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Best Pizza in South Florida

Anthony's has some great pizza and I love the salad and wings, too. But if you like Anthony's you'll love Tucci's in Boca!

Best Pizza in South Florida

I've been going to Conca D'Oro on the circle in Hollywood since the '80's and they have some of the greatest tasting Pizza in South Florida. The Dania location is good, too! But do they have the BEST Pizza in South Florida?


Conca D'oro Restaurant & Pizza
1833 Tyler St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Best Pizza in South Florida

I ate at Grande the other night and they say they use Grande mozz.

Best Pizza in South Florida

I agree that "Best" is very arbitrary. I love Pizza and enjoy it made several different ways. I like Anthony's Coal Fired and Primanti's but my newest favorite is from Corelino's Coal Oven at the SE corner of Lantana and Jog in Lake Worth. They put the cheese on the bottom and the sauce and other ingredients on top. It makes for a very interesting taste.

Primanti Brothers Pizza & Grill of Wilton Manors
516 E Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Basic Omelet

I agree Torvum. I make omelets for my girlfriend all the time. She likes them best when they are dark brown and almost burnt! I whisk the eggs with a small amount of half and half and then slowly pour them into an already heated pan to which I have already added a tespoon of vegetable oil and a teaspoon of butter. Once in the pan I do not touch the eggs except to tilt the pan, lift the edges of the eggs and let the runny part go to the edges. I add coarse salt and fresh ground pepper and once the eggs firm up a bit I add the extra ingredients (cooked ham, chopped or grilled onions, cheese, etc.) on the right side of the omelet only. When I think the omelet is done I pick up the pan in my left hand and a plate in my right, sliding the loaded side of the omelet onto the plate and tilting the pan so that once the loaded side is fully on the plate I just kind of flip the otherside over the ingredients making a perfect omelet.

Apr 17, 2011
foodattack in Recipes

Hello, I'm Your Annoying Server

I like having the server introduce themself and I try to remember their name and use it when conversing with them. I follow their introduction with my own and enjoy interacting on the same level. I feel that when we have some rapport the service level gets much higher and I leave the restaurant much more satisfied.

Jan 31, 2011
foodattack in Features