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best 1 quart saucepan under $50?

The quality of saucepans absolutely matter. Firstly, for even heat distribution. Cooking on low temperatures, should not burn the base but leave the sides uncooked. An even heating saucepan with a close fitting lid is critical for steaming rice for example or for cooking something that requires a good steam-trap...

Jul 18, 2013
mostytoasty in Cookware

Really confused about what range to get.... Please help!

We are getting a peninsula (not island) put in when we remodel our kitchen - that opens out into our family room.
I am however very confused about what appliances to get.. even though this should be the most pleasurable activity.

Wolf ranges are way too expensive and beyond our budget.
Vikings - I have heard/read horror stories which makes me want to stay away from them.
GE - my brother had these and all their GE appliances broke.. including their vent!

Cooktops and ovens separately are also turningo out to be expensive...

We are looking for a worry free range in the vicinity of $4-5K... max.

Any suggestions? What to buy... what to buy... what to buy...

Jan 31, 2011
mostytoasty in Cookware