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Are crabs still in season in Baltimore?

I didn't realize there was a season for crabs (from Tennessee). We will be passing through Baltimore the second week of November. We will be visiting Monticello then driving through Middleburg, Va for the night. Then on to Baltimore for about 24 hours. Our son-in-law wants some good crabs. We will be staying between downtown and the inner harbor, but have a car. Any suggestions? The next day we can either have lunch in the city or on our way to Rehoboth Beach for a wedding. If there is a good place to eat between Baltimore and Rehoboth, that would be great!

Rehoboth Beach

Our son is getting married in Rehoboth Beach in November. We are from Tennessee and have never been to this area. As the parents of the groom, we are charged with planning the rehearsal dinner. It could be catered or at a restaurant. I am not sure how many people are involved yet, maybe 20-40. Are there any suggestions? Thank you!

Apr 11, 2012
Byrdie in Mid-Atlantic