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Trip to Whitefish, Montana

Yes, I saw that. I've found much more info on Trip Advisor, though it may be outdated. Seems like only a few steakhouses on the East side of the park, we're planning on hitting the farmers market when we get in town, hopefully for some huckleberry preserves.

Jun 17, 2013
Hog Maws in Mountain States

Trip to Whitefish, Montana

I am headed there this August, flying into Kalispell, staying at Many Glacier and the Village at Apgar- mostly inside the park most of the time, will probably catch a meal in Kalispell when we land and before we leave. We're from Louisiana, so don't need gimmicky seafood or fancy. Just looking for some real barebones Montana grub.

Is there anything inside that park that's worth it? I've been reading alot about what to do and it seems it's limitless? What is the best hikes/destinations in the park? My parents are big photographers and big foodies. Any help is greatly appreciated.

May 08, 2013
Hog Maws in Mountain States

Good Southern Food in Lake Charles

Check out Sonnier's Sausage and Boudin

Do not miss a Surf & Turf at

and La Truffe Sauvage for upscale

May 09, 2012
Hog Maws in Central South

Park City, Utah

Has anyone been to Canyons? What is the best place to eat around there?

Apr 01, 2012
Hog Maws in Mountain States

Park City, Utah

How's The Farm?

I figured Best New Restaurant in Utah is worth a try.

Mar 20, 2012
Hog Maws in Mountain States

Park City, Utah

Yeah, we're going in April, pretty late to ski, but looking for some great eats. Going with the family so that means that all options are on the table. Staying at the Canyons resort. What's the best thing around there or a short drive?

Thanks in advance

Mar 18, 2012
Hog Maws in Mountain States

Trip from Lake Tahoe to Mono Lake and Southward

So, I definately need to bump this thread since we're leaving Saturday morning. We're spending two days in S. Tahoe, 3 days in Lee Vining, and a day in Bishop. We have reservations at Ahawanee one night.

What does everyone reccomend as far as sight seeing and food around south Tahoe?

Jun 26, 2011
Hog Maws in California

Graduation Dinner in NOLA- Prix Fixe perhaps?

So, I'm graduating from LSU, skipping out on walking and my folks and I are going to dinner in New Orleans. It'll be a Friday night. My parents recently went to Stella and August, so I was looking for something similar to that. Cochon and Boucherie are on my list, but since this is a special occasion, I don't mind dressing up and going all out.

I'd also like to do some sort of tasting menu, perhaps. I've never done a food/drink pairing.

I was thinking MiLa or Commanders, but was going to get the board's opinion on where to go on a fine night like this. Any and all suggestions are very welcome.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

May 08, 2011
Hog Maws in New Orleans

Trip from Lake Tahoe to Mono Lake and Southward

Sorry, Flying into Reno, but I was mostly looking for recommendations around South Tahoe/Mono Lake, etc.

We've got reservations in Ahwanee, but nowhere else.

Apr 03, 2011
Hog Maws in California

Trip from Lake Tahoe to Mono Lake and Southward

Not sure on where we're flying into yet. It may be Reno, but I know we want to spend some time in Tahoe.

Mar 10, 2011
Hog Maws in California

Trip from Lake Tahoe to Mono Lake and Southward

Will be going this summer and trying to get hotel/restaurant recommendations. We are flying into Tahoe and staying a night there, then driving south to Mono lake (where I hear its a necessity to stop at Whoa Nellie Deli). Parents are foodies, so a night or two with some nice, upscale cuisine would be nice. Probably going to camp with my brother for a night around Mono Lake or Inyo, so I may be looking for a butcher shop as well. Thanks in Advance

Mar 08, 2011
Hog Maws in California