogurt (Dannon's is so bad that I don't care if it's half the price)
Barilla Plus pasta (super healthy and super yum)

Make Ahead Vegetarian Appetizer

Ah, I see it now! Deviled eggs are always at my kind of party ;)