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Honey Toast Box in Toronto?

Someone posted their recipe about how to make it. Pretty much explains what it is.
I think it'd be a nice alternative to the normal brick toast that someone would have at some asian dessert joint.

Honey Toast Box in Toronto?

Does anyone know where you can find a Honey Toast Box in Toronto?

It seems like it's all the rage among the asian dessert crowd in Vancouver (specifically Richmond) and it looks delicious! Originally from Taiwan, but it was introduced to Vancouver via What8ver cafe.

I ripped off the picture from Google Images.

Messini on the Danforth

I guess that's the overall consensus - the Chicken gyros' good and the service is on and off, with a touch more on the inattentive side.
First time I went I had the lamb gyros and thought it was really well done, the second time I went they ran out of lamb but the chicken was a a welcome substitute.
I think I had the octopus as well - maybe because I've never had it done that way before but I thought it was pretty good.

For the price, it's a really good bang for the buck, I don't think I paid much more than 10 with the octopus shared among my friend and I, with each of us having a gyro as well.

new deli at College & Clinton

I'll be honest. I didn't think anything of it until I heard Zane ran out of food immediately... The waitress told me that's happened twice - which, given that it's only been around for less than a month and it takes over 7 days to fully prepare the meat (her words - I don't know curing well enough), that's got to mean something.

The menu's limited to Blintzes and stuff from the combo but it's pretty good. From other people's suggestions, I got Fatty which is very melt-in-your-mouth. Cott's is always a good complement, just like at Schwartz's - though as stated, it cannot be compared as they're just too different.

From what the waitress told us, the place is crazy during lunch but it's not too busy for dinner, as there were only a couple other tables enjoying the meat.

One last thing. Someone posted that it's at 12 Clinton Place and I mistakenly google mapped it to find that it was near Christie Station (on Bloor). THIS IS WRONG. Keep in mind that it's a short walk south of College on Clinton. If you're TTCing it, streetcar it from Queen's Park - don't hoof it from Christie. My friend was pretty upset at me about that.

Don Mills & Sheppard

Along the lines of Katsura, their former sushi chef has opened his own little (emphasis on little - it can seat under 16) place on Vic Park, north of Sheppard (it's the first plaza after all the residential neighbourhoods on the left going north - I htink there's a KFC in the plaza).

My friend swears by it (he's gone there a bunch of times in the last few months) and I thought it was pretty darn good the few times I've gone. The sushi is really fresh and he's really good at his craft. I thought it was the best sushi I've ever had (but I'm young and inexperienced)

2766 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2J4A8, CA

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

When I'm in Kingston or passing through, I usually go with one of my friends to a place called Grecos. A lot of my friends really love that place.

Grecos Grill
167 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A9, CA


I agree about Ye's sushi. That stuff is gross and overpriced - but considering they're probably far from fresh ingredients and it IS one of very few AYCE Japanese places, it's the best they've got. Poor fare at best.

Leung Yue was a weekly thing for my friends and I one summer while going to school there. The owner has a vicious temper if you get on the bad side, the movies are incessantly playing (or some fairchild tv or other asian programming), and the noodles can be as cheap at $3! Porkchop noodles for 3 bucks is a steal, even if it does taste gross and probably is pasta. Including a generous tip, $4 gets you a meal!
Their hotpot isn't too bad, considering. I can't remember the price but they have a decent selection considering how far you are from a highly concentrated permanent asian community.
Mr. Panino is the same, and they're usually pretty nice too. If they're not too busy and they have more food around, they'll refill your plate at times. A nice bonus, not one to expect really I suppose.

Here's something that I don't think I've read about yet. There's a buffet called "At the Crossroads" up in Elmira. If you continue on Hwy 87(?) past University and King and the rest, you'll eventually pass St. Jacobs. Continue until you pass an Esso on the left and you should see it after a set of lights on the left. I've been told that it's sort of an "Amish Buffet" and the food has always been pretty good. The buffet on the weekends is great but I've only had the Saturday ones although I've heard Sunday is better. Breakfast ends at 10 or 10:30 and Lunch opens up at 11, including a selection of pies. Who knew all you can eat pie could be so good?

For FINE dining, check out Charcoals near Fairway and King in the Radisson Hotel in Kitchener. Their prime rib au jus is pretty awesome. It's the same group of people who started Wildcraft and I've never had a problem when I've gone.

Radisson Hotel Kitchener
2960 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2A, CA

Burrito Boyz - disastrous visit

I've had an experience like that at the Adelaide location once. I was on a tight schedule but my buddy and I left a lot of time for us to at least sit down and eat before we had to jet. Suffice to say, although I ordered first, it took them over 20 minutes for them to figure out they lost my order. Eventually, one of the guys in the back caught on and refunded my money (rounded up), gave me a drink and gave me two burritos that my thief had left. They weren't totally fresh but I was in a rush and they were decent all the same. If I didn't want the two extra ones, he offered to make me one custom made for free but I hadn't the time.

I still return because of how they dealt with it in the end. It's weird, the guy at the back was nicer than the people up front.

More Authentic Japanese Food!

My friend took me to Aoyama last night. We went a little later than the dinner rush so there weren't any other people there. The chefs wife was really nice and he even came out and talked to us about the dishes and what was special about it all. We're young though, so it probably seemed like we were pretty novice when it comes to food - which I don't deny.
From what I could tell though, it's hands down the best sushi I've ever had.

Having usually eaten AYCE or some actual dish, it was interesting going in for something that was much closer to a la carte.

Best Wings in T.O?

What about All-stars wings in Markham and Richmond Hill? They're a little ways out from Toronto but they have a huge selection of wings (I don't remember how many but i'm positive it was over 60) and they're not tiny like St. Louis.

Monday's Wing night so you get 15 for the price of 10.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I'm sorry diehard, but JR is terrible. I used to go there on Sundays after church and their service is slow, the waiters have bugs up their asses, the food is pitiful.
Sure you're paying a buck less than everyone else for a lunch AYCE (on a weekend no less) but if it sucks, a dollar can't make up for the slow service, slow food and crappy food that I'll be getting. If it's during the week, there are plenty of other options - like Sushi on 7
The place's decor is cheap and just looks over the top and gaudy.

For normal "non-japanese" dishes, it's cheap and does the job well.
If you want GOOD japanese food, Hanabi beside JR at Finch and Midland (in the corner of the plaza) is awesome although small. Not AYCE but still great.